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  1. Paul Dano was excellent as well! I'm not sure that'll help that heaping pile of shit that was the theatrical cut.
  2. He was pretty good in The Scent of a Woman, but... yeah, I know what you mean. I like holding actors/actresses up against Daniel Day Lewis in There Will Be Blood because that is a fucking pinnacle of acting.
  3. I just upgraded my laptop to Catalina. Owning a Mac is like being in an abusive relationship. You can't really get out of it, everything just fucking sucks, but you still try to make it work.
  4. Make sure it's the stretchy kind, otherwise you'll end up with annoying folds that you can tame.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about felt changing the effect of the absorbers. If you simply want to the change the color of the absorbers you should buy some bed linen that's in the color you want and bob's your uncle.
  6. Absolute, and it’s always the stuff that you’re super excited for that doesn’t pay all that well in the end. But I absolutely don’t care. I love it.
  7. If you take a look at what you make an hour doing sound design and music you will get awfully depressed.
  8. Yeeeeaaahh... I took a chance which catapulted me in the right direction and I'm super happy with where I'm at even if it means that I work from 8 AM - 8/9 PM every day. But thanks, man!
  9. I'm doing music and sound design for a big and scary company.
  10. Terminator Dark Fate Man, someone needs to put this franchise to rest. Or I guess, this movie just did. I'm surprised at how bad the effects looked? Like, really surprised. I got The Matrix Reloaded vibes from it. Anyway, it's easy to shit on a movie, so I'll focus on the good stuff: Arnold. For some reason I really liked him in this movie even though he didn't really do anything. But I laughed out loud when he said his wife found him "extremely funny". I guess I was in such a state of shock over the movie that THAT was what it took to breathe some life back into me.
  11. Oh shit, didn’t see this had already been posted. But yes, it’s fucking awesome
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