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  1. Imagine the mortality rates if no measures were taken to shield vulnerable groups. Jfc
  2. Either that or everyone just chills out smotten wheat an listenin to idden an be nice pipol take care evryting
  3. Silent Member

    The KLF

    .99p mummification is a bargain
  4. Silent Member

    The KLF

    What's that from?
  5. IDM is a suckculture, the only common denominator is pale nerds.
  6. Fighting capitalism is fine, but please start with fighting the fascist racist trying to destroy democracy, diplomacy and just straight up human decency.
  7. Yeah, I was taking the piss. 259 people died so far in Norway, the odds of me knowing any of those senior citizens was pretty slim.
  8. It was pretty mediocre, a handful of decent lols, but I guess that's fine.
  9. Banging!
  10. you'd think that sync and midi issues would be a pretty high priority thing to get right before releasing a drum machine, somehow.
  11. You should do something about the font/spacing before putting in your order
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