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  1. speaking of good Colombian films, this is one to look out for. I picked this one film to view from a raft of promising contenders at this year's SFF and bought a ticket to go see it but didn't make it ultimately. still quite keen to get it in, looks lush/intense as fuck. plus score by Mica Levi.
  2. I just watched this. I enjoyed it though not as much as some of his last few Netflix specials which I thought were just funnier. I like chill Dave more than aggro Dave, the humour hits better. the impression he did of Louis CK's shame after cumming on his own stomach had me in fucking stitches.
  3. y'all ever not post some bullshit on the stupid fucking internet? if so, what's wrang wit ye
  4. move aside, Shane and Todd. this shit is lightyears ahead.
  5. I keep clicking on this god-damned thread without thinking and then I realise what I've landed in. how do I remove a thread permanently from view?
  6. it's like that time they detonated an atomic bomb in the sea and thought it might cause a chain reaction and destroy the world but they did it anyway. ?
  7. what's that gonna be, around $100k usd? that's like 3x the cost of the most elite (production) bike on earth currently. boggles my brains, the difference.
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