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  1. To be fair, when that album came out, it was a bit of a game changer. I was in a hardcore/metal band at the time and just about every metalhead I knew was like “holy shit... stop the presses... this is one of the heaviest albums ever”. It’s too bad they quickly became a bit of a parody of themselves. They definitely had a moment with that record tho.
  2. I just discovered dark mode and I’m all in! Only a couple things... please pardon me for looking a gift horse in the mouth... also pardon me for not having any idea if any of this is easy or difficult to fix... - when browsing a subforum, all of the threads seem to run together, visually. Is there any way to break them up with say a white or grey border in between each? Same goes for buttons like “submit reply”, “save”, “cancel” etc. - also, when browsing a subforum in dark mode, it’s visually more difficult to determine threads with new added content from ones you’ve seen that haven’t changed. Is that a hard thing to fix? - last thing... I’m not sure if I remember correctly how to change text size in a new post while using mobile (iPhone Safari) view. Is that only available on desktop or on the app??
  3. Oh boy! Check out Port Rhombus, Vic Acid and Venus 17 next.
  4. 2nd album with “hello” in the title. Just sayin.
  5. Just order some of this shit... they ship. https://www.tastesofchicago.com/category/Lou_Malnatis_Pizza It is a very popular Chicago deep dish place. A hometown fave. I can vouch.
  6. I’m mostly familiar with Sicilian slices in NYC. “The Sicilian: This classic New York slice began in Palermo, Italy as sfincione: a focaccia loaded with herbs, cheese and other toppings. Typically, it’s topped off with sauce, though some NYC spots swap the cheese and sauce layers.” https://nypost.com/2019/04/16/the-best-new-pizza-slices-in-nyc-are-square/amp/
  7. I guess that's the same thing I might be referring to as "Chicago thin crust"? I never really heard the term "tavern style", growing up. There's a really great place in Milwaukee that does thin crust called Balistreri's. We sometimes make the trip to go there. Their za is similar (thought not quite as good) to the kind I grew up on but it has even thinner crust... making it exceptionally thin crust. It's quite good, indeed. If you're ever in Milwaukee, check that stuff out. My sources tell me the restaurant is historically connected to the midwestern mob that is mentioned in Scorcese's film Casino. Tonight we ordered from our regular spot in LA (nowhere near as good as Chicago pizza). Our regular order is usually all mushrooms w/ half black olives and half jalapeños. My wife usually eats the half with the olives and I usually get the half with jalapeños.
  8. Yeah. Under the cheese. It’s also VERY different than Sicilian style. Sicilian is more like a focaccia pizza. This is very thin, flat crust all around. The outside edges are crispy and thin like a thick cracker because they lose moisture from the heat in the oven, but the dough is thin all throughout and not fluffy or airy at all. I’d say that any given point of the pizza is about the thickness of the width of your pinky finger (cheese, sauce and crust included). It’s thicker only where the sausage is but when they do the sausage, they are in flattened little clumps, about the size of the filling of a dumpling or something. Here’s another pic where you can see what I mean about the crust... ... see how it cracks a bit in the bottom right corner of the pic?
  9. A little known fact... Chicago has really amazing THIN CRUST pizza. People who aren’t from Chicago assume all the pizza there is deep dish, which is very good, but my personal favorite is Chicago thin crust. My uncle used to own a pizza place in the city (as well as a pizza truck that sold slices out front of Wrigley Field) and his thin crust za was the bomb. It’s difficult to describe to someone who is more familiar with a New York slice or something along those lines. The standard Chicago cheese is denser and a bit fattier. The crust is very thin but it’s soft and dense in the center but cracker-like around the edges. It’s lightly spiced with herbs and properly browned in spots on the top. Most importantly, it’s always cut in squares. Here’s a picture of the stuff from the place that I grew up with... ... good and greazzzy... the best order is usually just sausage and cheese.
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