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  1. Can someone please reboot US politics, this is just embarrassing. Can't wait for them to wheel out Hillary so she can lose against Trump again.
  2. Film Twitter is 99.9% manchildren and .1% twats with lukewarm hot takes. If I have to read another two sentence movie related post containing mid, goat, legendary or masterpiece again I'm going to shit my pants*
  3. We should definitely change the name because if I tell someone I listen to IDM the pronunciation in Norwegian is the same as the English pronunciation of EDM. I had some troubles recently, and I'm sure the guy still thinks I'm into Kygo and Swedish House Mafia. Not that IDM listening is something you go around flaunting anyway, my own fault.
  4. I watched doctor strange and the multitude of garbage. Sam Raimi tried his best, but with a script like that it's hard work. I still love you Sam. Sam innocent. He great man for worst job. Someone give him money to make a real film.
  5. That's great and all but Moby holds the world record for most bpm and I think we should respect that and not try to steal away his glory
  6. Total beefcake, anyone else would be killed or at least permanently injured. Stronk big man, very muscle. Powerful mind. Penis also decent.
  7. I like that they managed to stuff three people in that tight cable gunner seat, the snow speeders are tiny. And yeah, the snow speeder firing should be angled more towards her? Now it looks like a tiny toy hovering next to her. Either way it looks way off. I guess they ran out of time, money and shits.
  8. This Obi-Wan stuff is pretty good! It feels like old Star Wars? I think everyone hates it, so I guess I'm that guy.
  9. Nah. It's not the fun and janky sort of shitty with it's heart in the right place, it's the slick pompous and boring kind thought up in boardroom meetings.
  10. It's chilly and wet over here, last couple of weeks have been pretty shit. Pass some heat bro.
  11. Did they ever fix the inventory/loot system or is your inventory still filling up with useless junk items and managed in the most cumbersome way possible?
  12. Finally watching the Sopranos in sequence from start to finish, I've just been catching the odd episode here and there earlier. It's so fucking good
  13. You just know they're training AIs to replace all those unthankful musicians they pay so well.
  14. Worst porno ever. Sorry drunk. If you're interested in advice gftomfromq. A drunk guy you don't know. Put the Benis in the woman's Nd also remember to move your hips. Faster. You can do it. Faster. More senies. Yes ø.. put more movement. Remember to øpsenn your.hios. thust and ease off. Sloooooow sh teah great rythm m8 keep doing that. Heck yeah. Do the twistynt l. Down..andnup rubbit. Heck yeah, you're doing good. Put itminside. Do the rhumba Congrats Stepmom babby 4md
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