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  1. One of my favorite ae track ever, never far from nonima in my playlist.
  2. more colundi please (sorry wrong forum)
  3. cant wait to receive my cds.. until then, Sketch for eMego 303 by Mark Fell : https://pwgen20.bandcamp.com/track/sketch-for-emego-303
  4. Instabought ! I do miss Sensate Focus stuff by Mark Fell.. i guess he ended this series and achieved what he wanted and went elsewhere ; saw him live with will Gutherie a few years ago, wicked collab !
  5. I cant hear the tinitus on both GAS records ah ah 🦖
  6. Yeah but vocals appears on a few Rückverzauberung sets iirc, so they do not seem out of place, i am rather surprised by the amount of various samples, a bit unlike GAS in a way but why not.
  7. saw him on stage, that was just awesome
  8. Im not sure the forthcoming one will sample previously released material ?? WW did put out some NFT stuff this year along a 9mîn EP of ace loops by the way. yeah Rausch is a killer trip
  9. I totally loves the latest GAS albums, cant wait to enjoy a new one !
  10. I guess thats what many experimental music lovers do fear right now. Farewell Pita
  11. Huge loss for music, i rate his albums and killer team works at the top of the game, since the late 90s and Emego was a godsent for music lovers..
  12. Yeah often related to TOUCH artists, loving the Philip Jeck tape indeed.
  13. Top review on pitchfork, well deserved : https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/seefeel-rupt-and-flex-1994-96/
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