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polyqs - Track in progress.


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Here is a new track I've been working on for a couple of days. I have to admit that the second half of the piece is a little... lazy. It could use way more detail in terms of parameter changes, but I kind of like the way it's going.


Any suggestions and criticisms are loved.



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i liked it. the song sounds clean - like, clinically clean...it might sound nice with a bit of dirt in the cracks (just a personal preference thing really). i like the part that comes in @ 1:50, nice and dreamy... the beat seems unsure of itself from about 1:50 to 2:20 though, as if it should be doing something else, or like a live drummer that hasn't quite spotted where the groove is...


you're right about the 2nd half of the track, the focus kinda goes away... could make for an interesting prolonged-fall-apart ending though if you roll with it!


what's the song actually about?

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Thank you for the critique! I took heed to what you said and have been adding more depth and (not TOO dirty) details to the track. I should have a second version up sometime soon with a better second half.


I started this piece without a story in mind. Mostly I was just sound designing to practice and it dawned on me that the synths were my first sounds I was proud of. It was a new beginning for me, kind of like a fresh polyp in the sea.


Keep the critiques coming!


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Not fond of the drum sounds, especially the "snare" which i find too noisy and not percussive enough. I agree with the comments above, the focus gets lost in the end although the kalimbaish sounds are beautiful. So are the background glitches.

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