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  1. Exactly. I was definitely more of a Warren fan (she should have gotten the nomination, imo... but obviously America wasn’t ready for a smart lady on the top of the ticket) and a Sanders fan, prior to that, but this is good news. We have a VP pick that is a bulldog in a debate, “progressive” and that expands the ticket to appeal to not just black Americans but Asian Americans. Haters gonna hate. People also love playing armchair quarterback and I bet you that most of those people that get kicks typing stuff that makes them feel like their apathy and criticism is the answer to the broken political process DON’T EVEN VOTE in every state & local election.
  2. Long-time danzig fane speaking (if you couldn't tell): I gave this album a spin when it first dropped and jeez. Did someone even mix it?
  3. I think we've already been invaded (politics = russia / economy = china).
  4. I’m nearing the end of Fargo S3 and I will admit that this season is WAY better than the others. S1 was ok but I honestly still don’t really understand what anyone liked about S2 except maybe Patrick Wilson and Ted Danson. Still, the comparison to breaking bad isn’t exactly balanced. I wasn’t even the biggest BB fan (I actually turned it off either near the end of S1 or the beginning of S2 and had friends nearly beg me to keep going, and I’m glad I did) but the formats are obviously totally different. BB is one storyline with the same characters and Fargo is more of an anthology with essentially unrelated chapters (save for a few characters that coincidentally happened to drift through, here and there). The main reason I’m liking Fargo S3 better is because there is more time committed to genuinely likable characters (as in the characters in the world of the story are written as being likable people). For me, that really holds a lot of weight over just about anything else in any show. BB started grabbing me more when Jesse started becoming the protagonist. Up until then, I was like “why should I want to turn on a show to watch a bunch of assholes?” That sort of thing is why I can’t make it too far in most shows. For example, I couldn’t get past the first episode of Succession because I was like “everyone in this show is a rich asshole, why should I care?” But that’s just me!
  5. Yes. I would 100% leave the USA. Why? If it isn’t completely obvious by now, I’m sure you can infer. Seriously tho. I’m thinking about it more and more each year. I’m actually a hair’s breath selling my record collection and packing up a uhaul. Unfortunately, Canada won’t let Americans into their country at the moment because of coronavirus, so even if I wanted to, I’m not sure I could. Again, a big red flag for how boned we are as a society. The fact our culture is so backwards is possibly the main issue for me. Actually, avoiding mass shootings and getting access to affordable healthcare are probably the biggest reasons. Also getting a fresh perspective and broadened life experience are pretty big perks.
  6. Everything by of Montreal, post 2007 ... except Lousy With Sylvianbriar (that was a great album).
  7. I’m FUCKIN NINE episodes in on season two of Fargo. This show is nowhere near as good as people say. I thought S2 was supposed to be better than S1. Not the case. I plan to check out S3 but this season is dumb. It’s like some millennials read an article about what a 70s period piece is supposed to be like and made it based solely off of that article and without ever seeing any other 70s period films/shows. Also, TONS of bad cliches, hazy character development and bad writing. And nothing happens. Everything takes 3 episodes of bad dialogue and pointless/meandering split-screens to get to an event where something actually happens. How did it get 100% on Rotten Tomatoes?? Also... UFOs???
  8. Even though the rate of Karen/Kevin nonsense is going through the roof in the US right now, my one remaining hope is that the more it happens in public the more likely onlookers will make the correct association that these people are complete idiots, that their actions are unacceptable and that those idiots are exactly who Trump is targeting with his message. FYI, I had to choose between this thread, the Trump thread, and the Florida thread (I could have possibly even chosen the coronavirus thread)... but this kind of thing just screams how our country is a real shit stain right now.
  9. Started Fargo from the beginning. Season 1 was watchable/enjoyable to a point but there were definite bouts of yelling at the tv for bad writing (ie: "why the fuck would they do that?" of "this makes zero fucking sense"), here and there. Billy Bob was great in it. Just got into S2 and I'm expecting more of the same but I hear people say it's better than S1, so we'll stick with it.
  10. You mean Dave "The Master of Horror Movies" Franco?
  11. Not only is it hilarious, but it’s also somehow stumbles into the realm of surrealist high-art, in trying to squeeze as many jokes as possible into every second of the movie. Every time I watch it, I both LOL and bask in awe. Definitely Abrahams & Zuckers’ masterpiece.
  12. Um. Whaaaa??? ⬇️⬇️⬇️ It's pretty much the best movie ever made.
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