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  1. The vinyls sold out pretty quickly like in one hour, no luck for me :_( but i already had most of the tracks in digital...
  2. LPs back in stock via bandcamp : https://shop.cpurecords.net/album/seafire
  3. That Puzl track was released on the label Clear indeed...
  4. You can go to the Tuss page on the aphexbleepstore for more "Tuss" pictures if you need some. i really like the Bradley Strider one !
  5. Yeah fantastic album, i listened to it for the first time over the Alps during sunset, best flight EVER. ✈️⛅ The cassette live recording is a great companion to Agora btw : https://fenneszreleases.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-the-jazz-cafe
  6. Ah ah, just listened to the vid. Next time please bring your friend Sean !
  7. What about Sean and Rob recording that stuff themselves ? ;)
  8. There are great unreleased/new tracks on this boxset, really recommanded.
  9. A good while ago, i brought my LP5 CD into my mate's car (he hated it, of course..) & the sticker just fell out (like all LP5 stickers do..), so i put it inside my wallet & i left it there, like some weird paper talisman, for many many years until a pickpocket stole my wallet in the subway. I didnt care about the passport, i didnt care about my credit card but i felt sorry for my missing LP5 sticker..
  10. so Simulation X contains tracks from Simulation LP ??
  11. Noice to hear they're still enjoying themselves, which definitely shines throughout NTS imo All End ≠ End All That's what i wanted to read/hear
  12. i like the original GAS series more but i really love Narkopop, some fantastic moments in this album, i didnt heard Rausch yet.
  13. Got my cd boxset & i'm glad i bought it as there's this rare track (CAM ) on it, it's named here 'Five light paintings' ; it's a 20 minute piece, the missing link between On Land and Thursday Afternoon. I would have bought that boxet for that track alone.
  14. i like his 70s & early 80s records more but there are loads of gems in the whole Eno catalogue : Thursday afternoon, Neroli, Compact Forest proposal, Reflection. Thursday afternoon might be one of my favorite Eno record, i love its quiet/relax feel, a very "light" album indeed.
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