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Nice idea's, I like the slow, melancholy chords in this and the build up too. I thought at first the bass drum was slightly too overdriven but it's actually fine, probably just my ear fatigue today. The additional melodies that come in are pretty lush and I enjoyed the way the beats developed. Any suggestions might include: the initial pad at the very start sounds a wee bit generic or bare. I thought the filtered bass line near the end (around 2.40) could be deeper and wide to give it even more atmosphere. Other than that, I thought I enjoyed it!! The mix sounds pretty good at this stage.

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nice, I enjoyed this. Agree with the above comments. I would also add in the subtle syncopated hats when the beat drops, and remove them later instead of the way it is now.


The FM bass at the end sounds better through the verb, I would leave it that way all the way through.


I'm only getting specific because I liked it . . plz post any improvements you make!

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