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  1. I downloaded the redbull tv app. I think you might be able to stream it there.
  2. Oh wow! I’d love a vinyl press with spiral staircase on it 🤕
  3. Good tip! Thanks! Any idea if the Opera vpn service works on mobile?
  4. Oh geez. I’m not sure I wanna go through all of the trouble of setting up a vpn. I’m really hoping this will be available after the show somewhere.
  5. Epic vinyl lushness. I’ve been hunting for this one for years.
  6. I agree that B&S are a completely different animal. However, I have come across a few homages to VU in their work. One big one being this... It’s basically a twee, Scottish version of that song. I can see other subtler comparisons too.
  7. We’ not helping you until we see your Aphex Twin tattoo.
  8. Ceeriously. If that Hauntology thread doesn’t produce results, try this one (that aghast track is )...
  9. Sorry. I downloaded the clone app... https://sourceforge.net/projects/protracker/ should I be using .iff files instead of .lha? I’ve tried using a couple .lha files and they play back as white noise. Is there a way to create my own .iff files from my own aiffs/etc? Thanks!
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