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  1. first heard of him when Amon Tobin dropped this in his 2007 Foley Room mix, which slowed the tempo right down.
  2. that writing is so funny. my preferred acronym? DIE. do you all want to DIE? because this spells D-I-E, DIE! forsooth! shame upon thee, thou diversity engendering judases and jezebels of Human Resources!
  3. wait wtf is this doing in the films thread? at some point the plot becomes too hard to follow and then it just becomes more about the mood and visuals and individual set pieces rather than trying to understand the big picture. I got some enjoyment out of it just by tuning that part out.
  4. season 2 is flawed but has a good core underneath the convoluted and mismanaged plot lines. season 3 picks back up close to the same level of quality as season 1.
  5. Um, okay. yeah, this is whatever. take with an enema of salt.
  6. mostly asset gains, as I understand it. i.e. trading fuckery, not necessarily company profits.
  7. a lesson in how stress fucks your brain up: after sweating for 3 hours over a certain process I thought I had fucked up (I hadn't even, it ended up turning out well) and around which there were important expectations, I was called away to go pick someone up quickly, and in my haste I unthinkingly ran a red light, cutting off a car coming through perpendicularly. I hadn't realised what I'd done until I was through. I'd honked at the other car in annoyance thinking they were at fault. now I'm fucking mad at myself for doing something so stupid, for allowing the stress of the other situation to make me do something so stupid, especially when I pride myself on being a good driver. the cherry on top is that I once had someone cut me off at that very intersection in the same way and I've remembered that shit for years. I almost wish that car had road rage-followed me so that I could've gotten out and apologised and set things straight.
  8. covid shortens your dick?! *retreats to bunker for the rest of his life*
  9. in a strange way it's a kind of life-giving/life-affirming cynicism. I don't know how exactly.
  10. nobody's comparing like for like. however false progressives are just as damaging/worthless as the opposition. in some ways, they're worse. they derail change before it can even get off the ground while pretending they're on the 'good' side. other media outlets not having noses as long as Fox or being as virulent in their drive to disinform doesn't let them off the hook. in fact, they should get more shit from people who demand good/balanced reporting, while Fox et al are simply a hopeless cause and should be ignored most of the time.
  11. it enters people's brains through the ear canal and acts like a brain parasite, making them shitpost on social media. the guy who invented Qanon took some inspiration from this.
  12. I wish he'd make a gad damned album. and not a collection of short moody pieces like Remnant either, a proper album with a bang.
  13. it's a-me this is cool, I'm just now listening to the last episode and enjoying it as I work. also that Zeke Clough/Skull Disco-esque logo hasn't gone unnoticed by me, nice touch there.
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