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  1. Just curious, what are all of the tv shows that confirm your superior intellect?
  2. Tech Itch all day errryday. His “recent” Deep Jungle releases are bananas. Im also fomo’d as a mf from not nabbing his Bandcamp dub plates. I’ve slowed down on my vinyl purchases and those are tasty af.
  3. My baby is currently obsessed with wham. We listen to this album 4 times a day. Luckily this LP slaps. If you slowed down their song “Heartbeat” and had Julie Cruise singing it would easily fit in twin peaks. Baby also loves The Doors, especially when Jim screams “Wooo!” and shit.
  4. Haven’t finished the finale yet but yeah. As good as S1 (if not better) for sure. Largely due to the homie in your pic 👆 That kid is by far the best actor in the show atm… he’s also British in real life. As an actual metal-head, I always cringe when shows dress up actors as metal-heads and you can tell the actors were playing football and listening to barenaked ladies in real life. Whatever the case is with this dude, he does justice to the spirit of his character and has earned the right to fly the flag 🤘
  5. I normally don’t like anything with Jason Bateman but Ozark is an exception. He always plays some character that feels like they were some high school jock douchebag that got a great job and is content in his own smugness. He’s pathetic in ozark and that’s part of what helps the viewer sympathize with him. Additionally, he’s surrounded by a sea of sharks that make him a good guy in juxtaposition. I watched that gacy series (I may have posted about it here, can’t remember). I grew up in the early 80s, not far from where he lived and he was frfr our local boogeyman.
  6. Finally got my baby their first shot yesterday! If you don’t have kids, just try to imagine getting pregnant January 2020 and finding out a month later that your life is going to 500x trickier than the average conscientious individual for the next few years… then actually living through the pandemic with a newborn prior to available vaccines… then trying to be smart and protective of a precious little person by avoiding all risky situations in a wack-a-mole landscape of shitheads after vaccines are available and living like you are still in March 2020 for 2 years. Thanks to circumstances, my baby still hasn’t even met my mom. It’s been hard. We’ve missed funerals of loved ones, holidays, etc. I know little ones by and large aren’t as likely to get serious illness but there’s always a risk and I’m of the mind that if I can do whatever I can to keep my favorite person safe (especially if it’s doable) l’ll do that. We’re not in the clear yet but it feels good to almost be there. 🎆
  7. I’m sure it has something to do with the vast amount of images in each post but … when I try to view the dank memes thread by clicking the link to the most recent post, it always drops me somewhere in the middle of a post from a few days prior and then I have to scrollscrollscroll for eons until arriving at the actual most recent post. My guess is that this is just the tax we each must pay to bathe in the glory of the dankness but it would amplify dankitude to just pop on in at the right spot, if at all possible. If not, nbd (nuthin but dank).
  8. Just found out about this today and insta-bought the colored vinyl … https://dungen.bandcamp.com/album/en-r-f-r-mycket-och-tusen-aldrig-nog Gotta say, it’s the first release of theirs that didn’t immediately grab me by the ears and blow my socks off. I’m usually completely soaked in jizz by each new dungen LP but I’m shocked that this one hasn’t clicked yet. I’m going to have to give it a few more spins to be sure but something worries me that it may suffer from pandemic-related vibe shifts or something. Anyway, not a problem giving these boys my $35. They are fucking legends. 🇸🇪 🌳🦉🧙‍♂️🪬🍄
  9. Tamales… … and an apple fritter…
  10. Just started episode one after reading about around here. Can’t believe I haven’t heard about this show sooner. Glad I have 3 seasons to catch up on.
  11. French screen icon Jean-Louis Trintignant dies aged 91 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-61846894
  12. Just passed 10,000 points for the first time in Breakout: Boost (iOS). I never really wanted to play at Speed-10 until recently. I probably would have gotten a higher score if my wife didn’t have me included on a dumb group text. Trying to swipe away banner notifications while trying to control a tiny ball at lightning speed is stressful.
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