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  1. baph

    kaini pls

  2. how did i miss this one, it's beautiful
  3. New SOPHIE is pretty banging
  4. myself and braintree had a beer. it was cool. also, that is a fuckin GOOD synth shop behind us. SF <3
  5. One of Coil’s most legendary albums, Time Machines will receive a remastered and reissue on vinyl and CD from Dais this October. The 1998 album contains four long-form drone pieces named after and composed for hallucinogenic chemicals including psilocybin and DMT. http://www.factmag.com/2017/09/01/coil-legendary-hallucinogen-inspired-time-machines-gets-vinyl-reissue/
  6. this one was so fucking savage.
  7. spare a thought for poor whoppers777
  8. this sounds like russell haswell covering snd
  9. this shit sounds like live max patch manipulation or something.
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