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  1. Re: darkmode... I was gonna say that some quotes and links with black text are sometimes almost impossible to see, unless you have your brightness up 100%. It’s really frustrating.
  2. Man. As a drummer myself, this is a rough one. I was always a huge ministry/pigface/kmfdm fan. So sad. The guy was a beast. He and Martyn Atkins are 2 of my favorite all-time drummers. If y'all haven't checked out Pigface - Gub, please do. It's essentially nothing but drums with vocals on top. Bill really shines on Bushmaster & Weightless. Also, the track "War Ich Nicht..." is a mind-blower. I always wondered if the two drummers drifted in and out and in and out of sync during the recording or if they just slowed down the 2 tape tracks. Either way, it's fucking genius and I can't compare it to anything else I've ever heard. Huge RIP
  3. Last night when I Was posting a reply, the "Submit Reply" button wasn't working. I tried 3 times then copied the body of my post and refreshed the page to try and post as a new reply. Once the page refreshed, I saw my reply had been multiplied 3 times into the same post. When I tried editing, it was nearly impossible to select and edit the text. I did the best I could but I had to edit and refresh and edit and refresh, finally giving up on deleting the extra quote boxes in my post. See post here. On my last attempt at editing, I simply had a blank reply field so I'm assuming I was somehow locked out of any additional attempts at editing the post. I went to check it out on a different device (my original post was on an iphone 6s) and still, the reply field was blank when I tried editing it on my desktop. Super weird.
  4. Not actually a big tool fan. I liked opiate a lot back in the day (had it on tape) but that’s about it. Undertow was good too but I never owned it. @jules is the guy that you should aim this at.
  5. I don’t believe that he is stupid. I believe that he is a monster of a person that A) is so fully self-absorbed/narcissistic that he truly could care less to get details correct and to even entertain a moment’s thought that isn’t 100% about himself being the best at everything... B) is so thoroughly corrupt and shady that he can’t operate on any other level than conning the fuck out of everyone he comes into contact with... and C) has been coddled to so relentlessly for his entire life on such an absurd scale that his comprehension of reality is deeply, tragically distorted. If he was actually stupid, I don’t think he would be as successful as a con man. He continues to be an incredibly successful con artist. He’s the worst. I hope he and all of the soulless slimebags in the RNC get this fucking virus in their daily golden shower circle jerk meeting and die a painful death. edit wtf super-glitches
  6. My mom and stepdad had something similar in late January / early February that completely knocked them out for almost a full month. I talked to my mom a couple days ago and she was going on about how she may have had it and might be in the clear now. I had to try to convince her not to assume that she had covid-19, even if she might have (which I'm pretty sure she didn't), and to continue living as if she was trying not to catch or spread the coronavirus. Better safe than sorry.
  7. So, Trump is still overtly downplaying the severity of this virus and talking about how he'll be "opening up" the country soon so people can get back to work. A few thoughts... probably stating the obvious: Trump's personal businesses (notably his resorts... I still can't fucking believe we have a fucking president that's been actively profiting off of goddamn resorts) have had to close to prevent the spread of the virus. I believe he could give two shits about the American people, let alone his resort staff, and is willing to sacrifice millions of lives so he can lift restrictions on his profiting. Not only this, the fucking republican stooges are still so desperate to avoid any cracks in their veneer that they are STILL willing to support and consciously parrot whatever this monster says, again, at the risk of sacrificing American lives... fucking fascists. Trump's defense is that he can simply blame Pelosi and the Democratic majority on anything that doesn't look good. Plus, his cult of morons will just believe whatever the fuck he says, even if they end up eating fish tank cleaner and dying (which, not surprisingly, has actually happened) because of mindless/reckless shit he says in his press conferences. This is all very bad. However... It's all looking good for humanity that anyone that is a republican or Trump supporter that believes all of his nonsense will likely contract covid-19 and hopefully die off. With the exception of some tragic loss of innocent life due to idiots spreading the virus, this whole thing could result in a best case scenario of all of these evil fucks and anyone brainwashed into believing them and voting for them being wiped off the board. Sad thing is, we'll still be stuck with the supreme court, unless they all die, too.
  8. I think (and I could be wrong, so it may be worth a google or two) that possibly, in the case of no election, the president may not be able to stay in office. In this case, I believe the secretary of state may operate as the sitting head of the executive branch. I really hope this is the case.
  9. Inversely, I bet curing his OCD would result in either no tracks at all or all of his tracks sounding like this...
  10. Yesterday, I was entertaining myself, while in quarantine, by re-creating the plot of my favorite film using ONLY emojis. Today, I thought "Wouldn't it be fun if we did a guessing game, similar to the "guess the movie still" thread. I went deep trying to go into as much detail as possible with mine, to kick things off. If you can, try to challenge yourself to do the same. Also, I'm using Size 36 font with the emojis so it's easier to read. Game on!!! 🚂🎶🔫🏄👙🚂🌳👨‍🎨🦮🚂🗺👾🕶💩🏅🕶🚬🍾🕺💃🎶🎸🎷🎹🎻🐖🔥🩰👯‍♀️👯‍♂️🚙🐁⛓🚽🧲 🚢📞🎶🩳🎶🛤🚲🚲🕊💩🇸🇪📚🔍👁🏝🎶🔥🐎🗣🥔🥐🐌🚽❌⭕️💣🍕🎶🕺💃👨‍🦲👱‍♂️✈️🪂🔥🏰🐄🐂😵🚗🔥💋🏍🚛🧜‍♀️🤠🎯🛫🎶
  11. If you pre-order now, it comes with a free hard case. Pretty cool.
  12. https://polyend.com/tracker/ pre-orders = $599 / €499 Not too bad, actually.
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