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  1. maybe, but it doesn't change the fact that Yessland came out after Yellow Calx and parts of it sound remarkably similar. peace out
  2. i will be going off-watmm, for updates about this release and any others follow RecordLabelRecords on twitter : https://twitter.com/rlrimprint
  3. I will be going off-watmm, for updates about this release and any others follow RecordLabelRecords on twitter : https://twitter.com/rlrimprint
  4. oh shit, totally jesus christ can this shit get any more contrived #referencial90skidscommercialsvideogameslol It's just music, man. Take it easy! its just music but he's still right a fuck, i mean its almost like we're talking like the Quietus, thats not a good look for a regular person 'naturally expressing themselves', feel me?
  5. yeah but from Revenge of the Sith to New Hope it still doesn't add up how the republic's headquarters were a major city/hub well known throughout the galaxy, at no point in Revenge does a character say that they needed to hide the entire existence of the Jedi, and even if you could speculate that happened (fanboy leap) it would have likely been impossible to cover up something of the magnitude of the jedi order there.
  6. they missed an opportunity to turn the story into a new cold war spy drama, where the son goes to Russia to assassinate vladimir putin with a knockout punch in revenge for his dad in Rocky IV
  7. its crazy that they 'wiped the canon' of the expanded universe but embraced the bottom of the barrel clone wars saga that came out of the prequel universe (yeah i know Obi wan mentions it in new hope, but no way he was mentioning something like what george lucas lazily thought of later). Red Letter Media did a great job on the recent speculation video of reinforcing how absurd it is that 'jedis have fallen into legend' already in Episode IV a new hope, when there was literally a giant building/temple in the middle of the city of their academy and library a mere 30 years prior. Remember that scene in New Hope where the guy in the star destroyer tells Darth Vadar he's too obsessed with 'ancient magic' or some shit, isn't that a weird thing to say for someone who probably was alive during the time when jedis using the force fought the clone wars? So not only does it not make sense for Luke and others to find jedis so mysterious in New Hope, it makes even less sense now in Force Awakens. The prequels irreparably fucked up the basic logic of the campy story Lucas originally laid out in the first trilogy. The real ballsy move would have been to erase both the prequel/clone wars universe and the expanded universe at the same time, otherwise its still extremely problematic
  8. glad you mentioned 28 days later since i'd argue that movie holds up incredibly well for a couple of reasons (ones that jump to my mind at least) - they showed that if zombie blood was infectious (as it is in walking dead) that getting any on you is not a smart idea. The part where the droplet of blood falls right onto the guy's eye was pretty genius. - the 'bad guys' of 28 days later weren't just generic 'we want power' Governor style bad people, they were sex starved military brats who wanted to repopulate the world and hold females captive as sex slaves. Pretty clear cut and realistic motive. To me the lack of sexual assault or even borderline rapey stuff in Walking Dead in and of itself is unrealistic. Any remotely good looking or fertile female in an apocalyptic situation would be in danger
  9. that was nice would like to see an unedited version of that, part of thinks it might be.... faek (not entirely but partly)
  10. really sad news, huge inspiration (well more like I completely unabashedly ripped him off) for the entire post 2005 recordlabelrecords aesthetic some of his stuff could be construed as flakey new age psychedelic art by some maybe, but for me his stuff was coming from a very special place that no other artist has really captured. its always been really hard to find high resolution version or posters/prints of his stuff, he never got the same level of following as like Alex Grey or other psychedelic artists.
  11. nice tight/smallish size room, thats the way i like it. you'd be surprised how many great sound systems here in san francisco/bay area are wasted by overly large spaces. How much do you think the brick walls fucks up the clarity? like are there noticeable reflections in the front? I almost holed up a renegade venue out here in a very similar looking brick hallway type space that was a basement, this looks like its in a basement as well (?)
  12. if i accidentally killed Bruce Lee's son on the set of a 90s goth movie I'd be making Gods of Egypt too
  13. but all other zombie movies even shitty ones don't have these types of inconsistencies. Its pretty remarkable how 'gritty' the walking dead universe is portraying itself with such unrealistic behavior, more unrealistic than say ZombieLand starring jessie Eisenberg. If Walking Dead was tongue in cheek I'd forgive it, but the ultra serious tone combined with very poor writing is a show implosion that is unstoppable.
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