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  1. Or look at it this way, "stay indoors to make sure your elders won't end up having to sit alone in a nursing home for another 2-3 months without being able to get visits from any of their loved ones". If you have any kind of decency and brain activity that's what you will do. I just pulled the "old man yells at cloud"-card, didn't I?
  2. These are the reasons why it's spreading here. I guess it's mostly the last two points, because as soon as the bars and clubs opened again those stupid fucking teenagers went back to where they were in the beginning of March. Also, as I mentioned earlier, people are only wearing masks in situations where they know they'll be fined if they don't. So people will wear their masks on public transportation, but when they go out shopping they won't.
  3. Holy shit, what a bunch of nonsense I wrote. Let me just correct that, hahaha
  4. Yeah, look up the Uighur muslims in China. Or watch this... Anyway, COVID-19 is going nuts here again. I went out to buy dinner earlier and I wore a mask. At the mall I saw maybe thousands of people and no one decides my girlfriend and I and another couple wore masks. EDIT: haha, ok, so what I meant to say was... Anyway, COVID-19 is going nuts here again. I went out to buy dinner earlier and I wore a mask. At the mall I saw maybe thousands of people and no one besides my girlfriend and I and one other couple wore masks.
  5. As promised I donated all the proceeds from my latest release to "Black Girls Code". Yesterday afternoon I sent them $511.
  6. Everything went bottom up when I upgraded my laptop. Adobe Audition and Logic couldn't identfy the majority of my plugins and each time it registered one I got a message that said, "This .component file... yeah, I'll just throw it in the trash can for you, ok?"
  7. I'll follow up with this classic video...
  8. Or maybe just timed exclusive? https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-09-17-final-fantasy-16s-exclusivity-is-a-mess
  9. Glad to hear someone else liked it. I'm not sure repeated viewings will necessarily reveal anything groundbreaking to the viewer. It's one of those movies that I think "intuitive logic" or "abstract logic" is the key to understanding it without being able to put your understanding into words. I'm not even sure I like talking about it because the feeling you're left with (if the movie sucked you in and I can totally understand why some people are put off by it) is extremely subjective. My girlfriend and I talked about it for a couple of hours after watching it and whenever I tried putting my thoughts into words it all just fell apart. So whenever I tried explaining what I thought happened I felt like an idiot. I guess you need to be a poet or something to be able to put these feelings into words.
  10. Got a phone call today that I had to help out but nobody could know. So I took over and what a mess. I have just finished up what I could and it's now 10:47 PM and I still have work to do on another project.
  11. I've done a lot of work for them, but this was for another department and the woman in charge is a fucking maniac. Anyway, I received a message at 03:30AM asking if I was still up so I'm wondering if it turned out that they actually needed me.
  12. Yeah, same here. Fucking morons. Some parents here have said that they feel bad for their kids because they can no longer go out during the weekends and party. I honestly didn't think we had such idiots living here.
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