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  1. just as an example, and with the caveat of youtube-shittified audio: original: remaster: more oomph I guess it's an important factor also that the older a given record is, the more potential there is for it to shine in a remaster with newer technology/techniques (which I don't understand as a practice at all, to be clear, I just like what I hear in the final results).
  2. I have. two that immediately spring to mind are Godflesh's Streetcleaner and Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures, both were excellently remastered in a way that preserved the sound and intent of the originals while adding more strength. I agree that most remasters seem boring and not that different to the original, but when it's done right it can be a real improvement in quality.
  3. ERR has been a revelation to me. her style and sound is a delicious, dark antithesis to everything I despise about twee folksy female singer/songwriters which has always put me off so consistently that I wondered if there was something wrong with me. her and Chelsea working together is a match made in heaven.
  4. what's that, a riff on Wolves in the Throne Room?
  5. Sasu Chapati BirYanni Qorma Jean Paansonic
  6. a domain was bought in his name and there is a tribute in the works (most likely including a release of some kind), I think it's just slow at the moment. others itt can comment with more detail than I have.
  7. in case any of us thought we were "good" at video games:
  8. interesting. nice... textures. re Kriegsmaschine, it's like a playground for Darkside to showcase his more experimental drumming inclinations, with great results usually.
  9. hey I'm d-lo and this is no longer bein able to get yer dick sunked after getting your shots BLAERERGH
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