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  1. I've been digging her stuff lately. turns out she's from Sydney.
  2. !!! but pronounced "chonk-chonk-chonk"
  3. the team behind Mini Metro have released Mini Motorways on Steam and I'm loving it. simple, elegant, satisfying stuff. if you've played Mini Metro you know what you're in for.
  4. I love this album. highly secrete gem. Force is one of those tracks that defines a time and place in my life.
  5. yeah, I don't like WP. it's not about Bezos per se (it's not like he's constantly creeping over their shoulders in their offices telling them exactly what to write), it's just the way they tell stories. a headline should not be written in such a manner than makes you think "is this an opinion piece?". NYT gets the same kind of shit, often deserved, but WP is far worse imo.
  6. ^ yep. only got made because of Office Jim's current star power.
  7. I believe it's a Brexit trade deal condition that Britain's original nuttahs must remain in Britain. anyway if you do get a chance to expel her from the earth yourself, pls be sure to emblazon OI JUST DO ONE, MATE on the side of her space rocket for the rest of us.
  8. Fauci? more like Faust-ci, he who maketh deals with the devils of Big Pharma. the only doctor I trust is Dr. Octagon, nomesayin. *toke*
  9. this post has irreparably shattered my fragile sense of security and first-world comfort.
  10. yeah so anyway, delta has its hooks in Australia at the moment and our shitty failed vaccine rollout (like 10% of us are covered atm) has ensured that in NSW/Sydney at least we're going to be locked down for the foreseeable future. in a country where most under-40s have to kill someone to get vaccinated, an entire year at a prestigious private boys school jumped the queue and "accidentally" got pfizered, and NSW's health minister said "so what?". in Sydney, cops are out in force in our ethnic areas to make sure darkies read the rules, while no such enforcement is on show in the more affluent eastern suburbs where this bullshit always starts. essential tourists such as Katie Hopkins and Caitlyn Jenner have been flown in under special exemption for their "value to the economy" aka Big Brother, not long after Aus citizens in India were prohibited on pain of incarceration from returning to the country. Katie, who I mentally picture as a kind of Mother Superior to British covid denialists and quacks, didn't last long, so we got that goin' for us. let the good times roll on.
  11. "Autechre are contemporary electronic musicians from Suffolk and London"
  12. you're getting your disinformation mixed up, Soros isn't black.
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