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  1. I expect to see this on Pitchfork's BNM list.
  2. on a separate note, what the fuck is up with Windows 10 and game performance? I only recently made the leap to Win10 after sticking with Win7 years past its use-by date and now there's all sorts of fps problems with smaller indie titles that really should not be a drain in terms of gpu processing at all. Mini Motorways runs at literal slideshow rates of 1-5fps and that is a potato-level game that takes up all of 200MB on your hard drive. wtf? I do have older hardware but even so it shouldn't be this bad/inconsistent. ME3 was rock solid at 60fps throughout, by comparison. I read about the fixes involving disabling all the Xbox live capture bullshit kludged into the system and about this supposed update fix, but after screwing around for 4-5 hours trying to force that update to install properly, it resulted in no change. meh. at this rate I will be paying extortionate prices for a new build soon.
  3. it still had some of those bits. but yeah, I gather they went for a mixed approach this time. it's been long enough since I played the first two games that I don't have a good reference anymore. as for the emotive/piano bits in the final scenes, particularly in the memorial scene where they're putting the name on the wall, I thought those were slightly corny but mostly effective (kind of a hallmark of the series). what I said before about the emotionally compelling parts of Pyre (friendship/companions etc) was in full force here. throwing the party before the final events heightened that.
  4. I've been an Umami fan for years and spread their gospel everywhere. it's gratifying to see this posted here.
  5. finally played through Mass Effect 3, finishing the trilogy almost a decade after it actually ended. some feels were had. this one really ramped up the emotional investment in your squadmates. the original ME series is something I would occasionally dip into between like 4-5 years at a time and thus forget how much I enjoyed it. the Legendary Edition remaster looks pretty good so I'll probably end up revisiting this in another 4-5 years. still not inclined to go near Andromeda.
  6. is this intentional? I couldn't tell, he does it so consistently that I thought maybe it's a persistent brain slip. it's become part of his comeback schtick that he talks about belonging to the wealthy elite now. in some ways it's probably an honest recognition of the fact that he is speaking from a more privileged place than most of his audience, but it can put people offside.
  7. fair to say, though not all "assaultive" comedy is funny or on the mark when it comes to touchy subjects. also I doubt, given the rabidness of some extremely online wokeists, that any warning or explanation from Netflix would be worthwhile.
  8. I saw the new Chappelle. I don't follow the world of professional comedy - as in the world comedians inhabit between themselves, rather than the actual comedy - or keep tabs on what's happening in the twittersphere or any of that mess. I find it pointless to take sides in cancel culture debates, it's all contradiction. it makes no sense to me to be either fully on the side of people who joke about touchy subject matter with varying intent and methods, or the people who cry on social media about it. having said that, some things I felt watching the new special: 1. I have big respect for Dave and what he does generally. probably the comedian I have paid most attention to over the years. 2. I had pretty mixed feelings about this special. some parts of it were certainly funny but I found fewer laughs compared to his other recent Netflix ones. maybe it'll improve with rewatches. 3. the LGBT+ stuff he discusses is messy and clearly not his territory. you can still tell funny and mostly harmless jokes about it as an outsider, but I think it was a clear misstep when he said he was on "team TERF". I don't think he really understands what that implies. 4. who cares about DaBaby or JK Rowling or celebrities being cancelled over internet fights?? it's disappointing to hear Dave go on about poor rich showbiz people like they're being starved to death over this stuff.
  9. imagine sweating for decades through school and a high profile law career only to blow it all up for a guy who doesn't even remember you exist. humans truly are the biggest brained animal.
  10. dickheads. I see that this was pre-delta. if ever there was a reason to prolong delta and its effects, it'd be this.
  11. ended up liking this a lot in my final estimation. I got the feeling the studio took a gamble on the 'combat' side of things which mostly paid off (though an AI opponent has an impossible edge at higher difficulties), but where it really shone was in the storytelling department, as usual for Supergiant. the core idea of being trapped in exile forever with no way home except through a long journey and final showdown that only some of you will make it through, and you as the player have to decide who gets to go and who has to stay, which of your friends you will say goodbye to forever and which you will condemn to exile - is a strong and emotionally compelling one. last up is Hades.
  12. the main reason to quit is not to enable Facebook in what it's doing to people and society globally, which at this point is well-documented. it's a weapon. it has little to do with a person's individual experience on the platform which can vary, it's more about what the platform does as a whole and how it's enabled in that by our engagement.
  13. I'm a big fan of the Adam Jensen arc. Mankind Divided was way better than what people seem to think generally, even if it suffers from uneven development here and there. Eidos/Square need to pull the finger out and do another one in the series.
  14. he never recovered from being Pollux Troy in Face/Off until now.
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