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  1. its like morbius say... watmm is a system neon and that system is our enemny. when u log in and look around wat do u see? afx threads, shitposts, cumming... the very minds of theose we must save. untill we do those watemms are apart of that system and that makes them ur emeny. u must understand most of these watemms are not ready 2 log out and many are so addicted to the shitposts that they will fight 2 protec tit.
  2. still baffled as to why Biden is so popular.
  3. WATMMing on the go is not healthy for you. anyway, same logic, stop the page redirecting.
  4. it still surprises me how underused the Esc key is. crucial when dealing with redirects in particular. the idea of someone being stuck on that page for ages because they keep trying furiously to click out of it is hilarious. as I said though, I support this feature and think it should be standard. it was like a stonewall which required esoteric knowledge to pass.
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