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  1. Huge loss for music, i rate his albums and killer team works at the top of the game, since the late 90s and Emego was a godsent for music lovers..
  2. Yeah often related to TOUCH artists, loving the Philip Jeck tape indeed.
  3. Top review on pitchfork, well deserved : https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/seefeel-rupt-and-flex-1994-96/
  4. Got the original CDs but now re-discovering this magical band via the boxset, great stuff !!
  5. khov

    Rare pics of Ae

    ATP 2003 i think..
  6. Id say MS4-1 (and yes, been in Helsinki and Turku)
  7. Id say 98-2001 with Lp5 - minidisc - ep7 - peel session 2 to confield, loving that move toward abstract sounds yet very delicate + killer melodies here and then (Gelk, Rae). Great post techno times (BoC, Fennesz, Oval, Pan Sonic) also.
  8. They re way too good to stop !!
  9. yeah criminally under rated, the latest Torn Hawk album is a melodies goldmine but that compilation is phenomenal as well (loving that early LIES white labels). Dont miss out ! https://valcrondvideo.bandcamp.com/album/here-comes-language
  10. In no order : Autechre - Sign & Plus Torn Hawk - Here comes language Akira Rabelais - Boomkat tape
  11. Thanks a lot gentlemen, fantastic set !! (i would have mixed the beats a bit louder but thats the grumpy old man from the muppets show in me, just trully great work you achieved here)
  12. I had nostalgia for listening to nostalgic synth music well put ! Yeah i still thinks Rifts is his best one. I do remembers watmm people saying it had a BOC drone vibe when that compilation went out.
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