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2000 to 2005

Chris Moss Acid

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let me explain-


texas chainsaw massacre dub - 4 track dub big bass song from 2002


skycycle dub - 2002 4 track dub big bass, repetative track, was written to annoy my girlfriend at the time


godzilla!!! - 2005 digital 8 track recording of a pissed bored night, guitar rockus!


captain spauldings [original mix] - 2003 a clean digital 8 track version of a song i used to play alot live, guitar rockadudledoo with added nunchucks!


getcha - analg 4 track, early 2001, i had a roland juno synth and didnt really know what the fuck it was, so i wrote this corker


king of the hill - 2000 analog 4 track, 3 guitar over dubs and a drummachine = guitar theme tune redneck ville


dinosaur [2005 outtake] - originally a song wrote in 2003, but i'd just got a tr-707 and wanted to wail on it this is the result


wundering - done in early 2000, guitar was me, the backing was from music 2000 on the playstation [buckethead cover]


scorpian mammal - 2003 in my old band, im on fuzz guitar and drum programing and shouting while extremely drunk


nelly - 2001 a guitar manefesto for a girl i liked, i gave her the cassette never to hear from ehre ever again!


untitled 2003 - easy going electric guitar, guitar ballad - my mum likes this one!


personality disorder - 2001 acoustic dangling stump, i was waching mad max and the sample goes well with the song!! "BUT THE JUDGE MAN!!"


a45 - [2005] like dinosaur i wanted to wail my 707 and i had a zoom 123 drum machine with bass on it, so i made it a 101/303 type tip



i hope you like some of these.. there are a number.. a large number of folk who are trying to get me back in to playing the guitar with the acid tip, i'll see what i feel like when i get my gear back from various buddies i lent them to!




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Guest Analogue Wings

godzilla!!! - 2005 digital 8 track recording of a pissed bored night, guitar rockus!


Loz, I have one called Mothra! We should mash em up and see which one winz


Mothra slow instrumental version


Am going to do a grime version as soon as my MC gets his shit together...

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