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Steve Stoll - Solo In Place


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Steve Stoll - Solo In Place. Out in early 2015 on Psychonavigation Records

New album featuring collaborations with Mike Olsen (Arcade Fire) & Nina Kraviz

1) Sound Asleep (w / Mike Olsen)
2) Missing My Place
3) Breathe Out (w / Nina Kraviz)
4) Trios Amigos
5) Holy Ghosts Amongst Us
6) Welcome To Berkley
7) A Fault Of Mine
8) Touches Of Light
9) Fountains Of You (w / Nina Kraviz)
10) Some Things Change
11) Systems
12) Outro


In his own words Steve says : It's meant to be a kind of meditation piece, I mixed most of it literally sitting out in a forest at night, the volume of my mixing let me hear all the insects, trees and critters around me, perhaps a heightened sense of hearing since it was so quiet. I was drawing on a lot of Eno concepts of amplitude of music as well.


Samples coming soon.....

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