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  1. I know! It's probably the rona. Her subs are kicking right now tho.
  2. I'm going to nominate this for Most IDM 2021 #mostidm2021 Did anyone else see this and automatically think... ???
  3. Many thanks! Good tip! I'm surprised at how little info there is about this out there. I think, in general, mom could actually use a bit more hi-pass to bring some sparkle out in her 100-200 Hz range.
  4. NYT making me feel a little better... ‘A Total Failure’: The Proud Boys Now Mock Trump Members of the far-right group, who were among Donald Trump’s staunchest fans, are calling him “weak” as more of them were charged for storming the U.S. Capitol. “In dozens of conversations on social media sites like Gab and Telegram, members of the group have begun calling Mr. Trump a “shill” and “extraordinarily weak,” according to messages reviewed by The New York Times. They have also urged supporters to stop attending rallies and protests held for Mr. Trump or the Republican Party.”
  5. Ok sciencey med-type geniuses out there in IDM-land: So, my mom got her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday and is scheduled for her booster on February 4th. The cdc says “the second doses (of the Pfizer vaccine) administered within a grace period of 4 days earlier than the recommended date for the second dose are still considered valid” So my questions... even if that 4-day grace period is still “valid”, does a booster administered 5 days short of the 21 day recommended window lose effectiveness? I feel like I read somewhere that you don’t want to get that booster earlier bec
  6. NPR FTW. It’s the only thing that kept me sane for the past 4-5 years. It’s also a huge bonus that you don’t need to look at the president’s face every time he’s in the news... plus all you need is headphones.
  7. @kev_belfast1 Sorry to hear about your loss, man. Those 2 tunes are definitely special. Something about them really captures a magic about life that is indescribable. I also lost my dad about 5 years ago and it was a challenging experience. The one thing I can say is that after, I would see him in dreams and it felt real. When you see your dad in dreams, I know it will be comforting to be with him again.
  8. Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve in a theatrical black comedy directed by Sidney Lumet... yes please. This movie was tons of fun.
  9. It’s an early 80s Corey Haim / Gary Busey movie adaptation of a Stephen King illustrated novel called “cycle of the werewolf”. It’s 🍔🍔🍔
  10. Tune is a flat out banger. I wonder if this is 100% Towa Tei.
  11. YouTube links seem to automatically embed for me. I just copy the link from youtube, paste it in the post and hit return to drop the cursor to the next line in the post field and boom. ... but... I was curious about embedding instagram videos/pic (those seem to be straight up links for me).
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