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Airhead - Paper Street


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Airhead - Paper Street










Breathtaking track from former James Blake Airhead, backed with a refined remix courtesy of

Ostgut Ton label head and 0.5 of MyMy, Nick Höppner.On 'Paper Street' Airhead more than

proves his worth as a solo artist with a stunning measure of vastly spacious sound design

elements and ultra-reduced rhythms, sounding like Pole just got totally blunted with

Mount Kimbie in the VR deck of a shuttle to Neptune. Maybe? The track's sense of spatial

awareness and feel for dreamy anti-g rhythms is nothing short of astounding and genuinely

sounds like quite nothing else out there. On the flip Nick Höppner does a sterling remix turn,

inserting a heaving 4/4 pattern kinked with micro-rhythmic flickers and carefully managing

to retain that widescreen sense of space and grace.

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