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Company Flow reunites to play ATP


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full thing here


El-P, Mr. Len and Bigg Jus, collectively known as Company Flow, haven’t performed together since 2001, but this month the underground rap godfathers will play live both in London (at the Portishead-curated ATP event I’ll Be Your Mirror, July 23) and their hometown of New York (Manhattan’s Santos Party House, July 16).


Company Flow haven’t performed live for years, and disbanded back in the day – so first of all, why the sudden reunion?


“It’s really just pretty simple, honestly. Portishead asked us to do it. And that was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up – we’re big fans. We were honoured that they asked us to do it. That’s really it – we didn’t have any plans to be doing any shows, or to do anything. We still talk to each other, and theres always vague talk of doing something at some point in the future. But this was the catalyst, Portishead curating this thing and us being one of the first groups they reached out to. Very humbling, and we felt we should do it.”


It’s an interesting lineup they’ve put together – you’ll be up there with peers like DOOM, who was better known as Zev Love X from KMD around the time Co Flow came out – did you ever bump into Portishead back then?


“Never met them, always been a huge fan… The lineup is pretty insane, with DOOM and Swans and stuff. It’s a no brainer for us, it made a lot of sense. And it’ll be fun. Why the fuck not.”


That's fuckin' cool. One more good thing ATP is responsible for. I've been a CoFlow fan for a while now, first track I ever heard was 8 Steps to Perfection, still my favourite.

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