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Jim Kirkwood - Tenebrae


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A track from my forthcoming album Tenebrae - A Presence of Light, which will be available from my Bandcamp page this September.

Some details about this album.

This album was inspired by the books of C.S.Lewis, especially the Narnia Chronicles and the semi fictional work, The Great Divorce. If you look closely at the upper left corner of the cover on the vid there is a cameo of Mr Lewis. I wanted to create a story behind the music. So I came up with this idea of "The City" (Tenebrae) in which there is a secret heart or gate, unseen except by a few, that leads to "another place" the unseen village. (Foxhalt Edge - it has many names) It is an allegory of Life and Death, and if you have read The Great Divorce, you might see it could also be Purgatory, which leads to Paradise. less fortunate souls discover that the city is also an entrance to the Abyss of Hell. The main character in the story, Detective Inspector Zachariah Winters, is a soul on a journey. He was once the tragic hero in another story of which, like all the others who live there, remembers nothing of his previous existence, but is on a journey of waking up. Rather like Neo in the Matrix, or perhaps the citizens of the sci fi movie, the Dark City. Some might call it enlightenment. I will say little about who he was, except that he once wielded a Black sword! There is also a connection here with the Catholic rite of the same name, referring to the three days of darkness with proceed the resurrection of Christ. None of this is accidental. Of course you can simply enjoy the music for what it is.


 "...over 2 hours of music, a CD + bonus tracks. Watch this space, as they say [...] aiming for a September release, but hoping it might be sooner".

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