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Fairy Tales - Early Colour Stencil Films From Pathe - DVD


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copy paste via Touch :


The official release date is 3rd December 2012


DVD - Region 2 only


Commissioned exclusive work from Fennesz ● Chris Watson ● Oren Ambarchi ● BJNilsen ● Hildur Gudnadottir ● Sarah Nicolls ● Jana Winderen ● Michael Esposito ● Leif Elggren ● Maia Urstad ● Achim Mohné ● Tom Haines & Chris Branch (members of The London Snorkelling Team) ● Pascal Wyse ● Marcus Davidson ● Joachim Nordwall & Henrik Rylander ● Philip Jeck ● Sohrab


Once upon a time, during the belle epoque in turn-of-the-century Paris, a short-lived film form called scenes de feeries, or fairy films, was becoming popular thanks to the Pathe Frerer company. In jewel-like colours the films, made to appeal to young and old alike, recreated the theatrical spectacles of the age with their fantastical settings, dancing girls, mythical beasts, supernatural beings and a plethora of stage tricks enhanced by the techniques of the new medium of film.


Presented here with original hand-colouring, each film is accompanied with a newly commissioned soundtrack by recording artists from the leading experimental music label Touch. Contributions from such acclaimed composers as Chris Watson, BJ Nilsen, Hildur Gudnadottir and Fennesz combine with the beautiful images to create a unique and unforgettable experience.




* Barbe-blue (1901, 11 minutes); Georges Melies' telling of the Bluebeard tale with music by SAVX.

* Little Red Riding Hood (1922, 8 minutes): Anson's Dyer animation made for Hepworth Picture Plays with music by Rosy Parlane.

* La Danse du diable (Sint-Lukas versions): nine alternative scores by students from Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design.

* Fully illustrated booklet with film notes and credits.


Film notes written by Bryony Dixon. Extra films notes written by Michael Brooke.

Music notes written by Mike Harding.


Disc Production Credits:


Films curated by Bryony Dixon

Music curated by Mark Harding

Producer Upekha Bandaranayake

Artwork manager Marianthi Makra


The BFI would like to acknowledge the enthusiasm and generous help of everyone who contributed to this release. Special thanks to Mike Harding, Bryony Dixon, Michael Brooke and Douglas Weir.

Thanks also to Esha Gupta (re:fine), Stephen Ford and Nikos Tzerbinos (IBF), Ian Vickers (Eureka! Design Consultants)



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