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EBAY: Last of my Drum & Bass records (+250)


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good luck.

will be interested in some of these if you split them up






Skitty - One Cut (Tech Itch Remix) / 24

Various - The Way Out Chapter


Got any ragga or old-school jump-up jungle in there? It seems like a lot of tech step. I don't know some of the labels.



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i'll place my dibs on goldie & krs-one, ominum finis imminent, and essential rewindz.

all depending on condition and price of course...

...and i still need a job.


but seriously pm me if you decide to split this up

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Hey guyz.


I haven't really looked in this dear old crate for a while. Anyhow the lot didn't sell but is all up on my Discogs if you're at all interested. In a way I'm quite glad it didn't all sell at once. I'm not really in dire need of money so they're still nice to have I guess. Just nothing really to use them on at the moment.




I'm happy to do deals and stuff for you lovely people.


I've got a collection of other stuff which I was considering putting on but I don't know. I've got a load of Happy Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, Hardstyle etc etc.


Fucking love this tune so don't think I could part with it.


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badass. unfortunately i dont have enough cash to go grocery shopping much less stock up on vinyl. i start working l8r this month tho. u ship to usa?

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