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Suction Records restocks, including RX-101 "EP 1" + "EP2" + D'Arcangelo BLUE vinyl

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After a recent distributor return & stockroom cleanup, we've got several LONG TIME OOP titles in stock, including some of our most sought-after releases, in very small quantities!
Don't sleep!:
--> RX-101 "EP 2" (15x RED vinyl / 9x BLACK vinyl)
--> RX-101 "EP 1" (2x BLUE vinyl / 66x BLACK vinyl)
--> D'Arcangelo CAT039 reissue (13x BLUE vinyl)
--> Ceramic Hello "The Absence..." (9x BLACK vinyl)
--> Digital Poodle "Soul Crush" w/Adam X + :zoviet*france: remixes (10x YELLOW vinyl)


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