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    Lyric Of Love To Leah - Aleister Crowley Come, my darling, let us dance To the moon that beckons us To dissolve our love in trance Heedless of the hideous Heat & hate of Sirius- Shun his baneful brilliance! Let us dance beneath the palm Moving in the moonlight, frond Wooing frond above the calm Of the ocean diamond Sparkling to the sky beyond The enchantment of our psalm. Let us dance, my mirror of Perfect passion won to peace, Let us dance, my treasure trove, On the marble terraces Carven in pallid embroeideries For the vestal veil of Love. Heaven awakes to encompass us, Hell awakes its jubilance In our hearts mysterious Marriage of the azure expanse, With the scarlet brilliance Of the Moon with Sirius. Velvet swatches our lissome limbs Languid lapped by sky & sea Soul through sense & spirit swims Through the pregnant porphyry Dome of lapiz-lazuli:- Heart of silence, hush our hymns. Come my darling; let us dance Through the golden galaxies Rythmic swell of circumstance Beaming passion’s argosies: Ecstacy entwined with ease, Terrene joy transcending trance! Thou my scarlet concubine Draining heart’s blood to the lees To empurple those divine Lips with living luxuries Life importunate to appease Drought insatiable of wine! Tunis in the tremendous trance Rests from day’s incestuous Traffic with the radiance Of her sire-& over us Gleams the intoxicating glance Of the Moon & Sirius. Take the ardour of my impearled Essence that my shoulders seek To intensify the curled Candour of the eyes oblique, Eyes that see the seraphic sleek Lust bewitch the wanton world. Come, my love, my dove, & pour From thy cup the serpent wine Brimmed & breathless -secret store Of my crimson concubine Surfeit spirit in the shrine- Devil -Godess -Virgin -Whore. Afric sands ensorcel us, Afric seas & skies entrance Velvet, lewd & luminous Night surveys our soul askance! Come my love, & let us dance To the Moon and Sirius! (re: David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”) “Serious moonlight,” according to Nile Rodgers, was Bowie referencing Rodgers’ habit of calling a particularly good groove or track “serious.” Bowie once called the phrase as his attempt at an “Americanism.” However, Nicholas Pegg offered the mad and quite possibly accurate theory that Bowie was referencing an Aleister Crowley poem, “Lyric of Love to Leah,” whose lines include “let us dance beneath the palm/moving in the moonlight” and later “come my love, let us dance/to the moon and Sirius!” I.e., the Sirius Moonlight.
  2. Bly Manor was a bit of a disappointment, IMO but hill house is fucking legendary. I rewatched the series when I learned that there were ghosts hidden in the background of just about every scene and holy shit was it fun as fuck. That episode in the funeral home that was done in like three shots is so unbelievably amazing. There’s a short bts documentary about the making of the episode and how all of the sets in the show were modularly constructed for quick disassembly/reassembly, specifically for filming the long takes of that episode. 🤯
  3. @BrisbotI feel like you kinda hit the nail on the head as to why I feel like Reddit makes my skin crawl. I have a friend who knows I don’t Reddit but he himself is very pro-Reddit and always tries to race me to the latest RDJ news as a bit of a game to try and somehow prove the supreme validity of Reddit. Meanwhile, I exclusively get my RDJ news from watmm and I always beat him to the news. Granted, the possibility is there that he will one day beat me to some tasty news but the fact is that he’s an enthusiast more than a superfan and therein lies his flaw… which is why he should stick to Reddit. He also refuses to pay for a watmm membership, but that’s ok because it’s clearly not that important to him.
  4. @ignatius Genuinely curious: what will happen to you if you wear a mask everywhere you go? Please give it a shot and return with a full report.
  5. Holy shit. Did not notice that! This should be cross-posted in the optical illusions thread
  6. I guess you can technically consider any of R.Kelly’s stuff “cult music” now.
  7. Here’s a pretty sobering take on the state of American democracy… sorry for the generic link, but there is no direct link for the episode, just the show page. Scroll down and listen to this one: “OCTOBER 1, 2021 How attempts to overthrow the presidential election threaten democracy There's new information on just how hard the Trump administration tried to overthrow the 2020 election. How healthy is the state of our democracy? Neil Buchanan, Suzanne Mettler, Anna Grzymala-Busse and Jack Beatty join Meghna Chakrabarti.” https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510053/on-point
  8. Watching the new season of GBBO… as to be expected, it’s tight as fuuuuk. Also 2 episodes into Hacks and not really feeling it. It seems like another show where every character is an asshole of a person. … also started watching the Surviving R Kelly documentary series after avoiding it for years. Glad he finally got the book thrown at him. He knows his way around a tune but the dude is a straight up sicko.
  9. I was actually going to post this video too. Completely hypnotic camera shit. I’ve seen it ripped off a few times in commercials, etc. Killer track, too. They are a band I’m ashamed to say that I am less familiar with than I should be, though they’re smack dab in the middle of my wheelhouse. I need to change that.
  10. Same. By a mile. Picked this one up back in the day after hearing their stuff on the Artificial Intelligence comp and (despite continually trying… aside from Tri Repetae) I’ve yet to get similar feels from much else of any of their later work. The album has that post-afterparty, sunrise magic baked in. Quite the special record.
  11. Hanson’s mmmbop unplugged and reloaded…
  12. Got my 2x12” in the mail yesterday and gave it a proper listen. The album slaps. Galahad stands up there among his greatest.
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