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  1. I don't know what you're arguing.
  2. well, if you're a man then it's a big part of who you are, no? and it shapes your life and your roles in the world. it's about living as a man, so to speak. same logic if you're a woman or anything else. your experiences and criteria for personal fulfilment will hinge on who you are. I don't think we'll ever reach a point where those will be the same for everyone (nor do I think it's necessarily a good idea).
  3. agreed. it strikes me as overcorrection type risk. or I guess, overcorrection from the woke crowd, undercorrection from the conservative crowd.
  4. yes, the problem is that no one knows or can agree on what it means to be "a man" in this time. some people would convince you it means stubbornly maintaining some kind of dickhead old-world aggression in the face of inevitable social change, while others would convince you it means giving up your spine completely and becoming a social NPC, told what to do with their life at every turn. nobody seems to have a healthy, balanced, universal, workable definition as far as I can see. I think that - besides some common underlying virtues such as self-responsibility, humility, integrity, good work et
  5. there is a sad undertone to all this in the fact that someone like JBP shot to fame in spite of how full of holes his philosophy is, which indicates that there is a real hunger out there for guidance and direction amongst young men which is not being met and is instead being filled with the misguided ranting of idiots.
  6. ^ Peterson Perambulations, the spiritual successor to AFX Aventurs the Alco I remember was a tender, caring, empathic human being. what's this srupid website done to you.
  7. one time in the B.C. (before covid) era, I was catching a bus home from a trivia night with friends. I sat across from a white man and an Asian woman, a young-ish couple, and he was holding a copy of 12 Rules, with both hands firmly grasping the sides and the front cover facing outwards, on display. they were having an odd lopsided conversation where she would talk at length and he would give curt, monotone replies while staring forward rigidly. expressionless, emotionless, pure elevated consciousness. they got to their stop and he immediately got up and strode off at full pace without waiting
  8. Burning Chrome 2: The Burnening Burninating
  9. remix album title: i heard the sound of fucking, next door
  10. ^ I like her the more I look into her. she made some nice picks here:
  11. ackchyually the Oculus Rift is a kind of partial multisig timelocked revokable cold storage smart contract mechanism.
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