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If price wasn't an issue, what would you use...

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Would like to ideally take movies I already have in .avi (etc) format and split parts out and make montages out of them for projection in a live show.

I really dig arkaos as a VJ tool, but i'm kinda looking more for a program that will handle the actual compiling of video clips I have into something to use with Arkaos after the fact. All signs seem to point to adobe premier (tho i've not used it before)


Anybody have any different ideas? Also would be down for suggestions on HOW to project live visuals and any other tips ppl might have for any kind of live video projection. Thanks!

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unless your worried about generating visuals in real-time (ie: some sort of randomly arranged always changing series of clips) i would suggest burning your finished edited video to DVD first before you project it. Computers cough much more easily when recalling and playing large video files VS audio files. Then when you are ready to project it all you will need is a cheap dvd player and a remote hooked up to a projector. i find this usually elimates the step of having to find a way to hook up your computer SVGA port to the back of a projector (most cheap projectors only have s-video or rca/composite)

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corel video studio pro x2


i like it because it's like the old adobe premiere from 1995 but it's updated with modern features like mp3 support and it can export to .flv so it's youtube ready

try the demo, it's quite usable for 30 days, dont think there are any limitations or gay watermarks

it's relatively cheap too. you can get it on amazon.com

the only problem i've had is with chopping up a large 1gb file, might be because my pc has only 1gb of ram


chopping up video and audio, muting and mixing audio, transitions, titles... all the useful features are there

and you can do video on video, playing one main video and another in the corner or wherever you want


i've tried all the open source editors but they're all useless. corel is simple and does the job well.




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