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  1. I couldn't find the rap, did they edit it out or something? Oh, it's the we got your gold we put your tail in the county jail bit isn't it. I was expecting 16 bars.
  2. Looks like they're just out to cash in on 80s nostalgia while it lasts, this shit looks more like Spielberg than anything to do with the style of the OG Ghostbusters movie.
  3. It can't possibly be any worse than the last one.
  4. Can we please get a new title and merge? This is clearly a direct continuation of the Covid-19 thread that BCM brexited.
  5. Watched The Empty Man as well, I liked it, warts and all. Reminded me of Session 9 for some reason. Definitely not what I was expecting after seeing the trailer a while back, in a good way. ps. I haven't seen session 9 since it came out on DVD, so I barely remember any of it.
  6. Good thread, I hope you find the help and peace you seek.
  7. Oh shit, I thought their ribcage would be much longer. Fat necked bastards.
  8. I watched the two a quiet place movies, pretty predictable and uninteresting? Way overrated.
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    I didn't know that was on YouTube, decent version! Yeah, watch it
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    I'm worried Dune is going to be a boring disaster, I can feel it in my bones.
  11. Yeah, the junkies have been spared over here as well. I'm a bit sceptical of shooting up heroin, but hey it seems to work and no 5g chip or other vaccine side effects.. j/k, although the bit about the junkies is true.
  12. Well that sucks, his music is great. Never would've expected anything like that from him judging by the music. Still this stuff was back in his teens no? Let him make his much needed apology round and keep on trucking. Kids and teens can be fucking brutal, but still turn out ok as adults. Even assholes can make great art. *Insert poop painting*
  13. If you can't see the last shot in that video (0:55) is four out of focus birds (most likely some sort seagull) fighting over food I can't help you guys. You can even see their wings flapping. Spend more time outside?
  14. Very disappointed none of these fuckers died.
  15. I'd say they look more like birds than anything.
  16. What's going on with sock cock guys concave hip/ass area? Norwegian small town newspaper has an article about this house... the caption reads: if you're having trouble spotting the difference, the boathouse is on the left, while dictator and tyrant Adolf Hitler is on the right.
  17. I'm having fun with the second season of black summer, the only zombie show worth watching. So far it's much better than the first season.
  18. Yeah, just pretend it isn't a trilogy. The sequels are embarrassing.
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