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Guest stolenlogic

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Guest Hermann

I think this is pretty nice. Especially that guitar-y sounding thing that comes in around the middle.


I do have a few points to add though:


I like the idea you have behind this track but I feel it´s not quite expressing all it could be. Maybe the chords could be more prominent and obvious, at least at some point in the track. Also, it would be nice if a recognisable rythm could come in at some point. That´s just my personal preference though, maybe you were going for the whole unrecognisable rythm aspect, in which case it still works. Also, I feel the opening is a bit long, it feels a bit to me like you´re just playing around with that idea a bit too much. Some cutting and editting wouldn´t necessarily be a bad thing here.


Hope that´s constructive criticism and it doesn´t just seem like I´m being an ass. I really like the track, I do :)

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I agree with Herman. I'm not necessarily a big fan of the sound of the guitar - a bit too much wah-wah for my taste (I don't even know if it's a wah-wah effect :)), but I like the idea. If i was you I would probably add some kind of string, pad or something to create some stability in the track. Even though it's ambient it still seems a bit too staccato for it to be really relaxing. But I'm sure if you fade in some kind of soft sounding string-like sound it'll help keep the track afloat.

I like the idea of a sub bass in this track, but even with headphones on it's not very noticeable. This might be because of Soundcloud's crappy compression, but maybe you should add a tiny, tiny bit of distortion or (over)drive, because that would make it pop a lot more.


I'm guessing you were inspired by Cliff Martinez, when you made this track :)

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