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  1. I had nostalgia for listening to nostalgic synth music well put ! Yeah i still thinks Rifts is his best one. I do remembers watmm people saying it had a BOC drone vibe when that compilation went out.
  2. Thought about Agora while listening to Sign.
  3. If anyone wants to chat with me about that japanese Bonus « Prime Minister » (PM), please do 🙂 (bought the album just missing that one track...)
  4. Sideeffects of dope smoking for +20 years..
  5. yeah i agree, that flood of recent Ae discs/downloads (NTS, AE 2016) make them pretty modern in a way, just like those colundi madness ; BoC are obviously quite old school and... bit slow :P
  6. I really love the latest TDR done for Autechre..
  7. khov


    Saw Hassell opening for 2 ae gigs, both were great sets. If Autechre release the Tourcoing 2016 gig (first night of the tour) i wonder if it will include the encore (after the « regular » set) ??
  8. There was a crazy video with a dude explaining how to program music on a bbc computer, like early 80s. Fascinating.
  9. As fascinating / exiting the tracks were, from what i recall it was snipets/bits of jams (including released material like AE_LIVE) with some skipping madness here and then.
  10. Loads of glitches/skipping tracks, maybe Rob will get mad at Sean for cuting tracks halfway
  11. I had volcanos in iceland and spiders.. good docu for breakfast !
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