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  1. after months of only using my PC when absolutely necessary -- due to an extremely noisy, ear-piercingly squeaky, insanity-inducing GPU fan that I cannot find a replacement for outside of Chinese websites (and the last one I ordered never even arrived ffs), and amid the scalper's paradise that is the GPU market in this decade, a buddy donated an old GPU from 2012 to my cause. while very little gaming will be happening on this thing, I CAN MAKE MUSIC AGAIN
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    Does anyone here have any experience with, or recommendations for, a non-kindle e-reader? My old Kindle is on the fritz, and I don't want to buy another amazon product. halp?
  3. yar, I wear mine whenever I'm out. I just don't enforce mask mandates unless I'm at work, where it is specifically my responsibility. Straight-up just telling other people how to act, in general, is not my way. Hope that distinction was clear in my last post.
  4. For sure. While I'm not sure I follow where your line of thinking (last paragraph there) finally leads, I do think that since you quoted my snarky post, it will probably be good to clarify exactly why I enforce the mask rule: as an employee, it is required of me. State mandate, passed from govt to business owner to employee. Regardless of efficacy, I have to get people to wear masks. Same as making sure they wear shoes, shirts, don't let their nuts hang out, etc. As the messenger, I've been shot so many times by misdirected hostility that all I can do is calmly perform an inner lol while I toy with these "rules don't apply to me" independent customers. I have, on multiple occasions, agreed with customers who tell me, at a bit of a distance, "it's not like the mask is doing anything; it's safe in here without it." Sure, that's likely true. But the masks are also a symbol of cooperation and solidarity, one that has no significant negative effects (aside from that false sense of security, though any partial solution will carry that problem), and it is an act that requires absolutely minimal effort. Repeatedly refusing to wear masks, especially when the individual voluntarily went to a place knowing it would be asked of them, places a ridiculous burden on the people tasked with enforcing the rule, and I maintain that the compassionate response -- realizing my tone has changed here from the post Ayya quoted -- is to simply do one's part to minimize the stress and strife we are going through as a group. My sassy quips are, admittedly, not helpful. Some days, I am just very worn out.
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jesus'_Blood_Never_Failed_Me_Yet
  6. I finally watched attempted to watch Prometheus. I made it about 20 minutes in. Absolute trash. I paused the movie after the opening scene and questioned whether I should keep going. Hit play. They start introducing the most ham-fisted stereotypical idiot characters in the world, one by one, and I was done. -12/10
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    Finishing up Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake (while listening to PCA's new album Entangled Routes, no less). What a fantastic book. Might be one of the only pop science books I actually read twice. Definitely recommended for anybody that finds the weird world of fungus even remotely intriguing.
  8. omfg this squirrel is a cunt I'm a pretty non-violent person but I'd kick this little fucker into the sea if i got the chance
  9. Yeah, finished this last night, enjoyed it all the way through. Erin in the boat was so intense.
  10. a mischievous squirrel has found a way into my attic crawl space, and he is LOUD
  11. I finally watched season 4 of Castlevania. Loved the entire series, pretty sad it's over.
  12. I will never be able to read or hear this word without greedfall playing in my mind
  13. agreed Really I was just curious what her history with this stuff is, idk, doesn't really matter that much. I'm always trying to check sources, we have a saying in Texas, I don't know if y'all have it in Tennessee, but fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, cain't get fooled again
  14. IMO it's about having a well-rounded base of knowledge to inform the specialty stuff, and having your findings reviewed by others in the field (cultural historians or w/e). I'm certainly not trying to put her down, I just, in general, don't trust "independent researchers" from social media, lol. "Independent researcher" is the sort of title that gives anti-vax online pundits an air of authority, for example.
  15. Cool, thanks. I'll check it out. edit: also I suppose one would study sociology and cultural history (maybe philosophy of religion?) and then make cults a focus in grad school. That's how I'd go about it anyway
  16. I reeeaaalllly don't care for this growing trend of posting images of news article headlines instead of actually linking to the site. So easy to make shit up or remove important context. And I honestly can't think of a single benefit to sharing "news" this way (aside from misleading people more easily)
  17. I've been curious for a while: has she mentioned any like... academic credentials? This topic fascinates me but "independent researcher" is not a very reassuring job title on Twitter in 2021...especially wrt qanon
  18. I love that my bosses don't give a shit when I sass customers who won't wear masks correctly. It's become good fun to speak to grown ass adults like they're children. "Oh! It looks like you haven't quite figured out how masks go on - let me show you." Or "Now ma'am, the mask stays on whether or not I'm watching you. It's important to behave when we're in public." I got a real mean dowager stare for that one.
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