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  1. "Repayment freedom" is a thing in Denmark where if you pay +40% of the house up front you get access to a wide variety of different loan types that are exceptionally cheap. It also mean that you're not paying anything off of your loan, but on the other hand you can put money aside and dump that on your loan whenever you feel like it. You can get these types of loans for 10-30 years and that was what we were aiming for. And even though what I'm about to say sounds like a first world problem it actually turned into a first world achievement. My girlfriend and I actually ended up signing the papers for the house. After signing the papers you have 6 days to change your mind. If you change your mind you have to pay 1% of what the house costs - unless your lawyer finds something iffy about the house. For every minute that went by I felt progressively worse. It was so much money and we were both slowly changing our minds. We had even contacted a different bank to find out if they could give us a better offer than our current bank and they couldn't. I didn't sleep for like 4 days and woke up feeling like shit. Five days after we had signed the papers our lawyer called and said, "So, listen... I've just been told that the house is actually 30-35 square meters smaller than what is listed in the papers. Also, the two rooms you two were planning on using as your studios aren't listed in the papers either so the municipality can actually demand that you tear down those rooms if they find out". The realtor said that it was a typo. Ha! And that was our ticket out of the deal. We told him "we want out" and he told the realtor. So we are no longer buying that house. Phew.
  2. I realise that the US has bigger problems than what I'm about to mention, but I'm listening to a podcast and my oh my... only Americans can butcher a foreign language like they do.
  3. Is it ok to say that I thought Chapelle's new show on Netflix was hilarious or will I get cancelled?
  4. For a second there, I thought this included LiveCut and was awfully disappointed.
  5. “Look at me influence!”
  6. Yeah, we've been in the exact same situation. Oh, and we haven't signed the papers yet because of our bank, but I'll tell that story further down. But yeah, we've only been really interested in two houses. One was right next to a forest, but behind that forest was the highway. I was worried that once the leaves on the trees would fall we would be living in a noisy hell hole, which would be extremely problematic for me because of my job. So yeah, we have a bunch of requirements as well - one being that we both need to be able to work from home and that I need to be able to build a studio. I've been worried about the market as well. The prices are ridiculous. First time buyers have no chance of getting their hands on a house right now and from the looks of it the economy is doing too well either, so I'm worried that everything will collapse the moment we sign the papers. But we haven't signed the papers yet. Our bank had promised us a loan with repayment freedom and then when we had been told that the current owner of the house wanted us to buy it the bank said, "oh no no no, we can't do that". Problem is that 2020 was fucking tough on my girlfriend's income due to COVID-19, so our idea of repayment freedom went out the window and our banker said that all in all it would cost us around $3200 per month. Oh, and we also had to throw in ALL of our savings and once that was done we were still $40500 short of getting the loan we wanted. This shocked us quite a bit, so we sat down and tried to figure out what else we could do. We're not quite sure if I our bank tried to fuck us over what, but we've come up with a whole different approach which can easily give us a loan with repayment freedom for +10 years. It requires us to sell our current house first and still throw in a bunch of money but instead of paying $3200 per month we would instead pay $1500. So in about an hour and a half I'll talk to realtor, tell him our situation and ask him if we can put up our house for sale now and then wait another month before taking over the new house. I'm shitting my pants already.
  7. https://www.forbes.com/sites/williampesek/2021/09/30/goldman-flags-82-trillion-threat-worse-than-china-evergrande/
  8. If you solo a track and cut off the low end, you might think, "yeah, that's it. That's enough. Not gonna cut off any more low end off of that. No, sir.". Whereas if you listen to it in context and start cutting off the low end you'll notice that you can cut off way more than you'd think. Also, while we're on the topic of low end... saturate it. Again, if you solo it you might think "oh no, it sounds way too distorted", but if you listen to it in context it won't sound distorted at all. Crazy!
  9. Oh, and if you feel adventurous... check out M/S EQ to really clean up the low end.
  10. Keep an eye out for the muddy low mids. Nobody likes those guys.
  11. No, at least not in the traditional sense.
  12. My girlfriend and I bought a house. We just need to sign the papers and that's it. I feel like throwing up and I'm worried about one billion things.
  13. Haha, what? To me it looks like a Linklater movie made by PTA. Anyway, a trailer is a trailer. But hey, if the movie simply turns out to be a 4 minute version of the trailer then I'm happy.
  14. This might just end up being the best movie ever made.
  15. Things are going pretty well here. Almost 75% of the population has been vaccinated, haven't worn a mask in almost a month, been to the movies, my friends have been to concerts, and I've actually attended real meetings. No jinx.
  16. I skipped around the video and heard the cocaine doucebag say the word "atmosphere". My man, if there is one thing your house doesn't have, it's atmosphere.
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