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  1. I guess I'll listen to this pop music of his. Seems allright.
  2. Isn't SAW basically sourced from old tapes? Can't imagine fucking around with the stereo source to make surround + height channels will make it sound better in any way
  3. I'm feeling very old and my body is falling apart. Maybe try to patch user health and wellbeing somehow?
  4. Watched this place rules.Maybe I expected too much from this. It was allright. Too unfocused, felt more shallow than his usual output tbh. It was still a fun watch. The Q-anon bits were amazing. Watched Barbarian. Maybe I expected too much from this. It was allright. I had heard so much hype about how mind blowing this was, and I took precautions to not get anything spoiled, but eh. It's fine.
  5. Nah, I was waiting for it to pop up on hbomax, but looks like it's not happening in Europe for whatever reason so I'm pirating it super hard right now.
  6. I'm on jab number five and my erection is now permanent, taller than me and it keeps beeping, other than that no problems. 10/10 would recommend
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