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  1. I guess I'll listen to this pop music of his. Seems allright.
  2. Isn't SAW basically sourced from old tapes? Can't imagine fucking around with the stereo source to make surround + height channels will make it sound better in any way
  3. I'm feeling very old and my body is falling apart. Maybe try to patch user health and wellbeing somehow?
  4. Watched this place rules.Maybe I expected too much from this. It was allright. Too unfocused, felt more shallow than his usual output tbh. It was still a fun watch. The Q-anon bits were amazing. Watched Barbarian. Maybe I expected too much from this. It was allright. I had heard so much hype about how mind blowing this was, and I took precautions to not get anything spoiled, but eh. It's fine.
  5. Nah, I was waiting for it to pop up on hbomax, but looks like it's not happening in Europe for whatever reason so I'm pirating it super hard right now.
  6. I'm on jab number five and my erection is now permanent, taller than me and it keeps beeping, other than that no problems. 10/10 would recommend
  7. I never knew there were so many Welsh synthesizers.
  8. Andor is the best Star Wars since the OG trilogy imo. I don't understand how anyone could find it boring and uneventful. So sad to see it get shit on all the time.
  9. Hey. This place only starts making sense once you've read the rules thrice. Definitely the best forum for balding middle aged blokes.
  10. The whole discussion is pointless imo. They're both female and make good electronic music with vocals that isn't all that similar. Looking forward to this album, I like her stuff, not really bothered by the politics unless she goes full terf/nazi/ultraconservative. Girl power yay smash the patriarchy
  11. Watched the first 6 minutes of Spirited (2022) and it made me want to nuke the USA. All parties involved deserve the death penalty. Terrifier 2, stupid throwback slasher flick with some fun over the top kills. Not bad for an 84 minute movie, unfortunately it's 138 minutes long and believes it's a clever arthouse movie. It certainly isn't. Three thousand years of longing. Really wanted to like this, but turns out I just didn't care about any of it. Nice enough for what it is I guess. I'm way too cynical to buy into this. Vesper. Some neat designs and stuff, predictable. Doesn't really go anywhere interesting. Hellraiser 2022, it's pretty bad, but I like these shits. Probably in the top three of a (unfortunately) pretty arse movie series with great antagonists. The Fly. Great stuff. The Raid. Great stuff. Red Road. Great stuff. Happiness. Great stuff. Prey. Top three film with predators in it, which isn't really saying much. Out of sight. Good soundtrack, my favourite j-lo movie. Involuntary. Great stuff. Triangle of sadness. I lol'd. A bit too on the nose I guess, but it was fun. Disney's Pinocchio (2022) Shit and piss. The cursed. Seemed like an allright werewolf variant, but I tapped out because I got bored with it. I'll probably finish it some day. Us. I actually liked this. Nope. I actually liked this. Werewolf by Night. I actually liked this. Flesh+blood. Great stuff. Burnt offerings. Apt description. Invaders from mars (86). I understand why I loved this as a kid, but it doesn't really hold up. Great practical effects though. Skinamarink. Super duper grungy footage of some kids wandering aimlessly around one of those cheaply built US middle class homes, with no way of escaping and everything seems off. Unexpectedly disturbing. Not a single shit happens. I guess I liked it, but also I never want to see that again. Smile. It was kind of cool untill they stopped showing any restraint at all and it turned into a very goofy bore. V/H/S/99. Another bad anthology. Demons/Hell segment was pretty fun. Deadstream. Found footage/livestreamer horror movie by the people from the fun segment in vhs99. This was also pretty fun, and also a bit spooky, l until I lost interest about halfway through. Fine. Crimes of the future. I was into it. Resident Evil: Welcome to raccoon, shitty (2022). The Northman. Took itself way too seriously for something as goofy as this is. Still has some stuff to enjoy. Valhalla Rising is about a million times better if you're into artsy violent topless Viking lads. The Sadness. Well wow, ok sure. Yeah. That sure is some stuff. Crank 1&2, lol. I can't hate this. 1000 testosterone filled penises/movie. Chip n dale rescue rangers. Absolute brain rot. It's just an on screen excretion of pop culture references you look at and think hey I know what that is and I guess that makes some people feel good but I get angry and I'm sorry. Murina. Sometimes it feels good watching an European drama film in a language you don't hear too often. People have relationships and interactions, some of them even behave like real people. This is definitely one of those. Razzen Nest. It's amateur hour horror podcast, with some ok images and I kind of hated it for the longest time, but it won me over. Despite everything. Can't really recommend it. Blue Velvet. Great stuff. I've watched so much shit lately. This is what I remembered, which is probably just a fraction. Thank you.
  12. Yeah, I don't know. So far it feels like 20 minutes of Justin Roiland ad-libbing to half a page of script.
  13. Trying to watch season 6 of Rick and Morty, but this show has become unbearable. I'm struggling to get through a 20 minute episode in one sitting. Was it always this bad? Having a great time with the new Beavis and Butthead. Yay.
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