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  1. I've been away from this thread for too long.
  2. that narrative tho. and the atmosphere/visuals. never seen Beksinski-inspired hellscapes depicted so vividly in vidya before.
  3. I also caught this recently and was unexpectedly charmed by it. I thought it'd be boring normie Hollywood comedy garbage but it was genuine and made me laugh out loud a few times. big credit to Jeffrey Wright who I've always liked, had it been someone else it might not have worked as well. similar shoutout to Sterling K Brown who I don't think I've really seen in anything else before.
  4. ongoing lols @ all the babybrained kneejerk reactions this has brought out of Israel's celebrity defenders living in the lap of luxury a world away from all the death and destruction perpetrated in their name. on the downside, a true disappointment to find that Rachel Riley, a woman I used to admire for her brains and humour and beauty altogether, is just as dumb as the rest of them.
  5. I finally hooked up my PC to my TV and played through Blasphemous 2 on it w/ Xbox kontrolar. great experience, great game. improves on the first and keeps what was good about it. moved on to Amnesia: Rebirth. I'm a huge Frictional fan but it's quite annoying that their games are essentially locked to 60FPS in that the engine/physics are dependent on it. this wasn't an issue for me before but on the high-end system I have now with a 240Hz main monitor it's been visually jarring and hard to get over.
  6. usagi

    AE_Live 2022

  7. The Evil Within. this game should be up my alley but I'm finding it fucking annoying. gameplay enjoyment varies hugely, thanks to it being a random hodgepodge of disconnected setpieces, some of them quite idiotic. story's dumb and old hat, characters are flat and unengaging, the player physicality is handicapped relative to the environment and enemies in a way that reminds me a lot of my frustrations with Alan Wake, etc. it's not a total disappointment but it's not as good as it should be. I'm guessing the sequel (which is also in my library) has made some improvements.
  8. usagi


    but yeah I agree, Walken was hilariously just Walken. he may as well have been in 70s New York instead of far flung space in 10,999 or whatever year it's meant to be.
  9. actually Kanye's an advocate for No Sex Before Marriage.
  10. after listening to the 'original' (even using that word in the context of vaporwave feels funny) one so many times, this one hits better.
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