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  1. This is working nicely for me in the spring vibes, good poppy stuff. Edit: and good good stuff. I guess this is maybe a bit too straightforward for some of you lot? I'll keep this in rotation untill I tire of it. I suspect it won't have the longevity of some of his other stuff, but that is fiiiine.
  2. Just listened to Rakka II (yah, it's out). decent
  3. Ah, ok. Well this is ancient footage by now. I think he moved, got a job and a happier life after this was shot!
  4. Oh, I really enjoyed listening to him talking while working today. I do hope he is getting something out of this, but yeah, they seem to be milking their footage. I'm conflicted!
  5. Much stuff. I didn't know about this, so maybe you didn't either.
  6. I don't know what version of live you're running, but the stock synths aren't half bad. oh you're running suite? use the ableton synths if you're having trouble with vsts man. the interface is kind of off putting at first, I know, but they get the job done.
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