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  1. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  2. Started the 2nd season of Love On The Spectrum last night. This show gives me crazy anxiety (my wife likes it, that’s why we’re watching). I feel very strongly for the people on the show so it’s rough to see them all constantly go through complicated emotions and interactions.
  3. I wonder if this was one of those tracks… … love the mic’d room effect. Similar vibes in this one…
  4. Just watched Don’t Look Up. Really good stuff. Amazing cast. A few genuine lols. It would be more “fun” if it wasn’t such a fitting allegory. It’s ultimately depressing through and through, mainly because it’s message will likely be completely lost on the people it’s trying to reach. Still, 100% worth the watch.
  5. Fuck dude. I gotta find my old cassingle of I’m Too Sexy and burn it now… or sell it for $1000 to some far right shitbrain.
  6. Ok. Convince someone who really doesn’t want to watch this movie because it looks like Almost Famous without rock and roll… and because of title. Btw, Phantom Thread and Boogie Nights are my favorite PTA flicks.
  7. It’s still affecting/hospitalizing unvaccinated people at a much higher rate than the vaxxed . The longer people refuse to take measures to stop the spread such as masking and vaccinations the more likely the disease will continue to mutate into new variants. We are lucky that omicron isn’t more deadly (especially to the vaccinated) but there is nothing to suggest that a new mutation will be more contagious and more deadly. Additionally, delta is still out there, even though it is no longer the dominant strain. It’s also very likely that newer, undetected variants are already spreading. Obviously, this is more worrisome in parts of the world that have less access to vaccines.
  8. Anyone remember the pre-trump / pre-Obama / pre-bush CNN? They were always a center-right channel that masqueraded as a balanced news outlet. It only took a fascist maniac like trump (other far-right cronies included) attacking them and branding them as “fake news” and leftist extremists to make them appear like they are the Fox News for democrats. They just moved the goalpost.
  9. I always felt that a lot of the the 90s Tortoise stuff is is a similar vein. Same with the early mogwai stuff.
  10. Just started watching Ted Lasso last week. Season one was fun but nothing spectacular. I’m currently 2 episodes into S2 and already I’m all “what’s the point?” The first season had a clear story and arc but this just feels aimless and low-stakes. I’m planning to keep watching but if it takes 3 episodes to establish what the main storyline of the season is then that’s a problem. I also think the show was also severely hyped up before I started it so that never helps. *edit* After 10 out of 12 episodes in S2, I can confidently say this show has jumped the shark forward and backward many times. The main storyline never really materialized and the show tries to give all of the characters additional dimensions in the second season but fails in making any of those changes believable.
  11. In his hotel. I guess his house was full.
  12. Watched Biden’s Jan 6 speech. More than anything else, it sounded like a campaign speech for democracy in general. More like a literal plea, actually. If that’s really what is required in his messaging right now then that’s pretty scary.
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