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  1. listened to Bola for about eight years, literally only just noticed his album 'Gnayse' sounds like 'bolognaise'. it's even got the silent g T_T sure thing. anything is possible in this world. i need a lie down.
  2. first things that come to mind: Fatal diving accident caught on tape: Yuri Lipski (youtube won't embed this video for some reason)
  3. BoC Ultimatum: 10th anniversary box set edition
  4. shout-out to everyone having to cancel/rearrange their birthdays because of social distancing. it sucks 🥺. godspeed.
  5. rich has always been pretty level-headed with these things, tho. we've seen him talk about conspiracy theories but as far as i'm concerned it's just reasonable, down-to-earth observations about things many people are already aware of. remember when he criticized this Australian commercial? that's not even theorising, it's critiquing an actual govt. sponsored attempt to change public attitudes by belittling people from a specific subculture. above all, he clearly takes proper research very seriously and he wouldn't go around spreading information about world issues (his personal career aside :3) unless he's certain that it's true. let's not forget we're not talking about your average tin foil hat wikia editor - this man has been travelling the world for three decades to play his music. he knows how to deal with the dishonesty of the press (just look at his early interviews) and he's been prepared for fake news since before trump, before even 9/11. he knows what's what. as Richie Sombrero said, the covid-19 figures can be ambiguous and it's a good opportunity to start checking the facts. make a habit of it.
  6. yeah. in my experience, it will peak sometime around 24 hours with increased energy, lucidity etc until around 36 hours which comes with a 'crash' not unlike a sugar rush. the body will effectively try to complete its sleep cycle, complete with lapses in concentration and states of drowsiness. if you get past 48 hours you may peak for a second time, but the buildup of fatigue will compound the overall process. there is a drug called Modafinil which basically eliminates the need to sleep. it's what the US Military uses.
  7. 9-hour wav version of aphex airlines confirmed
  8. tl;dr people on the internet don't have the vocabulary to discuss feminism
  9. whatever this is, it's an IDM as fuck thing to need help with.
  10. can i be an incel if i have man boobs? i made a conscious choice to have man boobs.
  11. this must've taken a very long time to put together. fascinating stuff, mad props!
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