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  1. How much for the peeps that preordered? I preordered the mp3s on Squarepusher’s site. Will that help me out at all??
  2. I’m a bit late with this, but it will grip you and drag you right back into the Christmas spirit...
  3. Prior to MP3s, I remember mailing someone an Aphex Twin RDJ album promo mask for a dubbed tape collection of the universal indicator series. Looking back, that person got the better end of the deal.
  4. J3FF3R00

    Now Reading

    After finishing Lou Reed’s biography (which was very good), I feel like this might be both a 180 and a proper follow-up. So far, so good! One main reason I’m choosing this is because a friend suggested that I read this and loaned it to me 7 or 8 years ago and I never got around to reading it. It’s kinda out of one thirds guilt, one thirds obligation and one thirds curiosity that I’m finally reading it now.
  5. I just typed up an absurdly long response on my mobile that got lost because my thumb accidentally nudged the right side of the screen and your user page showed up. When I tried going back by swiping the left side of the screen and nothing happened, I hit the back button on my browser and it all was gone. When typing longer posts, I’ve gotten in the habit of selecting all and copying from time to time but when I tried it this time (prior to losing my post), nothing was actually selected and I had no option to copy. I’m actually really angry right now. My stupid iOS browser still won’t let me select all and copy so I won’t try to retype everything. My basic point was that it’s not just about Trump. It’s the RNC, Fox News and every elected republican representative in lock-step, backed by voters who are being manipulated by tentpole issues like abortion, immigration, and the 2nd amendment. The whole thing is a part of a strategy to undermine successful government and skirt laws/regulations that get in the way of corporate profiteering. It’s a tough nut to crack.
  6. Someone’s ears were ringing because of this thread... https://www.stereogum.com/2065897/beck-says-hes-not-a-scientologist/news/
  7. The LA show has some absurd ticketing options... https://www.etix.com/ticket/p/7647214/squarepusher-los-angeles-1720?language=en&country=US&searchType=venue& I feel like they have his fan base pegged completely wrong.
  8. Hey. Look. If you want to talk about lettuce, you can start a thread about lettuce. This is a thread about lasagna.
  9. Not to mention that the closest Trader Joes to me hasn't had them in stock for the better part of this year. I'm wondering what is going on with that? Is there some big shortage or something? Edit After a little research, I've found these two articles that paint a bleak picture for pine nuts... https://www.nytimes.com/2015/10/19/opinion/making-pesto-hold-the-pine-nuts.html https://www.foodandwine.com/news/american-pine-nut-production-slowing
  10. My wife’s family has been on the veggie lasagna tip for a while. Instead of meat, the filling is usually grated carrots, spinach and black olives. The rest is basically the same. Honestly, though at first I wasn’t crazy about it, I love it now and don’t look back. I’d love to try a vegan/gluten-free lasagna, if someone out there has a good recipe.
  11. The lineup for the XMAS party is equally impressive... Fuckin Remarc AND Tech itch
  12. Blue Calx Stone In Focus You Can’t Hide Your Love (Hidden Love remix) Alberto Balsam and muthafuckin KLOPJOB!!!!
  13. Yeah. I figured so much. I guess in the dark mode it’s just a bit more difficult to see the difference between the bold text and the non bold text.
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