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Guest Adam

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great interview. he reps Ed Banger and Sebastian, the man has good taste!


Yeah totally. I think that Ed Bannger stuff had influenced him a lot. You can feel it in Totems Flare.



Also. Clark and Bibio converstion.




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Pretty interesting phone interview. It's cool to actually hear him speak. And the interviewer asks some pretty good questions, despite sounding a little unenthusiastic. This is right after Totems Flare was just released.

Clark interview on Tape Relay (July 2009).mp3

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Guest Backson

I think that Ed Bannger stuff had influenced him a lot. You can feel it in Totems Flare.

exactly. that's why it was such an important album for me, it was the heavy electro album that bypassed the trendiness entirely.


I hope Sebastian's album employs this much craftsmanship...

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Fresh new one in French here : http://www.traxmag.fr/interview-clark-warp-records/


I don't have the time to translate it but here's an interesting bit !


Some critics have compared Clark to what you were doing at the time of Clarence Park. What do you think of this ?


Today I have the impression that it (Clarence Park) was made by someone else. Someone young, a bit stupid, greasy, schizophrenic and always agitated. But this album (Clark) is more introverted. I love Clarence Park so I take that as a compliment. But I find it weird that people only react to the presence of piano in my Iradelphic tracks. I have always used piano, since the first track of Clarence Park ! I'm a bit fed up with Clark now and I want to defend my earlier albums.

It's funny because I don't think artists ever release records that are so different from one another in terms of quality. To me this comes from the media, presenting efforts as parts of a certain trend, or perceiving changes. Each one of my projects is like a diary, no more no less. I wouldn't favor an album more than another. But I should say that I'm a clumsy artist which I apologize for. I feel more elusive these days... Like a quick lizard with a forked tongue. Maybe tomorrow I'll be a dog again. Would you prefer that ?


How would you describe your course since Clarence Park ?


It's weird. Sometimes I listen to a track and I hardly recognize the young man that made Clarence Park. Sometimes I listen to tracks such as Wolf or Indigo Optimus and I'm thinking I would make them the same way I have. It changes everytime. I would never be able to write Clarence Park today though, really. It's a youthful work. I was barely shaving at the time.

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