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  1. Redditor put this in his ingress: "I'm leaving out AFX and Polygon window, due to there just being a lack of anything to discuss." I don't know why he deemed these aliases not worthy of discussion, but that's Reddit for you.
  2. The best music is always written by classically trained guitar wankers. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. Flol read your audience idiots (I'm addressing the Walmart executives browsing watmm, not the lovely people above me)
  4. I've read much longer threads in here, with close to zero entertainment value. I can certainly get through this.
  5. I just finished that a couple of hours ago, it does go a bit shit unfortunately, but the start is great, very Inferno/Suspiria like. I also almost finished the Silent Sea, which is just a frustratingly boring and predictable Korean sci-fi whatever, I'm out at 6 and a half episodes deep, just not worth it. Both of these shows have super impressive rotten tomatoes scores, but I guess that doesn't mean much anymore. IMDb is fucking useless as well. Everything is shit. Woe is me.
  6. I liked this, didn't mind the blonde. Black girl had some very very bad one liners on the other hand.
  7. I've been playing Terminator: Resistance. It's a bit shit and I love every minute.
  8. That movie isn't available anywhere to insert into my eye and earholes, so this far it's the worst film experience for me this year by a mile. Close to traumatic.
  9. That's pretty wild, I guess democracy isn't on the agenda anymore over there.
  10. I think that one is still running, a friend of mine went on it last year-ish. Bring back cool shit. Yeah, I remembered correctly, it's in Wuppertal, Germany.
  11. Yeah, they're good! lol at that factoid, I didn't know! My mind is blown. I guess it's sacrilege to mention Sassy 009 in this thread, but also worth checking out while you're at it.
  12. He doxxed you, your entire family history is now all over our inbitches pm for n00ds
  13. Omicron seems kind of alright? Numbers keep rising over here, but barely anyone gets hospitalized. I'm beginning to think this'll be the end of it.
  14. Is it worth watching? Is it a band aid on the wound left by the last few seasons? I love Dexter, but unfortunately it mostly sucks.
  15. I repeatedly died from the vaccine but eating mad blunts brought me back to life; a cautionary tale from the life of me.
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