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  1. lol But I'm not kidding when it comes to Sonarworks Reference. When I treated my studio I was a bit too... ehm, thorough. So much so that I lost a lot of low end. I then tested out Sonarworks and lo and fucking behold it fucking worked. It did a massive difference and all my mixes have been pretty much spot-on since I started using it. You can download a trial and just use a decent mic to calibrate your monitors. Just to see if it's something you need. If you can hear a difference and it sounds better then consider buying the full bundle including the mic.
  2. Yeah, don't buy your acoustics panels. Build them yourself and save a fortune! And the money you save from building them could be used for buying Sonarworks Reference 😉 It's a shame about the BM15As though. I'm gonna get their new Core 7 or 47 speakers later this year.
  3. Blue balls but for the ladies.
  4. Squee


    Holy shit, I knew Dan Aykroyd was into the paranormal and UFOs, but this rabbit hole goes deep.
  5. Man, return those monitors immediately.
  6. I recommend watching it with Youtube's autogenerated subtitles for that extra touch...
  7. Seriously though, I hope you end up loving these monitors. I did a mix today for a cartoon show. I used Adventure Time as a reference and holy shit, it's so easy to replicate mixes with these monitors. I just tested the mix side by side with Adventure Time on my TV and it sounded exactly the way I had intended.
  8. I didn't know either until I decided to compare pictures from studios all over the world.
  9. Correct! The lights on the left monitor should be to the far left and vice versa
  10. I did the sound design, mix, and some voice acting for a new cartoon show. My client called me up while laughing because he thought it was the funniest shit he had ever seen/heard.
  11. Altiverb, FabFilter-R, and the stock verbs from Logic.
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