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  1. yup. 2018 is for recording noises more, collecting sound outside me thinks. skin has turned to paste and an balloon is me belly. embarrassing really. i could use a bit of sunlight / a year for walks in th wood.. :))))
  2. are you past 4 presently? ..goodness, i have no real sense for age anymore.
  3. good? It's REALLY good. If you liked Dogtooth then you'll love this one. wow! were you ever right indeed sir :)
  4. remember feeling very impatient for this. i think it might have been delayed initially.. i remember drool when it said '2x disc'. this is dangers coming out me thinks.. amazing new things in this.. and it came at a very appropriate time for me.. wow, what a time this was for so many of us.. right?
  5. hand-made ale's (in God's hands, obviously)
  6. i make music or i listen to music or i family or mates or i eat / i make thingy's in the kitchen or tea or sweet or i physical callisthenic (sexual) or i'm in the wood or i'm in the shops or futzing with gear or i'm on ethernet.. or, i'm doing thingy's i don't want to tell you about (mostly I do this).. or i'm masturbation to me mates after I ask them permission. if they say no, then I don't.
  7. "mbm will perform this year alongside revolting cocks and mc900 ft jesus." :)
  8. saint nectaire, chicken of th wood, cabernet sauvignon
  9. loving this and love colleen frm th start.
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