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Underfelt - Darkened Windows


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For anyone who may not know - Underfelt is the 'side project' of Real Cardinal [Comaduster]...







Smokey Crow's 15th release and first full album. 
Spawned and nurtured in the rich creative substrate of Vancouver's vibrant bass scene, Underfelt offers a spectacular new vision for deep, dark electronic music. In "Darkened Windows", his first release on Smokey Crow Records, he transcribes powerful rhythms into that fractured space where the waking mind melts into the fractal decay of unconsciousness, orchestrating an unholy genre-corroding alchemy to build epic soundscapes with surgical precision. 
Splayed on the autopsy table, the album reveals a compositional masterpiece. Hauntingly intimate, relentlessly inventive, this is dance music generated in nebulous places, grown in dark corners where memories and nightmares bleed together. 
We’re drawn through a portal into Underfelt’s beautiful madness. The experience billows inside our skulls, visceral, almost synesthetic: The titanium carcass of an ancient metropolis teems with skittering mechanical insects under a cold alien moon. Warped melodies drift across scarred wasteland into its ruptured ruins. A young mother softly weeps in a cathedral. Guttural snarls rumble from the darkness, triggering our primal instinct to move with the horde. 
So we bow our heads, close our eyes, sway our hips, and succumb to the machine shadow. Carving space, disrupting time, mutating mind: Underfelt is the apocalyptic phantom that drives us, grimacing yet grateful, through the darkened window.
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