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Community Answers

  1. Dark title considering what they've been through
  2. https://abcnews.go.com/US/texas-abortion-law-means-woman-continue-pregnancy-despite/story?id=97918340 Congratulations.
  3. May I recommend "Running with the Devil" on Netflix? I think it's pretty safe to say that one shouldn't take advice from John McAfee - alive nor dead.
  4. https://jalopnik.com/charges-dropped-against-driver-who-opened-fire-on-i-95-1850237128 You guys are out of your fucking minds.
  5. I am honestly considering buying a bluetooth blocker. They are illegal as fuck as they also block out cellphone signals, but it should make my summers a lot easier when people decide to have garden parties.
  6. Thundercat's charisma would destroy Squarepusher before getting up on stage.
  7. This is how I want to win an Oscar... with a huge ass photo of myself dead on all the screens in the room.
  8. Neighbors are the worst. I want to live in the city center with no one around me. Not really a first world problem... more a "hilarious first world situation"... but I think the big news we just told my parents-in-law couldn't be matched by the fact that I got National Geographic working on their TV.
  9. Oh for a second I thought Tweetbot was back. Haven’t really used Twitter regularly since they destroyed third party apps.
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