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  1. so incredibly hyped for this!!! do you think there'll be a cassette release? either way i'm super excited for hi-quality soundclouds and potential new tunes 🥰
  2. do you have a cd-r of the four bonus tracks? also how big are the mp3s?
  3. it's truly amazing what some indigenous/tribal musicians are capable of...
  4. Dragon

    June 9th

    always loved this video. this one too: have a tasty 6 / 9 😋
  5. shhh. just leave him be.
  6. thanks for the bump. one of the deepest and most amazing interviews he's done, i really enjoyed reading it again.
  7. i love these threads! wish more people would do it, always interesting to read, potential gems to discover and it's not like anyone is forced to read it from start to finish. here's mine. i'm just gonna quote your post and add my own answers coz it's easier.
  8. this one is from Nathan Barley, in the art booklet that comes with the DVD and maybe in some promos. he knows where to find the good stuff :)
  9. I didn't come in here to blame you, or any of the moderators. I came in here to reply to Taupe Beats, since it's clear that theocide's psychopath cunt behaviour was affecting not just me, but other users too. Personally, I've responded to it by not drawing attention to it and keeping a low profile, even if it means not being able to use the site at all. theocide has done so much damage I couldn't give a fuck what happens to this place. If you feel I'm accusing you of fascism or whatever, then I'll happily go back to never mentioning it. My post was a reply to Taupe Beats. But I think it's utterly laughable that you'd suggest reporting posts at this stage, as if you give two shits, right after disregarding theocide as "alright for the most part". Basically theocide will always find a way to come back here with his toxic hate-mongering and we're just in it for the ride. If you haven't noticed it for the last 10-15 years, I don't see why I should start going around reporting posts.
  10. flol. I'm talking about someone using several alt accounts to harass, bully and intimidate members of WATMM over a period exceeding ten years - preventing people from using the site in the process - and you want me to "report the post". I'll probably give that a miss thanks.
  11. Dragon

    unofficial merch

    i like to think that Analord 5 had a b-side label so horrendous the picture had to be removed :3
  12. This. He has always gone out of his way to attack, humiliate, intimidate and basically make people feel like shit as much as possible. He comes across as a psychopath in his alt accounts, often with more than one layer of nastiness hidden covertly in his posts. I never complained about it originally, and he was doing this for years. I stopped using WATMM regularly for about three years because it was all I could do. And for what it's worth, theocide still has active accounts on WATMM. If anyone's interested you can ask me, altho apparently no-one seems to really care. Coming from a mod...
  13. Dragon

    Ae in C#

    it's probably quite easy to write a patch that can generate/compose new figures and phrases for In C. i reckon if Ae had done this in the EP7/confield era it would've sounded amazing. now maybe not so much, in the sense that they're too lazy to think and they have pieces of code to appreciate things for them.
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