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  1. He scared the living shit out of me when I was a kid. RIP.
  2. This doesn't belong here, but since Epstein thread ran amok and ended with cichlisuite calling someone something nasty before it got closed, I thought the best place to post this would be here... Another great Epstein casualty. This is Prince Andrew we're talking about here...
  3. The Card Counter I love the cynicism of Paul Schrader.
  4. Cute - right up until the domestic violence at the end.
  5. Here's a trick. Put parmigiano reggiano on your pizza, put it in the oven, and then once it comes out put on even more. The difference between reggiano that has been in the oven and freshly grated that is slowly melting on your pizza is insane.
  6. Damn. Seemed like a good guy.
  7. Bet Andy is going to feel stupid when he realises that that build is nowhere as cool as this one https://www.lego.com/en-dk/product/millennium-falcon-75192
  8. Hahahah! That’s amazing! When my girlfriend’s sister got the vaccine she called my girlfriend and said her arm was magnetic because her plastic lighter was able to stick to her shoulder. o_______O
  9. Pakistan is in da bag. WARNING: The video gets annoying after 01:20.
  10. I feel quite the opposite. I actually liked the first 40-50 minutes. Not much happened and I liked seeing Egon's secret basement and the stuff he had been working on. It was like a warm blanket of nostalgia. But then that blanket got suffocating. Once the movie gets going the whole thing fell apart. This movie was the complete opposite of The Matrix Resurrections. The Matrix was stomping around on its predecessors corpse while laughing, whereas this movie was one long nostalgia tribute.
  11. I felt the same way when I went to the university. Apparently, it HAS gotten better though, but I would miss deadlines as well. I think the worst was when I found out that I was supposed to apply for getting started on my master's thesis. I was waiting for them to send me an email saying, "hey, congrats on enduring these last couple of years, here's what's next...". Turns out I was wrong.
  12. Don't remember if I already posted Jeremy Fragrance's Top 10 addictive smells?
  13. Watched it the day before yesterday and was severely disappointed. It felt rushed and the “twist” came out of nowhere and then it ended.
  14. I received my sealed copy of Lemmings the day that documentary came out
  15. I would pay a lot to watch a full version of this though
  16. I am so sick and tired of hearing about Lin Manuel Miranda. People talk about him like the second coming of Christ. He has somehow managed to convince the whole world that musicals are the bomb when we all know that musicals are a fucking nightmare of a genre. On top of that, if I didn't know any better I would have guessed that the KKK wrote Hamilton because of what they did to hip hop. Fuck.
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