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Normally I'm not into found footage vids, but this really pushes the concept into something memorable, as discrete clips quickly melt into a rainbow goo of distortion and artefacts. It's like when the 60s psychedelic guys got to the 90s and decided their best course of action was to put out

. It's like the sandtoy I had when I was a kid - picture frame filled with little eddies of different coloured sparkle dust. Spin it 100 times and you mix up a new colour. WOW.


I also like when it manages to momentarily come together into a coherent image. The shot of the men in buffalo masks standing on the ridge, midsections all glitched out, is quite striking to me


And the music is really neat too. When it comes together it's like...not a chiptune, but the memory of a chiptune. Or dreams about listening to music as a little baby, when everything sounded like colourful balls of energy. Oldskool game music gets pretty close to capturing that feeling but this gets closer I think

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