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    clean popola, chips and calamari, autocray, lulz archivism, post-thread analysis, elevator shenanigans

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  1. lol been seeing those as well. I guess what else is there for aging andropausal idm fans to do but embrace these clowns out of sheer ennui. DEFEND ARR COONTRY
  2. music to take selfies in front of shower curtains by (creepily - the music gives me creeps, in a good way)
  3. I can't stop listening to this bullshit. I don't even like most of the song! just the ravey chorus bits. ffs.
  4. counting to 3 makes you dizzy. this is how empires end. they have their time in the sun gallivanting about and putting their boots on the necks of others, until they inevitably age and wither and die. it'll happen to all of them, by natural law. cold comfort for the victims of history. I will give Lizzy a little credit for trying to steer the closing legacy of the crown in a more positive direction through good public works, but no deed erases another.
  5. so what you're saying is JBP is the Flahbulb of his field
  6. Naomi Wolff, maybe. opposite ends of the spectrum but a stupid thought leader for women in the same way Borban Beterson is for mans.
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