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throwing things away


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Guest ansgaria

It depends on what it is.

Just today I threw away a bunch of hi-fi equipment I've been saving for fuck knows what reason. Everything was more or less broken, it has just gathered dust in the basement for years. Out with it.


As far as music goes, I couldn't for the life of me get myself to throw away anything music-related.

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Guest theSun

living out of boxes now so pretty hard to accumulate junk. i have a shoebox full of past memories i wouldn't really want to get rid of. it's just fun to look back on all that stuff every 5 years or so, wouldn't want to lose it.

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throwing things away feels amazing. it gives me a sense of relief.


every 3-4 years i hire a skip for a weekend and i get ruthless on that shit. beforehand i put aside anything donatable, and then i throw out ANYTHING that i think i'll never use again/doesn't have some sort of REAL emotional significance. it's a very freeing feeling, and i recommend it to anyone. it also means your house isn't full of useless shit.

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