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  1. i like getting my blood pressure checked, and feeling the cuff squeezing my arm.
  2. ^word up, that whole yt channel is a fucken goldmine there's been a lot of buzz (over the years) around rdj archiving his cassette tracks and getting them mastered and publicly released. i'm starting to wonder what kind of format he'll use, because it's just occured to me that there has never been a release by rdj which is solely aimed at collecting old material. i think SAW85-92, itself, is the only exception to this. we've had compilations like Classics and Caustic Window (which are both reissues of tracks already available) and the 2000 reissue of SOSW had two new tracks. obviously the digitals store came with lots and lots of bonus tracks, which were tacked onto pre-existing albums. so what would it look like? this is a project very, very personal to rdj and the longer it takes him to make up his mind, the longer we'll have to wait...
  3. set your washing machine to "drum wash", if it hasn't been used for a long time. it'll sort out any unpleasantness and you'll be good to go.
  4. this is really really fun to listen to. lulzy on the surface but very well produced - he did a great job getting all the subtly tricky choral/tonal changes to layer together. that tiny little melody @5:02 is awesome...
  5. even crazier when you're watching a CRT tv set and it fucking degausses itself in front of you because theirs is behind the wall, and they've switched it on. happier times.
  6. really hope we get another 30 year old aphex record out of this
  7. i keep rewatching this, it's mind-boggling. looks like a freakin Cyriac animation.
  8. remember the good old days when heavy sexual/fetishy subjects were so casual here? i remember threads like "country foot" and "which celebrity would you rim" thrown around just as often as soundcloud links are now. someone started "what is the worst thing you can imagine" and it blew up with lengthy details of real-life murder/rape cases. i was 13 when i read that here! i guess i turned out okay. this was all normal everywhere on the internet back then.
  9. the trivialities of others can't appeal to an intimate crisis
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