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  1. I'm just gonna keep reviving this dead old thread. The Syntakt Prophecy came true, and now, The Holy Grail: Song Mode! Move over, Jesus, the real good news has arrived https://www.elektronauts.com/news/572
  2. that's exactly what the committee said. I'm scheduled for a second interview and have to bring my aleatoric lyre. fml
  3. job interviews are f'in stressful. "tell us about yourself" - well, I have all 14 badges on watmm.com, which makes me a Grand Master, and I make generative bardcore music in my spare time
  4. eh, don't feel bad. i've played 'em all (except AC unity - fuck that game) and i still didn't know wtf was happening with the lore in Odyssey half the time. just enjoy the scenery IMO.
  5. dang, Vital is great! Can't believe I slept on it for so long. Not quite as immediately intuitive as Pigments (IMO), but still, a joy to use. and y'know... can't argue with free. time to make some more NDC
  6. flol i've watched this something like 15 times since you posted it this has been a nice wuhh time for me
  7. ^ kinda reminds me of the old Whitney Music Box
  8. super feisty coyotes where i live. they keep killing deer but not eating them, WTF coyotes. i keep a switchblade in my pocket every time i go outside cuz [i'm not into guns, and] idk if making noise and tossing shit in their general direction is gonna do much. COME AT ME BRO
  9. luke viia

    AI Art

    are we not gonna talk about Loab?
  10. daily sfwp 2.0 and 2.5 got new tires this morning. problem 2.0: that's expensive, and I just quit my damn job. problem 2.5: while the shop was working on it, a guy came out and warned me that one of the lug nuts might break off. I said okay, well you can't really stop now, thanks for the warning. indeed, they busted a nut on that tire. so now I'm out here driving with a busted nut, and I was warned that if just one more nut busts, I'm in danger 🗿
  11. new sfwp: I'm a renter, and someone just crashed their car on the long driveway leading to my house (nobody was hurt) by letting it roll down a hill and into the bushes, where it slowly stopped. Apparently these people got out of the vehicle for some reason, and it wasn't in park. big brain time. By the time I saw what had happened, 2 officers were already working with the vehicle owner, who was hysterical (shouting "I DONT DESERVE THIS" and other such lamentations, despite seemingly being in no physical or legal trouble whatsoever). So I tell the cops that I need to call the property owners, can they tell me what happened, etc. "Car slid backwards, there's no damage" he says. The car hasn't been moved; how could they tell there's no damage to the property? So I call my landlord. "Have them call me," he says. So I go back to the officer, hand him the number of the property owner, and he tells me he's not calling anyone and that he won't be telling me anything either. WTF is this? Cops show up to remove a car from private property, and refuse to contact the property owners?? tbf I'm leaving out a few details bc sensitive, but yeah. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. When I called my LL back I told him "I'm not sure it's wise for me to go play investigative journalist..." and he agreed, adding "I don't want you handcuffed on the ground. I'll call them instead." what a fucking country. acab.
  12. Have you played NMS on your index? Cuz if not, you shouuulllldddd
  13. this is good advice but... I just put in my two weeks notice FEELS GOOD (I had to fight for my last raise 1.5 years ago, and it was peanuts when they eventually agreed - I even made a graph showing that inflation had been outpacing my pay raises for over three years. dorky, but it worked lol)
  14. IME, the best defense is poverty. It's super effective! Not only will I succeed at the September challenge, I'm gonna get extra credit for selling off a bunch of gear I currently don't use enough, AND I'll avoid buying any music stuff until at least 2023. bam. What do I win? Can it be a Syntakt?
  15. Until today, I was under the impression that Prince's first album was the self titled 1979 record. But I just found out that "For You" came out in '78, AND that it has one of my long-time top 3 fav Prince tunes: Soft & Wet (I only knew it from some of the greatest hits comps, apparently?). The entire album is stellar, can't believe I've been sleeping on this my entire life. I'm the worst you are soft and wet oooh wee ooh!
  16. was gone from work for a little over a week and upon my return there is so much bullshit done incorrectly that I have to fix -- e.g. just found an accounting error of over fifteen THOUSAND dollars -- that I am tempted to quit on the spot. jfc. didn't realize I was the only thing holding this place together. and one of my bosses literally did the exact opposite of what I requested before I left and has agreed to pay thousands of $$ for inventory we don't even have room for
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