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Bill Standing in Windows


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I know the whole "use the sound effects from your OS to make a song" thing has been done before, but I thought it would be a fun thing to try myself. My goal was to make it not sound like a song made from Windows XP sounds. I think I mostly succeeded.

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Thanks for listening, guys.


a bit slow and repetitive


Yeah, I find a lot of my more recent demos have been rather repetitive, probably because I do them in one sitting in less than two hours, in most cases. My plan is to come back to a few of the better ones when I go to make my next album & dedicate a week or two to each one in order to make them more nonlinear (not this one though. The three note "print complete" sample I manipulated for the piano line is probably enough to get Bill Standing in Courthouse). First time trying to make an album that way, hopefully it works...

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