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Terra Incognita, radioshow on IFMs Radio Free Robotron channel broadcasting every 2 weeks.


All previous broadcasts are available at these pages:




lots of amazing music/guests to be broadcast in the future, not to be missed ;)




PS: a Twitter to keep informed about the shows happenings if you prefer ;) https://twitter.com/UpstndngMonk

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https://intergalacticfm.com/content/audio.php?a=i&i=3475 last nights broadcast with D'Arcangelo mix is now up to stream/dl at that link


Monks picks:
Patronen - Übertragung [biosoft records, 2014]
Sculpture - Plastic Infinite [Tapebox, 2014]
VHS Head - Farewell Africa [skam, 2014]
Larry Heard - DNA-RNA [black Market International, 1996]
Telluric - Axolotl [sWISHcotheque Records , 2014]
Ed Chamberlain - Synthia [baseLogic, 2006]
Mark du Mosch - Bay 25 [Dekmantel, 2014]
Black Narcissus - Parl Taktsang [signals, 2013]
Yuang Mekong - Under Different Stars [Dreamdark , 2014]
D'Arcangelo mix for Intergalactic FM:
COH - Meguro [Editions Mego, 2014]
Rob Clouth - Bubble Chamber (Original Mix) [Traum Schallplatten, 2012]
Kritical audio - Bugsmasher [Detroit Underground, 2011]
Red, raw murder on GI. Ignore drum [Divided By Zer0, 2012]
Tipper- Tweak sauce [Colony Productions, 2005]
Squarepusher - 4001 [Warp Records, 2012]
Eva Schlegel - Noise In The Space-Time Continuum [Not on label/Soundcloud, 2014]
E_Machinery - Master Control Progam
Mystery track
Solvent - Curtains [suction Records, 2011]
Luke Vibert - Acrobot [Hypercolour, 2014]
Transllusion - Dimensional Glide [supremat, 2001]
Vermont - ubersprung [Kompakt, 2014]
Siriusmo - Itchy/Cornerboy [Monkeytown Records, 2013]
Drexciya - Rubick's Cube [underground Resistance, 2003]
Teeel - Corduroy Swell (Datassette Remix) [Moodgadget Records, 2011]
Matt whitehead - a is for acid (perc mod mix) [Perc Trax Limited, 2013]
Clark - MFB Skank [Warp Records, 2013]
KiNK - The Roots Of Techno [sharivari Records, 2010]
Vector_lovers - Electrobotic disco Part II [soma, 2004]
also available to listen to at a higher bitrate here http://www.mixcloud.com/UpstandingMonk/transmission-23-darcangelo/
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Terra Incognita

The 24th transmission! a special trio guest danger rinseout! celebrating over 2 years of radioshow action!!!

Tickling ears and keeping selections tidy we have Eva Schlegel who has provided a 2 hour mixture of music that will make listeners of the show nice and cozy.

After that we are joined on the show with Sela. who is providing a fresh mix that should greatly entertain

Finally we will have a very special set from Norwegian acid don EOD who should be no stranger to listeners of the show! quality slices of wax on several outstanding labels with plenty more in the pipeline, this set will not be one to miss!!! ;)

Broadcasting on IFMs Radio Free Robotron on Saturday the 21st of June from 1900 pm till 1100 pm GMT (UK Time) (2000-2400 CIT)

converter for your timezone

Informative links:
Eva Schlegel



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Nice job on the line-up again :)! Can't tune in (at a festival), but I'll definitely listen to the recording later (I hope)

all broadcasts are safely archived, no need to hope, know ;)!

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Transmission 24 - EOD, Eva Schlegel & Sela.


last broadcast now safely archived on IFM for stream/download, massive thanks to the amazing guests for their sets!!! back in 2 weeks ;)



Monks Picks:
Jeffies/Carewe/Greig - Evil At Play [Chappell, 1986]
Dalhous - Thoughts Out of Season [blackest Ever Black, 2014]
Ed Chamberlain - Styge [base Logic, 2007]
Caustic Window - Fingry [Rephlex, 1994]
Space Dimension Controller - Monodynamic [Royal Oak, 2014]
Eva Schlegel Omega Point mix for IFM:
Drexciya - Hydro Theory [Warp Records, 1995]
Trackermatte - Galaxy Clown [selfreleased, 2013]
Beatwife-Fluskins [Love Love Records, 2014]
Beatwife-Dwistco[Love Love Records, 2014]
AFX -Untitled (Analogue Bubblebath 5 - A01) [Rephlex, 1995]
Moby - I Tried [Love-Da-Records, 2013]
Seph - Zoom (Bi)[Aula Magna Records, 2012]
Autechre- Clipper [Warp Records, 1995]
DMX Krew-Keuswask [Mystic & Quantum Records, 2014]
Richard Devine - Floccus [schematic, 2003]
EOD -Dju[selfreleased, 2014]
Autechre- Eggshell[Warp Records, 1993]
Bochum Welt -Paph[Rephlex, 1996]
Eva Schlegel - Windward [unreleased, 2013]
Patronen-WeinsbergNachWurzberg [biosoftRecords, 2014]
Ambidextrous - Saint John’s Mood [sEALT , 2012]
D'Arcangelo- Inside[Rephlex, 2007]
Aleksi Perälä- Cottage[Rephlex, 2009]
Mu-Ziq- Melancho [Hi-Rise Recordings, 1995]
D'Arcangelo- Diagram VII (80's Mix)[Rephlex, 2001]
Ametsub- Time For Trees [Progressive Form, 2009]
Underground Resistance -Quadrasonic [underground Resistance, 1991]
Ulrich Schnauss- Clear Day [City Centre Offices, 2003]
Richard Devine - Timach [sublight Records, 2005]
Sonornote-For Eva [soundcloud, 2014]
Monks Picks, interlude 1:
Richard Houghten - Rain Rain Rain [self released bandcamp, 2014]
Shammen Delly - Sumer Is Icumen In [unreleased, 2014]
Omid - Ripple Study [Mush, 2003]
DMX Krew - Future Light Cone [shipwrec, 2014]
DJ Rashad - I don't Give a Fuck [Hyperdub, 2013]
Sela. mix for IFM:
??? - ???
PAISLEY PARKS - CallingU [Бh○§†, 2013]
DJ Aflow - Sum Throwback [N/A (WEB), 2014]
Traxman - Gone And Hit That Shit [Da Mind Of Traxman, 2014]
DJ Rashad - Walk For Me [Teklife Vol 1: Welcome To The Chi, 2012]
Satanicpornocultshop - do3 remix by Jackknifer D.J.Tora [battle Creek Brawl, 2012]
DJ Frankie - I Can't Control The Feelin 09 [N/A, 2009]
DJ Elmoe - Dream A Dream [N/A, ???]
DJ Lil Jay - NEW RAW ASS TRACK 09 SHIT [N/A, 2009]
Ahmad Jackson Jr. - done for you [stylus ep, 2012
Kurt - Movements [N/A, 2004]
Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell - Let's Get Blown [R & G (Rhythm & Gangsta): The Masterpiece, 2004]
Squadda B - Best Kept Secret [book of Squadda, 2009]
真夜中Midnight~~Karaokeカラオケ 9 . 5 - Airwaves [Midnight Karaoke Vol​.​4, 2014]
bnup - triplochiton [forest belt, 2014]
Tuamie - Plans [Yugen, 2012]
tropes - polite [wake soon, 2013]
Top$ - F_04 [Games, 2014]
sStarr - Luv.. [soulTravl3[More.Ideaahz], 2014]
Ohbliv - hungree [blkcodes.prt 2, 2012]
Knxwledge. - 1. ohyea_ [Hexual.Sealings.Prt5.5_, 2013]
Fátima Guedes - Água [???, ???]
Monk picks interlude 2:
Global Goon - Feelings [balkan Recordings, 2014]
Bellariva Gladiators - BG50136 (Part 02) [EVES, 2013]
Lemon D - Jah Love [Conqueror Records, 1995]
Koolmorf Widesen - 7 Rockets[EVES, 2009]
eod moonmix
final track curtain call:
Global Goon - Infinite Blossom [030303, 2012]
also available to stream at a slightly higher bitrate here
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Terra Incognita

the 25th transmission featuring a special mix from FFF!

broadcasting on IFMs Radio Free Robotron (https://intergalacticfm.com/radio_free_robotron.php ) on Saturday the 5th of June from 2100-2230 GMT (UK Time/ 2200-2330 CIT)

converter for your timezone

Informative Links:

chatroom = https://intergalacticfm.com/chat.php
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Last broadcast with FFF now up https://intergalacticfm.com/content/audio.php?a=i&i=3537


Monks Picks:
Acronym - Oceanus [Dimensional Exploration, 2014]
Abdulla Rashim - Nothing Existed [Northern Electronics, 2014]
Mica Levi - Love [Milan, 2014]
Susumu Yokota - 23 Degrees Dream [skinton, 2003]
Aleksi Perälä - Fluorescence [AP Musik, 2014]
Tipper - Dreamsters [Tippermusic, 2014]
Polska - Wander [subtle Audio Recordings, 2010]
VHS Head - Motions [skam, 2010]
696 - Black Widow [Yel-owe, 2011]
Mike Dred - Hydra [self released/Bandcamp, 2014]
Dalhous - Someone Secure [blackest Ever Black, 2014]
FFF mix:
FFF - Badness VIP [Animal Breaks, 2014]
Dub-Liner & Omen Breaks - Gwan [Jungle Cat Recordings, 2013]
FFF - Schemin' [Love Love Records, 2014]
FFF - Usually Peaceful [unreleased]
Kid Lib & Percussive P - I Can't Go [Green Bay Wax, 2013]
FFF - Crew [Murder Channel, 2013]
Coco Bryce - Runnin (RPG-H8R Remix) [Myor, 2013]
Dwarde & Mr Sensi - Energy '94 [Green Bay Wax, 2013
Doc Odessah - Panic Tune (VIP Relick) [Kode5 Recordings, 2013]
FFF - Frenzy [unreleased]
FFF - Don't Trouble The Bass [unreleased]
サイケアウツG - Tav [NODE, 2013]
Wrongtom Meets Deemas J - Jump + Move + Rock [Tru Thoughts, 2012]
Bonus track curtain call:
EOD - Borea [self Released Bandcamp, 2014]
also available here for higher bitrate streaming http://www.mixcloud.com/UpstandingMonk/transmission-25-fff/
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