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  1. OH FUCK YES! I watched the junior version a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing.
  2. Recently watched all the Child's Play/Chucky movies just because... So last night we watched the remake from 2019. .... . . ... . . . . I kinda liked it. It was hilarious, but I don't know if that was supposed to be? Also, the new fucked up looking Buddi doll looks like Skyler Gisondo!
  3. The first trailer that came out was an intense train wreck.
  4. The big one with the nvme drive and then an 512gb microsd for ROMs and games from other platforms such as GOG and Epic. My plan is to use it as my indie game and retro “console”.
  5. So far it's pretty flawless. I'm playing Neon White on it as well and it runs excellent. Haven't tried any AAA games yet except Doom 2016 which ran in slow motion. But I didn't bother going through the menus to change the graphics settings. But all in all, I'm super fucking happy with it.
  6. Took me 15 minutes to get this running on my Steam Deck. So fucking easy.
  7. This just popped up for the millionth time on Youtube so I had to post it here again. I'll never grow tired of this medley.
  8. Having played ALL the LucasArts/LucasFilm I feel like such an idiot playing Return to Monkey Island. Got the forest map but whenever I follow it I end up leaving the forest instead. The fuck?!
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