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  1. recorded-20526049042611.mp4 I don't know how to use Snapchat but I recently found out that this filter makes everything better.
  2. If you don't already, you should 100% use Letterboxd instead. First of all, the reviews are pretty hilarious, people are self-concious about their bullshit, and the Film Lists are great.
  3. Got access to Midjourney Twin Peaks by Francis Bacon Star Wars concept art in water color Assassin with Final Fantasy style sword overlooking cyberpupnk city from a cliff, hyperdetailed night
  4. Another thing (and this is just me being an asshole) but all the extras seem completely dead... what is this guy doing?
  5. Not really sure I would call that a scam, but whatever floats your boat. Anyway...
  6. It's all good. My client is cool and I'm sure we'll figure something out. Just kinda wish I could post the music once it comes out. Oh weeeeell!
  7. Been working on a project for the past 6 months and I’ve just been told that I can’t tell anyone I worked on it when it comes out. Damnit.
  8. Every big empire's reign comes to an end at some point, but the US sure is doing everything it can to fuck things up faster than anyone expected. Nero must be watching all of this from wherever he is in awe. Next time, maybe don't base your country's fundamentals on religion and stupidty. Better luck next time. All the best
  9. THAT scene in particular. What was up with the scale?
  10. Yeah, and it's actually better. I think they're planning on turning Once Upon a Time in Hollywood into a mini-series as well. I'd totally be up for spending 4 hours with Rick and Cliff
  11. Let's see what Youtube thinks of my edits...
  12. So the season has started where idiot parents allow their kids to have parties at home. Ever since all these moronic fucking parents felt bad that their little gems couldn’t go out and drink and act like fucking monkeys during the Covid lockdown they’ve all decided that parties at home is a GREAT idea because fuck your neighbors. I’m not really sure why but it seems like it’s now a thing that everyone now has to respect ruthlessness and bad behavior. Grandpa Nic is coming for you and I will fuck your parties up before the first track reaches its first drop. Anyway, just a chat with a parent who, before I even said anything, said, “I just told them that it’s way too loud. Way too loud. Sorry. Yes, way too loud”.
  13. Holy moly, that sure was a show I watched 6 episodes of where someone needed help and then 6 hours later things everything was back to normal.
  14. Crimes of the Future Couldn't get into this at all. I loved the visuals, but my god it was slow. And listening to Viggo Mortensen clearing his throat for an hour and 40 minutes gets a bit annoying. 5/10 Lea Seydoux though. 11/10
  15. Finally got it! Including a whole bunch of extra stuff he added to the package. Amazing!!
  16. What is people don’t understand about falafel? Don’t serve dry and cold falafel!
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