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  1. Andrew and co on a whole new level.
  2. we're going to see a new .ru warez golden age.
  3. Saints frontman died
  4. I thought you had the manic episodes under control.
  5. I don't know about which twitter videos but I think much of this is real. consistent reports that they killed a lot of people in Bucha as they withdrew.
  6. I normally put no stock in opinion pieces but this one (NYT) is worth reading re the refugee crisis which has scaled up very fast. in full: this at least acknowledges the refugee double standard but falls short of saying what could be done to combat it. it's not rocket science... try treating people equally? you know, in accordance with those enlightened western values. after all the political drama in 2015 (which fed rightwing freakshows across Europe for years after) and the moaning about costs, it turns out it's not really that hard to rapidly throw out a range of measures for refugees including protected legal status, accommodation, billions of dollars in funding, even university placements. if they look right. I'm sick of hearing shit like "they're like us, they're just next door" etc which people are using as justification with complete barefacedness. it's a simple matter of principle to grant civilians fleeing from war refuge regardless of where they're coming from or what they believe. either acknowledge a lack of this principle and cease pretending to be a beacon of civilisation, or... do the right fucking thing.
  7. this article is recent but it's rehashing the same story from late Feb when the Russians first took over the area. the dates referenced in it are 24/25 Feb, and it goes on to say no new data has been received by the IAEA from 9 Mar so they could not independently verify the Ukrainians' assertions. as well as saying that Reuters have not been able to verify anything themselves either. I don't know why they saw fit to rehash this now without any new information, it reads like they spoke to some of the workers more recently but nothing new came to light.
  8. yeah, there's no difference there. the "operator" of the Chernobyl reactor = Energoatom = the Ukrainian state nuclear power company. I see no sources for any of this at the moment that aren't based on Ukrainian reports. including the disturbed soil/radiation spike story that emerged in late Feb when the Russians first took over the place, which came from the Ukrainian state nuclear overseer. I'd like to hear what the IAEA says finally but yes, as far as Russian radiation casualties are concerned, they've fucked off now so we may never know (which lends a bit of credence to the idea that they did get poisoned). this sort of grey discussion is a sticking point for me because when you have so much fake shit flying around in a war, you end up having to decide whether you're willing to let the truth be a casualty in favour of supporting "the good guys", or if you're going to stick to your guns and say the truth is paramount no matter what. as much as we would all like to indulge in the funny idea of a bunch of idiot invaders poisoning themselves and having to be carted off home, it's also possible - and it wouldn't be unusual, given what we've seen already - that it's a fabrication designed to play on that indulgence. why? because it serves a purpose in one of the war's 'battlespaces', which is in people's minds. e.g. a widespread perception of Russian incompetency/failure can serve to further demoralise Russian troops I always want more corroboration. I'm constantly begging people to be far more circumspect and demanding of their media sources and consumption habits. social media has completely rotted most people's mental capacity for handling ambiguity.
  9. a reminder: the Ukrainian-originated report of Russian soldiers giving themselves radiation poisoning in/around Chernobyl is as yet unverified. it has been confirmed though that the Russians are withdrawing from the area and the IAEA is going in to assess. tweets are not reliable for anything and I think they should not be reposted anywhere. (would be pretty funny though)
  10. irl lol someone finally found out, after an extensive period of fucking around.
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