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  1. yeah but he specialises in those. it's like asking a masochist why he doesn't stop hammering his balls. I used to find it annoying, now I think let my man do his thing. vive la france and that.
  2. I cannot see a single reason why that is deemed internationally significant news. I didn't know she existed until now.
  3. *immediately starts penpal correspondence with eugene*
  4. the vocals in that clip bother me. mixed much higher and clearer than they should be for Godflesh. there are quite a few good live captures of theirs floating around, including some gems from the past. I return to this one regularly: Slateman sounds godlike here a more recent one
  5. many such cases but also, I think this evolutionary path he's chosen is allowing us to harvest many lols, and I'm grateful to our internet daddy for that.
  6. this game has some of the best DLC ever made. Lonesome Road and Dead Money are must-play.
  7. yes, stuff should happen plaes
  8. Hairy Pooter and the Philosopher's Bone
  9. I don't know what you guys are talking about because I haven't followed but I just want to say that the misuse of the word "hack" gives me a sensation that is akin to a wet willy but in my brain instead of my ear. the other day I hacked a human being by using what is known as a spoken word attack, i.e. I exchanged a carefully-selected sequence of words with them that caused them to change their internal thought process and deviate from their pre-determined course of action. how, you ask? well basically, this guy was walking into a building to check out the shops and I said "hey, they're closed" and he was like "oh ok" and he turned around and walked away. but they weren't closed. HUMAN BEING: HACKED
  10. some crucial details coming out of this testimony that will surely spur the US justice system to really nail the former Transgressor-in-Chief.
  11. mine tape hath arrived and it's a beaut. big thanks to everyone involved. in memory of our youngblood.
  12. man, there's some wild shit getting onto Steam these days under adult-only. there's this fully visually realised Barker/Lovecraft-style "erotic" horror game called Lust From Beyond in which there's graphic fucking, gore, mutilation, and in one of the endings you stab the final boss in the pussy. (just stab her right in the pussy!) we're a looong way from 2004 when a GTA mod that unlocked unfinished animations of blocky PS2 models having sex created a massive scandal that drew the attention of Hillary Clinton.
  13. oh... yes... what the fuck was that, even? oh, the dumb hell game
  14. for some reason I thought this had come and gone and hadn't been good. I'm keen to give it a go, but I hope they tune up the movement and actions a bit, the physicality of the game (from the footage I've seen) feels rather clunky.
  15. thanks for painstakingly putting that list together btw, I've added about 4-5 games to my wishlist using that. the backlog will just keep getting deeper and deeper with no end ever. Darktide looks to be the kind of game/entry point into the WH40k universe I've been waiting for for ages. I'm admittedly a casual, I like the world and the lore but I've never been into the tabletop thing or any of the bland-looking RTSes that came before. give me a richly detailed world I can explore in 1st person + good shootinz and I'll jump in. there's also a WH40k retro shooter coming next year called Boltgun.
  16. this is back?? I thought it was dead years ago. they still haven't put a release date on it.
  17. I'm makin' DRUUUUUUUUUUGS. this game hurts my brain, but in a fun way.
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