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  1. I've played through The Callisto Protocol twice now. it's... not entirely what it could have been. the main drawback is the actual combat which is jarring (the melee element mainly), repetitive and shallow. also probably the story, which will be old hat to anyone coming from Dead Space (or even otherwise tbh). but on the visuals, sound design, atmosphere and environments it delivered hugely, so I was basically happy with my experience. you will see a lot of internet losers writing off the whole game but it's still worth playing and I'd rate it at least 7/10, accounting for its weaknesses. this is particularly bearing in mind that it has been set up for sequels, and with iterative development I'm sure SDS can address those weaknesses e.g. bring deeper and more satisfying combat into the mix. I've now moved on to Control which I am playing for the first time. no idea what the fuck is going on but it's great. pretty funny going from a slow, realism-type deal in TCP to this. I'm just glad to play a Remedy game that doesn't play like Alan pisspants Wake.
  2. I finally have my brand new 13900k/4090 build up and running and the first game I've picked back up is Subnautica, which is what I was just starting to get into when my old PC died. this game is scary to me in a way that no other game can be because it plays on a very real fear I have of deep water. just being caught out in the open as the sun sets and it all goes dark and you're swimming through the murk gets my heart pounding and I have to hightail it back to base. seriously difficult for me to play this.
  3. I miss the heyday of the autonomic sound. fuckin' Instra:mental and that.
  4. I block ads on desktop but not on my phone. don't ask me why, and it's beside the point.
  5. apparently the Dead Space remake will have an AI director that dynamically adjusts the amount of combat/intensity you experience in the game. cool idea but it is a big difference from the original where a cleared area would remain cleared. very keen for this shit and Callisto Protocol.
  6. new Pole is always good news.
  7. Capitalism has sucked the last fiber of soul from what the internet was meant to be. my main beef against capitalism is that it has stopped me from blueballing over 5 second AFX track previews.
  8. I am really enjoying this shitshow. simultaneously destroying Twitter and burning a huge chunk of his wealth is a move for the history books.
  9. damn. how was the conversation?
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