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  1. Working in the healthcare industry does not make a person a scientist, lol. Scientists publish research.
  2. Mmm, that's pretty far off... it was ~65%. Plenty of other lesser nut bars out there. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/17/covid-misinformation-conspiracy-theories-ccdh-report
  3. You know, if it wasn't for watmm, I could have gone over half a decade without thinking about Jordan Peterson by now
  4. fwp: listened to too much Colundi, now 12tet sounds "sour" while the former sounds like the color violet/indigo. It's like the sound of a hyperintelligent clematis turning to observe you colundi
  5. lol yep, it's quite a feeling, that freedom. Even after a single week in county, stepping outside was so bright and glorious I almost hurled.
  6. where is @dingformung? crazyman or not, hope he's alright
  7. Not sure what to tell ya. It's in the news because it affects people.
  8. @Cryptowen it's about one man's simple question: is he the only one? [something something freedom gun]
  9. arghh! My swfp here is that the bearings in my GPU fan (an aging gtx 1060, barely worth saving if the market wasn't so screwy) are going bad real fast. dunno if it's related, but the trouble started during the pnw heat wave (I absent-mindedly left the PC idling one day while at work). I can't afford a decent new one - my GAS fund is not to be used for such nonsense - nor do I feel like getting ripped off by cryptocumming douchebags, so... DIY. It's a dumb design and I have to pull the entire heat sink off just to remove the shroud, so I've avoided anything beyond cleaning and readjusting the flimsy bastard. I really don't like working with electronics; "light touch" is not my M.O. hopefully the fans I just ordered are actually the right ones. as it is, the card sounds like it's being operated by crickets with rotohammers. mama mia. wtf is going on with this post jfc and my internet just went out faqu technoglogy
  10. yes and make sure it autoplays as you scroll please
  11. Seems the 1.3 update is answering many of the prayers this thread ended with
  12. Thank you for the phrase "dialect of consciousness." I like that.
  13. edit: would like to add that I have no particularly strong pro/anti uli boog feelings, just keep spotting these announcements on reddit
  14. One of my bosses, a chronically stressed woman, and the one who chooses which apps the company uses for scheduling, team planning and such, almost always picks the ones with vaguely "zen" names. Asana, Bamboo HR, etc. It's wild how well marketing tricks like that actually work. The products themselves are meh at best - Bamboo HR is particularly useless - so it's not like we're using the things on their merits. And after years, I still cannot figure out what a deadline-enforcing, micromanaging clusterfuck of a glorified bulletin board like "asana" could possibly have in common with yoga, even of the vapid variety. Sadly, it would appear we are subjected to this lackluster programming because a spiritually unsatisfied boomer is desperately looking for inner peace. I like this boss of mine - she's overworked for sure, and generally a good person - but she is apparently fully under the spell of the advertising sorcerers. Makes me wonder how tight the capitalist claws have me gripped. I do crave the occasional synthesizer or unnecessary audio gewgaw, but other than that I can't think of many keywords that have this gravitational effect on me. I guess food marketing can get me pretty good - words like "local" and "fair trade" at times cause me to place things in my cart without much further reasoning against the competitors, and I know full well how ambiguous those terms are in general. Hmmm.
  15. You're a fine wordman, perhaps you have too many, but they do good things. I meant more the reading half
  16. you are also a visual manifestation (don't forget it) and I have to say your relationship to the written word is peculiar and does not, for better or worse, unleash the full potential of the format. GIGO, as they say fwp: nobody replied to my post about the heat with "but it's so cold in the D"
  17. Does it not seem that this is true of other life (besides humans) as well? The unconscious fear part, i mean. And I would imagine you are aware that we (as individuals) are not entirely powerless in this auto-commandeering of our psyches. As for not existing, or feeling inadequate, those certainly seem to be indicative of awareness struggling to grow up and out, and aside from people, I would make the (ignorant) assumption that only certain other mammals on earth partake in such pointless neuroses. Dogs probably have feelings of inadequacy, for example, but it does not strike me that beetles would give any fucks in this regard. It is the sign of a self struggling beyond its limits, and we owe it to one another to help when we see a being floundering at these levels (ie, non-stop). I wonder, ding, have you been reading much philosophy or religious literature in the past few months, or are your musings primarily coming from your own mind and psychedelic adventures? Some of what you've said recently lines up with various neoplatonic ideas (esp Plotinus; you posted in the dream thread recently an experience that was very much a personal telling of involution/evolution to his conception of The One, imo), and I'd say you're having plenty of thoughts veering close to mystics like San Juan de La Cruz, St Teresa, and to a lesser degree (though you certainly share in his lovely childishness), Ramakrishna, if not the wider world Vedanta as Vivekananda expounded it to us in the west. be the light that cums unconditionally 💙
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