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red crunkle


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I guess this will be a series of little jams/ideas




I think it turned out pretty comprehensible considering the patches were complicated enough I couldn't run more than one track in realtime


also need to modify the drum noises with stuff like this more often

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Guest sonnyskare

I seem to shift between trying ridiculous rhythms trying to be drukqs and little drum machine jams with excessively wonky tuning. Here's one of the latter




all sounds © me except for the drum machine noises

Liking the eerie vibes on this one. Second and third one are not so good (the third one, that one hurt my ears).



Digging this one. I like the acid noise+melody. Nice stuff.


I guess if anything it could be a bit longer with more elements, but as it stands it's hard to criticize.

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Lol this is some deranged shit. I like the beat but that off key stuff is crazy lol. Its cool but I'm not sure if I dig it. More just jaw dropped by the madness of it.

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