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Pure Evil - A New Dawn


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PSY069 Pure Evil - A New Dawn

Artist: Pure Evil (Charles Uzzell Edwards)
Title: A New Dawn
Cat No: PSY 069
Release Date: 29th July 2013
Limitation: 100
Label: Psychonavigation
File Under : Dub - Electronica / Electro
Tracklisting :
1. Brighton Rocks
2. Android
3. Exquisite Corpse
4. Monday Bloody Monday (feat. The Basement Ghost)
5. Not Even High
6. The Dawn
7. Shudders
8. Able & Baker Go To The Moon
9. Final
Charles Uzzell-Edwards born in South Wales in 1968 is a graffiti artist known by the moniker “Pure Evil” and is a stablemate of Banksy. He is also the son of Welsh painter John Uzzell Edwards. Uzzell-Edwards has exhibited globally.
In the early 90’s he was one of the designers for Anarchic Adjustment with Alan Brown and Nick Philip and released electronic ambient music on Pete Namlook’s FAX label, recording “Octopus” 1, 2 & 3 and “Dada” (under the pseudonym Drum Machine Circle) solo, producing “A New Consciousness” and “Create” 1 & 2 with Pete Namlook, recording “Supergroup” with Thomas Bullock, and “Audio” with Tetsu Inoue and Daimon Beail. The Pure Evil Gallery is run by Uzzell-Edwards and located in Shoreditch, London.
A New Dawn is the result of many long night jams in the basement of Pure Evil Studios.
Dedicated to Peter Kuhlmann [FAX +49-69/450464]


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