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  1. taking a cue from the Commander in Chief, there.
  2. missing from that table were Bill Michaelsoft, Jeff Amazon and that Ayrab lookin' feller from Google whose name is too hard to remember.
  3. yes, we really need more PoSiTiViTy.
  4. annual Delete Your WATMM Account spree.
  5. it's 4 hours long, man. I don't think I can sit through all this.
  6. Max von Sydow will outlive the earth.
  7. yo wtf. you don't like star wars? rip my friendship with usagi. [edit] OR indiana jones ??? that is correct, sir.
  8. ? growing up in the 90s puts you squarely in that demographic. you just missed it somehow, it happens. I missed the entirety of Star Wars and Indiana Jones and consequently don't care about either.
  9. RIP and thanks for all the good times. I spent many hours with The Fat of the Land especially. taped the Firestarter video and rewound it at least 10 times on afternoons. probably my favourite one he's on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmaBE7ZJ8cE
  10. usagi


    if we do it won't be because of an active stance against NSW Lib social policy but because of a reactive backlash against federal Lib politics (backroom dealing toppling PM, etc.). which in the end is not really a basis for determining who to vote for. Sydneysiders as a whole are pretty shite. all you have to do is threaten their pockets and they cave.
  11. same thought here (including the Italian gesticulating). they must be giving people watery Americano-style coffee thinking that's what visitors enjoy. it can't be hard to go less than 100m from the place to find a good espresso.
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