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  1. The warning is about shipping from the US isn't it? Its advising EU based people to wait for a records store closer to home. EDIT: $5 is insane for shipping, a fucking letter in Ireland costs nearly 2€
  2. Mine arrived, superficially its pristine. No scuffs etc. I moved recently so still haven't hooked back up my turntable. I do hope they sound decent.
  3. I find it pretty funny that people can listen to 8 hours of Autechre, but this album is truly baffling them.
  4. Nice. Must be the lockdown. Luke gigs pretty regularly so I assume he has some time to trawl through his archives.
  5. I think James has nearly lost his mind trying to release this. After 7 years nearly he still hasn't managed to release it, there was a new post today to say he's encountered more issues. Poor alud James, fair play to him for still pushing.
  6. I must have been mistaken. Maybe I wasn't really paying attention as the digital release says "7-disc" and I assumed it meant CD?
  7. Its weird I could have sworn I saw orders or pre-orders for the CD, but I actually can't find them anywhere now.
  8. 50 tracks is some feat, looking forward to having a listen to this. Are the CDs still on sale or are they sold out?
  9. Lucky Star is a fucking tune.
  10. Im not sure why we expect the top drawer opinions from musicians, Im mean making music is all I really expect.
  11. I like Madonna tunes, I think they're great. I'm not sure why anyone would take health advice from her though.
  12. Right a lot of the thread is a bit moody in general but I am a massive Machinedrum fan. Rooms is an amazing album (one of my all time favourites) and for me, at that time it was something new. Others might not agree but rooms was right on the cusp of footwerk and blended that very nicely into other electronic genres. Vapour City definitely continued on in the vein of Rooms and had way more of a polished sound, which some people may have found more appealing and some may have not. But no doubt that it had solid tracks and had a B Side release which most would have been jealous of tunes that good that didnt make their album. Human Energy I think was a complete departure from the previous 2 albums and I don't see why anyone would disagreed with such a massive departure. It was surrounded with all the crystal stuff, but Human Energy is a fantastic album in it's own right. I listened to it today and it's still an amazingly fun album. I look forward to this album, I dont expect it to be the same as anything previous, why would you?
  13. Im really sick of announcements fucking months in advance. But I am looking forward to hearing it.
  14. I listened to this on repeat in work the last two days, its a great release. I know it's probably a bit crude to do artist comparisons, but in my head its somewhere between The Other People Place and Hot Chip.
  15. I was. I was saying its very sound of you to give me the link, thank you.
  16. Only read the last few replies but Im happy that this seems like an enjoyable release. Gonna have a look now
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