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  1. This is so weird... a lot of the dialogue in the RE8 cutscenes clip. Sounds terrible.
  2. It just struck me... if they discover spiders on Mars then we're all fucked. Fucking Mars spiders.
  3. This reminds me of the time my friend who at the time read nothing but conspiracy theories online and once showed me photos of trees on the moon.
  4. Almost out of beans and haven't got any dough prepared.
  5. Three major key-players from GiantBomb are leaving. That place has been my safe-haven for the past 12 years and I've watched and listened their stuff every single day since discovering them. I must have watched /listened to their material for 2-3 hours a day. What a fucking gut punch. After hearing that I found out that one of my favorite shows on TV which has been on since I was a kid (I must have watched it for like 30 years and still do) has been fucking cancelled. Also, our cat got into a fight with another cat in our fucking bedroom window last night at 3 AM. Couldn't fall asleep aft
  6. In Danish you can say “kraftedeme” which in old Danish means “cancer eat me”.
  7. Read last night that New York is getting ready to open up again. Do any of you who live in big cities feel comfortable going out again? Things are *almost* back to normal here - at least on some level - and the other day I witnessed two women in a line almost getting into a fight because the woman in the front asked the other woman to keep her distance. The other day I was invited to a tiny release party for a video game and met a bunch of new people. Everyone hugged and shaked hands. When I Ieft I felt like I had been molested and infested with all the diseases in the world.
  8. Wow, he's a Ken-version of Crispin Glover.
  9. Knowing what Sri Lanka is like this'll probably lead to some awful stuff. Also, the tune that plays when the winner is announced is from Independence Day.
  10. This guy is self-employed. He starts working around 12-1 PM. I don't get it. I'm self-employed and I'm in the studio at 8 AM. No. I'm usually the one who starts sending passive-aggressive texts.
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