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pretentious concrète

Dan C

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cool. i didn't listen to it, but you made some concrete. so, cool.


i don't listen to concrete or abstract noise like this until it's got good reviews from other people. otherwise what's the point? theres a shitload of concrete out there, and i don't have time for it all. it must stand apart. just being honest. there is no way people around here would actually take the time to listen through all nine minutes. though i'm sure you know this.


art is art. stuff like this we make for ourselves mostly.


i say this all in preparation for sharing with you something i've posted here several times which people refuse to give a real chance, for whatever reason (probably because the first two minutes are somewhat difficult to get through - after that it becomes slightly more tolerable). it's called, "doga." it is a work of concrete, except all the samples were hand crafted by me. it is a journey through sounds which has been created for pure entertainment, and is nearly complete. i think you will enjoy it. i think if people around here thought it was released by a major record label they would hear it completely differently. it is a detailed work, something i've been working on for a long while but which is still, at this point, an "amateur," diy work. anyway, enjoy.


anybody making concrete is a friend of mine. that is unless they aren't aware how pretentious it is to make concrete.




i'm very drunk

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