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Foobar custom column help


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Im looking to have a "last modified" column on foobar. Dont know how I could pull that off. "%lastmodified% doesnt work anyway.


Also what are some other useful columns to have in foobar?

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Yeah, that'll do. Cheers.


I was more looking for a tag that uses the last modified property of the file itself. As in, when it was moved to its current folder etc. But maybe you cant use system tags in foobar?

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Guest futuregirlfriend

I didn't think you could, which is why I was confused, but after some googling I see it's %last_modified% and it works for me :flower:

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Guest futuregirlfriend

Here's some other stuff


discogs tagger http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=50523


some file operations I use




$if(%tracknumber%,%tracknumber%). %title%



$left($stripprefix(%artist%),1)\%album artist%\$year(%date%) - %album%\%filename%



$left($stripprefix(%artist%),1)\%album artist%\$year(%date%) - %album%\$if(%tracknumber%,%tracknumber%). %title%



$left($stripprefix(%album artist%),1)\%album artist%\%artist%\$year(%date%) - %album%\%filename%




$left($stripprefix(%album artist%),1)\%album artist%\%artist%\$year(%date%) - %album%\$if(%tracknumber%,%tracknumber%). %title%

G\Gerald Donald\Dopplereffekt\1999 - Gesamtkunstwerk\00. For Example.mp3


Don't forget you can use them in the converter when you're doing your cue->flac, flac->mp3 or whatever too. Here's my very basic theme, just because http://dl.dropbox.com/u/696177/foobar2011.fth

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