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  1. The documentary series is great! Why turn it into a fucking movie?!
  2. Bill Withers. Fuck you, 2020.
  3. Gave it a quick listen.
  4. I'll make a thread in the New & Upcoming Releases Forum - and yes, it'll be available on Unearthed again :)
  5. Holy shit, he's back! Or... maybe he never left? Anyway... eat da poo poo.
  6. Starting to feel the Corona. I heard from an employee at one of the best companies I do freelance stuff for that they might have to stop using me.
  7. It’s the side activities in Origins that are great. I thought the main story was just fine but the exploration in the side missions is what makes it great.
  8. What? Also, MidSide EQ - pretty important as well.
  9. Has there ever been a movie with TJ Miller that wouldn’t have benefitted from less TJ Miller?
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