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  1. I really love the latest TDR done for Autechre..
  2. khov


    Saw Hassell opening for 2 ae gigs, both were great sets. If Autechre release the Tourcoing 2016 gig (first night of the tour) i wonder if it will include the encore (after the « regular » set) ??
  3. khov

    4utechre (Ae twitch.tv)

    There was a crazy video with a dude explaining how to program music on a bbc computer, like early 80s. Fascinating.
  4. As fascinating / exiting the tracks were, from what i recall it was snipets/bits of jams (including released material like AE_LIVE) with some skipping madness here and then.
  5. Loads of glitches/skipping tracks, maybe Rob will get mad at Sean for cuting tracks halfway
  6. khov

    4utechre (Ae twitch.tv)

    I had volcanos in iceland and spiders.. good docu for breakfast !
  7. Pretty cool tracks being played rite now
  8. I heard a track, kinda prog rock jazz / whatever with a great bassline and a singer (his voice reminds me of Robert Wyatt), track ID anyone ?
  9. Reminds me of early black dog (?) @ 3h41
  10. In case sean or rob (or any brits or scottish lads) reads this : avoid all social contacts for weeks / months, like italians, spanish and french are doing rigth now as the crisis coming to the UK is going to be an complete nightmare. Sorry for hijacking the topic..
  11. Was listening to the original track earlier
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