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  1. I've had whale. It wouldn't be good. Trust me.
  2. Yup! My friend added some DOP prosciutto to his slices after it came out. When you do that the prosciutto basically melts.
  3. Doesn’t really look that appetizing and there’s no basil on it in this photo, but still…
  4. Ok, I just made the three best pizzas I’ve ever made. The Ooni Koda 16 is a beast
  5. Why should anyone care what Jordan Peterson thinks?
  6. Squee


    Man, I really wish that Johann Johannsson was still alive.
  7. And then there's this
  8. There's no shame in not showing up if you're not invited.
  9. It’s basically a knob for people too lazy to assign midi to knobs.
  10. Saw the nOb at a friend's place last night and bought one this morning.
  11. Yeah, these are the dirty cunts we were talking about last night.
  12. What about the dirty cunts who are tearing up London right now?
  13. That extremely handsome and charming man just scored.
  14. Let's see if Richard Branson survives this.
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