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  1. This is day two where I haven’t really had that much work coming in and I’m bored out of my mind.
  2. Can you get Wilfa in Canada? After having loved two amazing grinders to death I decided to buy a "small" one for pour over and a "big" one for espresso. The coffee store I go to and buy beans from used a Wilfa for a long time for their pour overs. They said that it was just as good for that particular kind of brewing - so I bought one. And for what it costs it's excellent. Definitely get one of those or something along those lines if you can. https://www.pactcoffee.com/blog/what-is-the-best-wilfa-coffee-grinder
  3. Not spoiling anything. I loved Outer Wilds so much so I'm not going to spoil anything. But the DLC is fucking mindblowing. Yeah, Alan Wake was awesome, but a lot of people were disappointed in it. It was announced as an open world game and ended up being very linear, which I was very ok with. It's a great game and the DLC makes up for some of the main game's lacking parts. It takes a while for the game to get going, but I can definitely see why you're struggling with it if you've already played Control. That game is pure, unleashed Remedy insanity whereas Alan Wake is a bit more restrained. But keep with it. It's good.
  4. Anyone playing the Outer Wilds DLC? Holy moly.
  5. They fucked up so badly with the soundtrack. "Remember that awesome 70s sci-fi soundtrack we had in ME1 and 2? Let's get Clint Marsell to fuck the whole thing up". "Who? What?" "Exactly!" "Excellent."
  6. Ah right, the $3200 was with everything included - electricity, water, heating etc.
  7. It's because both my gf and I are self-employed. If we had had "normal" jobs it wouldn't have been a problem and it would have been a lot cheaper. But when you're self-employed you're like this yucky stain on society that one knows how to handle. So when you make your own money you're automatcally a liability because you can't 100% guarantee what you'll make next month, so in order to make sure the bank doesn't end up with a client who can't pay up they have to put the price up. And as mentioned earlier, my gf's 2020 was a mess due to the corona virus. She made about half of what she usually makes which the bank couldn't see beyond and I don't blame them. People forget that a bank is as much a business as any other. So yeah, I don't blame anyone at all though at one point I thought it was super unfair and I felt we were being steamrolled, but I also totally understand why.
  8. Sounds awesome! What I've figured out is that if you don't get the house you were hoping for it's simply because you weren't meant to and something awaits right around the corner. We're going to take a break looking at new places because this whole thing really wore us down.
  9. "Repayment freedom" is a thing in Denmark where if you pay +40% of the house up front you get access to a wide variety of different loan types that are exceptionally cheap. It also mean that you're not paying anything off of your loan, but on the other hand you can put money aside and dump that on your loan whenever you feel like it. You can get these types of loans for 10-30 years and that was what we were aiming for. And even though what I'm about to say sounds like a first world problem it actually turned into a first world achievement. My girlfriend and I actually ended up signing the papers for the house. After signing the papers you have 6 days to change your mind. If you change your mind you have to pay 1% of what the house costs - unless your lawyer finds something iffy about the house. For every minute that went by I felt progressively worse. It was so much money and we were both slowly changing our minds. We had even contacted a different bank to find out if they could give us a better offer than our current bank and they couldn't. I didn't sleep for like 4 days and woke up feeling like shit. Five days after we had signed the papers our lawyer called and said, "So, listen... I've just been told that the house is actually 30-35 square meters smaller than what is listed in the papers. Also, the two rooms you two were planning on using as your studios aren't listed in the papers either so the municipality can actually demand that you tear down those rooms if they find out". The realtor said that it was a typo. Ha! And that was our ticket out of the deal. We told him "we want out" and he told the realtor. So we are no longer buying that house. Phew.
  10. I realise that the US has bigger problems than what I'm about to mention, but I'm listening to a podcast and my oh my... only Americans can butcher a foreign language like they do.
  11. Is it ok to say that I thought Chapelle's new show on Netflix was hilarious or will I get cancelled?
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