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DJ Jo Quaid 5 - AMTEK

Chris Moss Acid

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For the first time you can hear DJ Jo Quaid 5's first album; Amtek, in high quality. Mastered from the original tapes


Originally released in 2005 on cd-r on givedaddytheknife.

This radicle re-release DJ Jo Quaid 5 gives you an 8bit ride, laced with jungle, electro, rag time jungle and acid soaked edits of popular Commodore 64 tunes with a handful of original tunes to boot. Hold on to your hats!


For the first time ever this release comes with a bonus Mix - Dj Jo Quaid 5 plays this hits mix. which has been lost for about 10 years. mixed on twin cassette decks, Quaid 5 really does bring you the hits. yeah, totally RAD!



also check out Boxfade Records on facebook



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