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  1. Yeah on almost every Clark thread in here there's like at least 5 posts about how Empty The Bones of You/Throttle Promoter was much better and how much he should get back to that style. Don't know what's more boring between these reactions and Clark's tendancies to botch his tracks with an early ambient fade out lol. For what it's worth though he confessed in one of his recent interviews how much of a pain it was for him to make ETBOY. He had close to no fun making it. By all means it's a great record but I think this statement makes it all the more pointless to wish for a comeback to that form.
  2. Olive is the colour drenching the interface of my audio player, foobar2000. I got it printed in my retina over time while listening again and again to all the music I’ve worked on and never finished over the span of around 3 years now. Olive symbolizes for me a dense fog of works-in-progress not progressing, abandoned in their own stew, waiting in the antechamber of “I should probably get to it”. A mash of things that were incomplete for most of their existence, dancing around in a fog world. Dealing with stuff that's been unfinished for years. Not really an unknown theme here on WATMM I guess. Heh. Anyway, as usual, all feedback is greatly greatly greatly appreciated ! Soundcloud ; Bandcamp
  3. That's what I thought too. It felt really disjointed because of all the shit that's been cramed in it. I didn't care for anyone in this movie. Actually I don't recall feeling anything but boredom, I just remember waiting for something interesting to happen the whole time. Almost everything felt out of place and unnecessary. All the good ideas were wasted by how/when/where they were set up. To put it politely, I'd say it didn't manage to catch my interest. For two fucking hours and thirty minutes. I kinda understand now why Mark Hamill isn't super enthusiastic about the movie.
  4. Perezvon

    Clark - Rellik EP

    wth is Snowbird doing on there ?
  5. Actually it was in an earlier episode when Bobby sees the picture of Laura for the first time in years.
  6. Ozark is some kind of Breaking Bad for accountants and jurists. Except there's not really any suspense or anything engaging. Poker-faced Michael Bluth from Arrested Development seems to blabber his way out of anything using quotes from the law, contracts, economical mumbo-jumbo, etc... Wouldn't be surprised if the final face-off ended up with him winning thanks to fine print trickery or something.
  7. Edit: waitaminute.... she is! Such a great new hair colour for Lara Flynn Boyle
  8. I had never heard of hangable auto bulb. Bought it illico while hearing the first seconds of the first track. Jeebus...
  9. No and no. I live in a pretty normal country. Thank fuck.
  10. lol I've read an interesting/funny theory about Cooper coming to if he gets his own shoes back, since right now he's "walking in someone else's shoes" Well, possibly. But he must take them off at bedtime? Sure but he was barefoot from the start anyway
  11. lol I've read an interesting/funny theory about Cooper coming to if he gets his own shoes back, since right now he's "walking in someone else's shoes"
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