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  1. Sorry, I was referring to Ian MacKaye (pailhead) as Mr Straight Edge.
  2. That partnership has always been one of the more surprising ones I can imagine. To be a fly on the wall with Uncle Al and Mr “Straight Edge” himself. I could be wrong but I highly doubt they remained buddies afterwards.
  3. LORAH and TMIATTTT are both classics. To me they almost feel like parts one and two of a double album. Consistent wall to wall bangers. this one slaps the hardest… In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up is also probably my favorite live album of all time of any band. You really feel the vibes so hard and everything is as tight as can be, considering that it’s all made by a bunch of tripping junkies. I think that tour may also have been the genesis of pigface?
  4. Listening to High On Fire’s Art of Self Defense album for the 500th time today. Damn damn damn. What an album! Shit slaps as much as it did 24 YEARS AGO! So many stinky grooves for a metal record. Stoner classic gold. Gotta bump the bass way up on these bad boys.
  5. RIP BTW, I loved that movie when I was a little kid. We used to put hotdogs in the microwave and when they split open we would eat them and call them “Drac Food”.
  6. Oh man. Sorry to hear that. I hear what you’re saying about the standard. Usually that is the case but luckily, nobody there was that cool… except Andy. If you are at a ceephax gig in America, you’re probably a massive music nerd.
  7. Thanks! I’ve been waiting for the wattm seal of approval on this one before digging in. Looks like it could be a good one. I’m a sucker for Japanese anything. Hopefully it lives up to this cultural high water mark .
  8. my wife sent me this video. It is a bit “well duh” but also a good reminder of how we can all get stuck in our heads… and should feel ok to not give fucks sometimes. I should maybe read the RR book.
  9. 100% additionally, I watch that trailer and think “why do we need more films about alienated young males killing tons of people?” because IT IS AN ACTUAL, VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM IN AMERICAN SOCIETY. All we need is another film that will provide a tangible fantasy that will resonate with someone who is teetering on causing harm. Yes, it’s a slipperyish slope to say “artists need to create and we shouldn’t censor them because of our fears, etc” but this is definitely not that. It’s a fuuuuucking remake cash grab. What good can come out from such a tasteless cocktail? I also remember how the first crow resonated with pre-emo male youth. As far as my memory goes, that was ground zero for the “trenchcoat mafia” phenomenon. As a matter of fact, wasn’t that film the singular inspiration for the all black trench coat on millions of sullen teenagers? It was basically: the crow came out > a handful of kids who already wore black on a daily basis came to school wearing black trench coats the following Monday. Like you, I am finding myself sounding like an old fart right now, but at the time, I was technically a gen-xer who identified more with the punk rock / heavy metal brand of nihilism so in 1994, even as a teenager, I could actually identify the younger kids (probably within the first crop of millennials) having a strong resonance with the themes in the crow and knowing that it was manifesting in a deeper reflection of their tortured identities and pre/proto-columbine nihilism. Add late-stage capitalism and it’s fairly objective that this whole fucking thing is the crystallization of our society in free fall.
  10. Watched the first half of Oppenheimer. Wtf? I thought this was supposed to be a good movie. It’s like someone sat down and said “I want to make a movie where the viewer feels nothing for any of the characters and everyone’s dialogue is interchange because nobody will speak how people actually speak… and I want them to think ‘Wow. Some snarky writer wrote a pretty witty line. Cool.’ after everything everybody says.” It also feels like they shot the script and it felt like a really boring soap opera in the edit so they added a bunch of swirling stars an particles every 5 minutes so that it would feel a bit more arty and experimental. edit Finished it last night. The second half was worse. I seriously can’t imagine anyone ever choosing to watch this movie more than once and it’s probably gonna win best picture.
  11. Dang! After following your link I realized that Richard writes track descriptions for some of the songs on his website. Pretty cool.
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