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  1. Finally started Death Stranding, if I had known this had cosmic horror elements I would've started years ago, but at least now I get to enjoy the updated PS5 graphics. Lush, awesome and some silly silly Kojima stuff. The ultimate Icelandic landscape QWOP mailman fever dream delivery simulator.
  2. If you accumulate enough you a can turn it into free real estate.
  3. Reddit has too many idiots, that's the problem with Reddit. watmm has its share of idiots as well, but there's only so many of them, so in the end you get to know them and appreciate them in some sense. Like the class you were stuck with in school, prolonged exposure turns into some sort of Stockholm syndrome. Reddit is just an endless floodwave of unknowns with varying degrees of retardedness. Ps afpex twins isn't relvanced
  4. It's very impressive how she has a pizza slice in her hand in all her pictures, yet her pizza is untouched.
  5. It's kind of trippy in psvr, but the music is ultimate cheese so I ended up never playing it.
  6. I have a feeling it will be all right, but get cancelled because most people don't give a fuck about got anymore, feeling cheated by the rubbish last season(s).
  7. 2021: Artificial intelligence is still the worst intelligence.
  8. aphex branded taco kit when edit: this looks like a comment on reddit. sorry guys.
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