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  1. oh shit, totally jesus christ can this shit get any more contrived #referencial90skidscommercialsvideogameslol It's just music, man. Take it easy! its just music but he's still right a fuck, i mean its almost like we're talking like the Quietus, thats not a good look for a regular person 'naturally expressing themselves', feel me?
  2. they missed an opportunity to turn the story into a new cold war spy drama, where the son goes to Russia to assassinate vladimir putin with a knockout punch in revenge for his dad in Rocky IV
  3. glad you mentioned 28 days later since i'd argue that movie holds up incredibly well for a couple of reasons (ones that jump to my mind at least) - they showed that if zombie blood was infectious (as it is in walking dead) that getting any on you is not a smart idea. The part where the droplet of blood falls right onto the guy's eye was pretty genius. - the 'bad guys' of 28 days later weren't just generic 'we want power' Governor style bad people, they were sex starved military brats who wanted to repopulate the world and hold females captive as sex slaves. Pretty clear cut and realistic motive. To me the lack of sexual assault or even borderline rapey stuff in Walking Dead in and of itself is unrealistic. Any remotely good looking or fertile female in an apocalyptic situation would be in danger
  4. if i accidentally killed Bruce Lee's son on the set of a 90s goth movie I'd be making Gods of Egypt too
  5. but all other zombie movies even shitty ones don't have these types of inconsistencies. Its pretty remarkable how 'gritty' the walking dead universe is portraying itself with such unrealistic behavior, more unrealistic than say ZombieLand starring jessie Eisenberg. If Walking Dead was tongue in cheek I'd forgive it, but the ultra serious tone combined with very poor writing is a show implosion that is unstoppable.
  6. the show's 'rules' actually illustrate how poorly written it is, if fire kills them as you say why wouldn't they just pour gasoline on the entire herd in the quarry and burn them the fuck up? by the time they even walked towards forrest or trees they'd probably already be dead. Secondly if we already know from the prison season that zombies can infect you with their fingernails/scratching you why is nobody ever afraid of hand to hand combat with zombies? Its fucking stupid.
  7. Wanda Group, never heard of it just checked it out for the first time. Interesting mixture of sort of 80s early 90s post industrial tropes mixed with a bit of clicks and cuts minimal techno school. Not sure what to think of it but i would say it falls a bit more into the normal category than Dalglish (imo). the fake vinyl crackling noise all over this record Get involved in My throat is a bit funny, but its not bad
  8. not sure about right now but I can list a shit load of crucial IDM and spinoff artists that rarely get talked about in here starting with Farmers Manual (Gescom minidisc owes a lot to their Explorers WE album). Let me know if you want a detailed list, watmm has never been very good on the whole at mining their own obscure electronic music palette (save for a few hobbyists in the forum)
  9. definitely not, since music press practically made OPN who he is + the authority /esteem/ and pretentious light show music press has become he's wise to take it as serious as fuck .
  10. the last episode was amazing, it reminded me of Synecdoche
  11. that statement doesn't even make sense, i wouldn't characterize his music as avant-garde. Its weird pop music, especially G.O.D. His older stuff was extremely derivative of 70s Synth pioneers like Tangerine Dream, so you could logically make the argument that a lot of his popularity was based around an entire generation of people not being exposed to stuff like TD, that OPN's early music sounded very fresh to them because they didn't hear much else like it, or that it felt vaguely 'nostalgic' without the same context people who grew up in the 70s or 80s had (which arguably is what Vaporewave is based on, a sense of misplaced and idealized nostalgia portrayed by people who did not grow up in those eras) . i think what's happening is that you are over emphasizing people who are characterizing his stuff as ground breaking or 'handing music a set of new parameters'. If i heard that shit before hearing his music I'd probably be more jaded towards it, luckily I wasn't bombarded with music journalism hype too much before checking out his music. I could sort of understand the reaction though, its like finally hearing Flaming Lips or Animal Collective after reading about how 'avant-garde' they are, hugely disappointing and makes you lose faith in all humanity
  12. I got blood on my hands and there's no remorse I got blood on my dick cuz I fucked a corpse I'm a nasty nigga when u pass me nigga look me in my eyes Tell me to my fuckin face that u ready to die
  13. dmx is my favorite drug, especially that part when you get blood on your dick after fucking a coprse
  14. i cant find the exact post, but whatever post it was wins 'most autism spectrum' award in most of the AE threads i've seen so far. It was something about how trying to dance to music people only do because they think they're supposed to And how dancing is outdated or something like that. If it was an Alco-style post, good job dude. when i move my head or the rest of my body to Autechre i'm doing it most of the time because it's expected of me and it has absolutely nothing to do with a natural 'im feeling it' moment, in fact no one experiences that it's a myth/urban legend. We're dancing because we're told to, not because we want to
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