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Can someone help ID these tracks?


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So a friend of a friend is this really cool DJ who's been in mixing since 20 years back. I was at his place once and it was a blast. he's got an 808, CS-80, and lots of cool other stuff. He mixes vinyl flawlessly. Some time ago he handed my friend an mp3 mixtape of "good music" who in turn handed it to me.


The 14 tracks are awesome, but there's no artist info.


From the samples on the first track, I gathered that one is Drexciya - Bubble Metropolis, but I have no idea what the other 13 tracks are.

My theory is that it's either all Drexciya or a mash of various SF UR style electronica artists from the late 80's/early 90's.




Help a brother out!

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Guest Stoppit

They are all Drexciya tracks. Not sure what number 11 is, but the others are:


1. Bubble Metropolis

2. You Don't Know

3. Ociya Syndor

4. Digital Tsunami

5. Aqua Worm Hole

6. Under Sea Disturbances

7. Species Of The Pod

8. Lake Haze

9. Doctor Blowfin's Water Cruiser

10. Lardossen Funk

11. ?

12. Powers Of The Deep

13. Black Sea

14. Cascading Celestial Giants

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