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  1. they're bringing "The" back. The Facebook. the rebranding will be a return to roots where the platform's focus will shift back to mostly rating women.
  2. I hated Alan Wake tbh. the combat was so bad it dragged the whole experience down. I liked the environments and even the story to some extent, insofar as it's kind of a corny Stephen King homage, but the game just left me feeling annoyed every time I touched it. it got to the point where I would swear at the player character out loud every time something went wrong. "run, you stupid motherfucker! you fucking dumbass hack writer" I have much higher hopes for Control. I'm playing Hades and this game is like crack. I finish a run and immediately dive into another one.
  3. this is the worst ASMR I've ever seen/heard
  4. Sydney would like a word with all of you.
  5. I saw them a few years ago when I went to see Godflesh and they were on as a kind of double bill, even though they have nothing in common. they were fucking terrible. stupid loud, left me with diminished hearing for a couple of days, and for music that wasn't worth it. I was up front and Al kept staring at me, probably because I was just staring at him like 😐 and thinking "you haven't put out anything good in 25+ years and now I'm here getting my ears blown out over it, fuck me". I wanted to leave as soon as they came on but the awkward eye contact put me off making a move until halfway through the set when I saw an opportunity to bail. this band is the definition of
  6. mm, I don't know. not a carbon copy of the original but feels like a different entity, and not in a good way to me.
  7. I expect to see this on Pitchfork's BNM list.
  8. on a separate note, what the fuck is up with Windows 10 and game performance? I only recently made the leap to Win10 after sticking with Win7 years past its use-by date and now there's all sorts of fps problems with smaller indie titles that really should not be a drain in terms of gpu processing at all. Mini Motorways runs at literal slideshow rates of 1-5fps and that is a potato-level game that takes up all of 200MB on your hard drive. wtf? I do have older hardware but even so it shouldn't be this bad/inconsistent. ME3 was rock solid at 60fps throughout, by comparison. I read about the fixes involving disabling all the Xbox live capture bullshit kludged into the system and about this supposed update fix, but after screwing around for 4-5 hours trying to force that update to install properly, it resulted in no change. meh. at this rate I will be paying extortionate prices for a new build soon.
  9. it still had some of those bits. but yeah, I gather they went for a mixed approach this time. it's been long enough since I played the first two games that I don't have a good reference anymore. as for the emotive/piano bits in the final scenes, particularly in the memorial scene where they're putting the name on the wall, I thought those were slightly corny but mostly effective (kind of a hallmark of the series). what I said before about the emotionally compelling parts of Pyre (friendship/companions etc) was in full force here. throwing the party before the final events heightened that.
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