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  1. Landlords came over and replaced my decrepit old front door (FWS) but, as "handymen" often do, they left a bunch of stuff undone, broke some stuff, and seem to have primarily fucked right off the premises because it was time for lunch. So now I get to go buy a bunch of moulding and foam insulation and finish the job myself.
  2. i'm so sorry you had to go through that sfwp: my interests are obscure and many of the books I want to read are out of print or righteously expensive. and pretty much every book has raised in price anyway! might as well go back to college if i'm gonna spend this kinda money. but i mean who goes to college lol sfwp2: i need a new career. well, a career, i guess. yeah yeah college, i see you making promises. fool me - you caint get fooled again
  3. that sorting algorithm video is incredibly satisfying
  4. You'll want to listen to this regularly:
  5. After a few meh-to-bad experiences over the years, I found a therapist who is actually really pretty great
  6. "Excuse me, what IPAs do you have on tap?" ahaha edit: first video is though
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    Should I read House of Leaves? I like a good mystery and certain psychological horror (e.g. Ligotti) as well as cosmic "a man will meet insanity merely by hearing of it" horror / weird fiction (Lovecraft, Machen, Blackwood and so forth) and oldschool ghost stories (e.g. M.R. James). I'm only occasionally put off by artsy/philosophical pretentiousness (which probably means I'm pretentious). The way people describe HoL makes me wanna check it out, but there's at least a dozen unread and rather long tomes waiting for my attention already. Worth it, watmm?
  8. Ordered a nice hardback edition of a book and got sent the paperback.
  9. nice, love this guy. The "Tell Me Something" EP sounds like a Sega Dreamcast gained autonomy and decided to make super groovy braindance.
  10. just now found the resume. On a cloud service.
  11. Bitwig. Crazy flexible and nice to look at, the yoga pants of DAWs IMO
  12. Encountered the word "twist" in a book this morning and the theatre of my mind immediately produced the entire clip of GRAB HIS DICK AND TWIST IT! and now my concentration is gone. The ol' dick twist.
  13. I'd like to read that, but it is sadly paywalled. Could one of you lovely champions of the people copypasta the thing into this thread?
  14. definitely noticed this on my last grocery run. brutal.
  15. in a neat little repeat of my own misadventures, I managed to hurt myself while lifting heavy objects at work. Did the same thing last year. There's a very real chance that I may never dance intelligently again.
  16. cute examples of catchy melodies with basic structures
  17. 'Fungi Appear to Talk in a Language Similar to Humans' https://www.newsweek.com/fungi-language-communication-talk-similar-humans-1695146?amp=1 https://amp.theguardian.com/science/2022/apr/06/fungi-electrical-impulses-human-language-study https://phys.org/news/2022-04-basic-language-fungi.html The paper: https://royalsocietypublishing.org/doi/10.1098/rsos.211926 Not particularly solid evidence yet for the grand claim that they are "speaking" in some sense (and the researcher fully admits this) but :mulder: I want to believe
  18. Perhaps you could turn two sanity wrecking entities against one another: show this game to your MIL
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