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  1. In other news... no one is really talking about Google Stadia. No one except for the journalists who got it early. Did anyone here throw money at it?
  2. True, but https://www.pcmag.com/news/365746/half-life-2-writer-erik-wolpaw-returns-to-valve
  3. Hahaha, Jesus Christ, people's response to the new Half-Life game being VR exclusive is baffling . "You better announce Half-Life 3 along side this". Entitled little assholes.
  4. Yeah, but this isn't Half-Life 3. It doesn't say that anywhere. They're probably still tinkering away on that somewhere in a basement in Seattle. Anyway, Control was fucking amazing. Best single player action game in a loooong time!
  5. Rewatched both Roar and Sleepaway Camp. Roar is such a fucking mess, whereas Sleepaway Camp is abso-fucking-lutely brilliant. Those short shorts are just *chef's kiss*
  6. Why would he even say that? How does he think this'll help him in any way?
  7. Curt Dee-Daran molested two girls under 18.
  8. Really? There were parts that were ok, but it seemed kinda awkward - except for Herzog who illuminated the whole thing. The part where he learns how to ride that fish with legs was just plain weird and the super heroic and triumphant music that played afterwards was completely out of place because we have no idea who this guy. I wish they would dare to take Star Wars in a completely different direction because this just seemed like another stab at the Rogue One mood. I have this incomplete idea and wish about a deeply spiritual take on Star Wars where they discuss their religions, philosophies, and beliefs and I want it to be dry as fuck. You know what, give me Waking Life set in the Star Wars universe.
  9. I don't see it being a problem at all.
  10. Quoted from my FWP thread. I worked till 2:30 AM and my client is stoked over the result
  11. I've got one of those work-till-3-am-nights ahead of me. YAY!
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