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Vendor Refill - Stable LP, Evil Weevil EP, Sysreq EP


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Vendor Refill




The Vendor Refill track "It Takes Two" off MASK 300 is absolutely awesome, it's like an oldschool version of Tim Hecker mixed with the hesitant tones of Pen Expers and some wierd jungle dance stuff that's almost like Elephant Song off AB 4 but more ambient and less harsh. It's really good.


Every artist on any of the MASK compilations is surely great but this track stood out.


So then I looked Vendor Refill up on youtube and there are only 2 tracks:





Absolutely loved both tracks from the start, the Oikake_'Akabei' one more than any of the 3 I've heard. I can't find anywhere else on the internet to listen to any of their tracks


Anyone heard of Vendor Refill and know where to hear some more?

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