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  1. a sequel to gescom minidisc, released as a single WAV file 28 hours in length
  2. always loved this series. in my mp3 days i used to love the idea of getting AB3.1 on that 180 gram vinyl. it's a close one, but my favourite is AB4. solid from beginning to end, and cuckoo/elephant song are two of my all time faves. btw, props for posting ab5 track 5 ๐Ÿ™‚ i love that track to death!!
  3. Dragon

    CORC (LP5,1998)

    it's amazing isn't it?? ๐Ÿ’– have you checked out the rest of the album? there's also EP7 and Arovane did a track with similar feels: fuck it let's have Rakimou by Plaid as well, one of the oft-forgotten highlights of IDM
  4. got some sweet love out of that thing... but then i realized the lack of hands and cheekbones... bjork's face was never going to appear. it was obvious when i put on my blue/red glasses that i had a completely different prop, which didn't even know my name. i had many tender evenings with it, but really it's destined for the skip. you can have it if you want, full shipping or petrol money. just clean out the bull foam (also i wrote bjork/sugarcube lyrics in magic marker on it a whole bunch of times, mainly underneath)
  5. fuck yes. i love his 93-era sets. gonna put some time to this one!
  6. that's lush. i remember now, these are tracks from the Noyzelab Interview. i'm at home now and i can see there are two more CIRCLONT versions and loads of other goodies.
  7. totally agree with this. closest we have right now is this: and not syro, but this early analord mix:
  8. listening to 8 world waver and those huge fucking beats - the full, physical experience of being in a car crash, but that instant happening for three minutes. claustrophobia, being crushed by metal, bright flashes and flames going on and on... not me, but i hope he/she does! Vordhosbn and CIRCLONT14 [shrymoming mix] make me cry the most.
  9. known about it for a while. i'd love to watch an HD version of this - hell, i'd go out and buy it if there was a remaster. i'm kinda tempted to string together the tracks in a higher bitrate, but either way this is a hell of a good film and i think i need to rewatch this properly. i'll get it up on my tv ๐Ÿ™ƒ
  10. just now been listening to this AB3 track (.942937) and thinking of city scapes. you know when it's somehow really bright underneath huge storm clouds, outdoors lit like indoors? this track is like huge waves of lightning clouds going over bleak, industrial skylines. it's early morning, but the roads are like dark tunnels, flickering with bright lights. manic yet exhausting. this has put me in a Quaristice mood. let's see how that goes.
  11. loving this. saw2 always seems to feel different from other 'scary/spooky' ambient music - to me anyway - in that it doesn't want to scare you, rather it lets you feel scared. it plays on the level of etheral, effortless thoughts, allowing the listener to disconnect and accept the music on their own terms. to me, even tracks like Grass and Tree, as disturbing as they are, sound inviting - they make me WANT to feel scared. it fascinates me that this could be related to saw2's roots in lucid dreaming, a big part of which involves making powerful, emotive experiences happen by free will. in fact, can any other lucid dreamers shed some light on this? have you ever tried to create something nightmarish, just to see how it feels?
  12. i first started with SAW2 and followed it up with the On EPs. the long beat tracks on those EPs still have little nostalgic vibes for me (since i don't listen to them very often now, apart from On) and i remember getting into 73-yips. i loved that track. clear-cut flashes of metallic light hitting you in the face, steady and sharp. now this is where it gets interesting, because this means i heard this track BEFORE i heard ICBYD. i fell in love with those electric stabs before discovering, to my amazement, that richard had woven a tapestry of lush lights and oriental chords and dozens more of these crunching sonic soundwaves. it's a truly special moment, when you find out an artist has produced another track based on something you already really really love. this might be the afx track i've listened to the most. after 13 years of listening it's the only single track i could identify as my favourite without thinking about it at all. the title is special to me, since it reminds me of the above story. both tracks are BRIGHT FUCKING GREEN when they're in my head. i have synaesthesia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Synesthesia) and no doubt i'll be mentioning this frequently ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿคฉ edit: link
  13. this is a general thread for all the things aphex twin's music makes you think about. i've had a lot of fun re-reading the recently bumped threads, and i think there should be a space for people's interpretations here. this thread is for: thoughts and imagery inspired by afx stories about moving experiences, first time listens, personal moments etc. stories of drug use + realizations, hallucinations your favourite moments and details imaginative stories and scenes that appear to you from afx tracks moods, feelings and textures that arise from afx tracks you can keep it long or keep it brief, it's up to you. extremely long and overblown posts are welcome, even encouraged. whether it's something you've thought about for years or something casual you literally just thought of, anything goes! this thread is open to everyone, but i'm especially eager to hear from all of you who are new to watmm, or have recently discovered aphex for the first time - tell us all about it!!
  14. Dragon

    unofficial merch

    i don't know how you've achieved this - really i'm lost for words, but you've managed to design and produce something more shit that the 26 mixes cover. sorry, i usually hold off on this stuff but that really is fucking abysmal. would you want to be recognized in public as a fan of aphex twin with that? would you at least pour on some Brut or TCP to distract them from the association? only saying b/c i still want to get an AFX logo shirt. thanks.
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