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Old liveset

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please, someone download and listen. or just download and delete, I don't care. :emotawesomepm9:

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^ For your convenience. It's straight up braindance so you don't have to worry about my usual noisy bits.

I'm done. No more bouncing this shit now.

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Okay so why people might not have listened to this is because 30 minutes is quite a big investment and had I not specifically made an effort to listen to the whole thing to give you feedback, I wouldn't have continued after the first few minutes. With that said, it gets a lot better. The beginning just starts out slow. I read somewhere that people judge music on the internet within the first 30 seconds of listening to it and if they don't deem it worth their time, they'll just toss it.


This set gets great more towards the middle. It sounds like you got more comfortable with what you were doing. Your drum programming is great, and you have a really natural flow with your effects processing and shit. One thing that I have a problem with is the lack of any concrete melody for the first twenty-five minutes. I'm not saying you should add melodies to your music, this is purely a subjective issue on my part. I usually need some sort of melody to attach me to a track, otherwise it sounds like a bunch of drums and sub bass that all blends together.


I dig the production, especially for a live show. Aside from a few lulls here and there, I think I'd have enjoyed this show.


Erm, there you go.






edit: Also, I rated this 5 stars to (A) counter out the 1 star bandit and (b) to prove that I am not that bandit.

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Thanks! Is it really that slow in the first 20 minutes? I never even considered that, lol, I thought it was stuffed with little things. You listened to the track in the soundcloud player right?


Maybe I fucked up the upload link, maybe I didn't, but it seems you sort of liked it and the feedback was useable! wahey! I'll check it when I get home from work.

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Guest echidna

I agree with Wake. Set starts off super slow. That's not a bad thing for an album, and I think the beginning works super well as a first track for an EP, but it's not what I want to hear from a live set. Then it picked the fuck up and my head started bobbing.


What sort of crowd was this for? Who were the other acts? What reactions did you get? Was the audience real into it? Was it more of an academic crowd? Or did they come to dance?


I'm not saying this to be mean, but I think if they came to dance, they might have been disappointed. I probably would have been if I had. (I don't dance, though. I'm a fat neckbeard faggot, so I just stand around and stroke my beard and say things like, 'oh, yes, quite lovely synthesisers he's got there.') I'm saying that because this whole thing is fucking beautiful. That track that starts at 11:09 or so? Fucking killer. (I sort of want to remix it actually.) But. For an album. I don't know how I feel about this as a live set.


I guess that's all I can really say about it: "I don't know." I wouldn't be disappointed if I saw this set performed live, but I can imagine that other people would have been. How much of this was live? Were there visuals in the background? This would be rad with visuals.


There are some parts that are sort of caustic. The high pitched noises towards the beginning, the noise around 18:40. I dig that kind of thing, but I can see that not appealing to everybody.


So yeah. I guess this seems more to me like a chinscratchy type of show as opposed to a get your ass on the dancefloor show, if that makes sense. If that was your goal, then a++ mission accomplished.


Certainly makes me wonder what your shows are like now. This is music that certainly deserves to be on a real record label, selling real records, if you aren't already. I don't know you so you might be doing that already, no clue.


I like the way you end it a lot, though, bringing it hard and then chilling the fuck out. Pro.


I'm sure if I took more time to write this, I could have made it more concise and make more sense. Hope you get something useful out of this rambling bullshit.

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Yeah, it was for a chinstroking crowd, sunday night, there was mostly avant garde stuff playing before me, and I was followed by Lacklustre who ended the night. It was the final evening of an electronic music festival and I was sort of winding everything up, It went down really well. As for how live it was: I had the basics set up, and chucked some things in there, twiddled some knobs and played with some loops, I'm not skilled enough to do it proper, I lack a couple of arms and brains to do pull something like that off. And yes, there was video!

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oh, and thank you for the feedback. I was not trying to get them dancing, just nodding :)

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I uploaded another old liveset.




It has some pretty rubbish breaks, but the music is mostly allright. Only around six - ten people ever heard it, played it at the early hours of a festival, behind an out of view corner in a hallway. yay.

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