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Parov Stelar - The Princess


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Austrian musician Parov Stelar has taken over the global music scene like a phantom in recent years. Through his music the modest but exceptional talent has not only gained an enormous fan base, but has also achieved cult status as a producer. His retro-influenced music is borne out of an aura of elegance, wickedness and pure energy. Inspired by styles and samples from the most varying of genres (soul, pop, jazz and swing) and combined with modern beats and grooves he creates an incomparable and peerless sound. With the new double album THE PRINCESS, Parov Stelar has further developed on his distinctive sound without losing any of his signature style. The first CD is dedicated to unreleased material and the description of stories, much like the previous release COCO. Parov Stelar himself sees his new work as a novel, in which the songs themselves are intertwined, but also function alone as short stories. Whether it is underground or mainstream, like before, Parov Stelar’s sound continues to break down the genre boundaries. The second CD contains a collection of songs which have up to now remained unreleased, or only available on vinyl. At the same time “Part 2” also takes us deep into the live performances of the Parov Stelar Band, as well the undeniable energy of his DJ sets.
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