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NoinoNoinoNoino - 8


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out 17/01 on Caoutchou


LINK: https://caoutchou.bandcamp.com/album/8


2014, boiling hot sun in Berlin: Kiki Hitomi (1/3 of King Midas Sound), Dead Fader, DJ Die Soon, and DJ Hotel gathered in a shaman's den to record. Within 3 days without food -only surviving on green holy aroma's- they produced 44 songs. 13 of those tracks form the album "8".  
These highly intense improvisations, all one take recordings, connect into one long bass-heavy soundtrack that gives a nod to 60's Japanese New Wave cmovies like "Suna no Onna". 
The atmosphere is hauntingly claustrophobic, highly atmospheric and dense. These post apocalyptic dubs became the blueprint for Kiki Hitomi's LP "Karma No Kusari" on Jahtari. 
The limited edition (88), hand crafted and numbered, glitter cassettes come with screen printed cover art by Diana Boys and features artwork by Kiki Hitomi. Pre-order: caoutchou.bandcamp.com/album/8
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