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I like the mixing in this. Maybe you could add a little extra "grit" (that's a terrible use of words, but I can't come up with anything better atm) to the synth that comes in around 0:32? It's good as it is now, but with a little distortion or something it could be even better.


Some of the best stuff I've heard on here in quite a while. 4 realz

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Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah it's pretty compressed and I think I'll cut it back a bit in the future. Anyway I'm going for a crappy vhs-retro vibe here hence the saturated no-highs -sound. But yeah it might be a bit overdone and I'll be looking for a good middle-of-the-road solution between clarity and crappiness. Personally I like the idea of "musical impressionism" where things are not too clear and the listener can or has to use his/hers own imagination to fill in the blanks. But I don't know how it works here so I really appreciate all comments, positive and negative and try to get it just right next time.


This style of making these tunes just makes it near impossible to remix these tracks. I'm basically sampling my own tunes or musical bits that I compose and then transfer to Maschine and just play different bits on the pads. And I also like to pitch things down a bit to make it sound fatter. I also add some other stuff on top later on but yeah that's it basically, if you're interested. Kind of a backwards way of doing things but it's incredibly fun when you get to the point of just playing around with different pads.

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Guest The Bro

Musically you're on a high level that is clear. Personally though I wasn't feeling this particular track. Also for me the mix felt a bit muddy. Sorry dude. :-)

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