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  1. extremely secrete knowledge you are communicating here. channeling troon-levels of insight, even. lemme just say that if I could just be off floating in space existing outside of time and physical decay then sure. space amoeba pls
  2. I am currently enjoying watching The Crown with my mum. probably wouldn't have watched this on my own but this is something we can enjoy together when I'm over at hers.
  3. I see no upside. this way you continue observing the misery of the world and the stupidity of human beings without at least the mitigating joys of physical pleasures. imagine someone trying to explain idm as an abstract concept to you, an incorporeal consciousness unable to hear. pure torture.
  4. I just watched a few clips of Black Summer and all I have to say is: lol
  5. this thread is also a good reason to post this for the nth time
  6. psytrance is exclusively for drilling a hole in your head and thinking it's your third eye opened. so yes, it's very violent in that sense. psychically violent. +1. the Destroyer era was his best.
  7. +1 that trailer is clearly a disservice to the film. on the other hand, it has 31 million views. so I guess watering down the whole story and laying it all out in artless easy-to-swallow pieces is how you get mass attention and praise. I also don't care for Mia Goth but that's not a dealbreaker. sad that discussion of this movie has to be in this thread
  8. I wonder if his sister, Minister for Climate Change in the Welsh Government, will be DJing I wonder if he'll exhume his ma and da to accompany him on triangle and bassoon respectively. it's the rave'onomy, stupid.
  9. ^ 6 chapters in now, and it is amazing. they've reworked a lot, so much so that it'd be a new game if it didn't retain the same basic ideas and story as the original. missions flow and interconnect differently but follow the same broad goals as before. there are new sideplots and new characters that integrate well. the ship layout is much more interconnected and feels like a more realistic (dead) space that you traverse through, rather than a sequential series of individual levels connected by a tram. you can backtrack to explore new areas and the clearance system makes it so that doing so usually rewards you. areas don't stay cleared and you can encounter fresh enemies, making for a constantly tense time. the combat is still fun and satisfying and varied, and there are some cool new mechanics. oh and it looks great of course, though Callisto Protocol was superior in that department (if only CP had had equally good combat...) I do have some nitpicks. the new sound design: flatter and less rich compared to the original. in the original you could stand in a hallway and hear/feel the icy silence and ghostly whispers with the mix so well-tuned that they blended seamlessly. here it's much less subtle, there are voices practically in your ear saying sPoOpy things like "self-inflicted ocular injury". ok cool. some of the new voice acting from secondary characters is subpar compared to the original. the new Hammond in particular is really flat and boring compared to Peter Mensah, and the new Kyne doesn't have the manic delusional edge to him that made you wonder if he was going to go crazy on you or not (counterpoint: the new Mercer is fantastic). also, some of the running animations are a bit funny, like Isaac's head and shoulders wobble like a child running to the toilet in need of a poo. lastly, and probably the only example I have found so far of a reworked mechanic that is actually worse: the contact beam, weapon of choice for high risk/reward players, no longer makes sense to me. that's a longer paragraph of whinging compared to the game's merits (in classic snotty idm fan fashion) but overall those are pretty small issues. this is a really fucking good remake.
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