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like how the kicks and snares compliment the bassline... it's a LOT all at once, right there in the beginning of the song though.


nice drum switch up round :55, things generally too get a bit more crazy at that point in time. and the bassline at 1:43 is cool too, the way it wobs it up...


i think, overall, it's a good track. a couple things i would suggest:


1. the drums get washed out by everything else, especially the bass. i think think the track could used a lot more mixing, a good bit of drum treatment (compression, eq, the works)... let those kicks run things, let those snares rule the rhythm, i think they'll work well with the bass

2. the song has 3 thematic changes, but stay relatively static within those elements. the elements are good, but they are not dynamically in opposition to one another; hence, this track has no tension. it's not pulling any emotions or anything like that. i can see how it would fit into a mix... and i probably would hear the best of it in that context, but on it's own, i think it needs a bit more to keep me coming back.


good work!




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Sounds really cool, the double-time bass envelopes are really nice sounding. I agree about the mixing. Reset your faders, turn off the compressor, and go again, highpass some of the bass a little bit. I really like the breaks in phrasing with the vocal bits, that's a great idea. I think beginning sounds decent but as the layers build I think you need to cut down on some parts, i mean, there are different ways to solve the problem... so I'll let you figure that out yourself and Im not an expert but I have the same exact problem with building up different parts later on after I have perfected the mix that just ends up ruining it all. good job though.

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Guest tht tne

it's a LOT all at once, right there in the beginning of the song


i like this aspect of the track but i got bored with it as it followed all the way through the entirety save 20 seconds or so

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