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  1. i spent hours waiting for a download on a shitty temporary laptop - i can't watch videos and download at the same time. so i wrote a script in bash that endlessly prints swear words. it started out like your average "20 go to 10", but it spiralled out of control. now i have seventy lines of code that uses fibonacci numbers and other techniques to space out the words, eliminating repeating patterns to get a completely random flow that curves and twists every so often. i have a library of swear words and other violent sexual terminology - verbs, nouns, adjectives and so on. i found myself working on the script instead of watching videos. at this point i think it can actually brainwash people. i need to test it out.
  2. i'm still in a psychiatric unit and life is a lot harder without my phone, my glasses, my mp3 player. i got banned from a discord server for talking about what happened earlier this week, it's basically tw. i'm here to chill out, i'm allowed to have my laptop when supervised. basking in good vibes wherever they come. no bawww intended.
  3. @Joyrex this. it really does look like you can't see your PMs or your emails. can you let us know whether this is the case? you're not the ghosting type, i'm sure this is just a mistake.
  4. just completely deepfake the On music video so it looks like the Hell painting from the divine comedy
  5. as someone who worshipped limp bizkit/crazy town as a 9y/o and then felt remorseful about it in their 20s, i can honestly say the lollapalooza set is the most reassuring and validating thing i've seen for years. loved every second of it. time to give Chocolate Starfish a re-listen i think.
  6. iirc, the soundcloud track "8 lush ambulance 2" was used in a video on the BBC Comedy website. music used in BBC content always goes thru licensing, which suggests that everything - even the soundcloud tracks (and possibly unreleased material) - is licensed. i'm not sure what that means for youtube algorithms. start with 80s tite and see how you get on.
  7. i'm getting a Venetian Snares vibe from these. we need more windowlicker babes with disklaviers in their teeth, maybe a few thousand minipops67 kids like in those cryriak vids. and rhubears dissolving.
  8. holy shit i have missed you guys so much!!! ❤️🧡💛💙💜 just dropping this message in here - i was banned for one month, but it didn't end, right? so is that a forum glitch? i really couldn't tell at first, but my name used to come up as "recently active" when i used incognito tabs (but i couldn't log in). i've got a bunch of drukqs playlists and stuff. so excited to be back xx
  9. best afx forum bump of all time 👍 lovely stuff!!
  10. Hausu (House), 1977 It's very hard to find a horror film that combines so many fine arts of cinema as House. You get the typical schoolgirl adventure setup gliding straight into pure, unrestrained horrorshow chaos. House is a world which is so familiar - with an opening which is pretty much live-action anime. The beauty of this world comes through in the delicate, passionate sense of fantasy that graces every scene. I'm talking about scenes like Gorgeous (yes, that's her name) meeting her father's fiancee and her new mother. The music, the brightly coloured skies in the background of their kitchen, take you to an otherworldly, heavenly place. It's telling you that you're in a fantasy, and these intense - almost intrusive - elements are allowed to exist. This is how the film continues. The gang come out into the countryside to visit a distant relative. Everything is overwhelmingly cheerful, and it stays that way. So when the horror elements break into view, we still have this child-like sense of discovering new things and overcoming strange problems. The second half of the film descends into absolute, psychomania, batshit-insane madness. But the atmosphere doesn't change - this horror is so gently interwoven with the characters' sense of wonder, that we let ourselves be taken into it. And there's some horrible stuff going on, it's not for the faint-hearted. You could praise it for its cinematography (especially its use of shading, to obscure shots without any of that blacked-out frame bullshit when stuff is going on) or its music, which legitimately feels both sweet and innocent, and creepy as fuck. But best of all you get these innovative, surreal, technical camera tricks that live and die especially for mid-70s productions like these. Get yourself a watermelon, a bottle of sake, and some fried chicken and you are in for a treat. tl;dr 10/10 live action horror staged like fantasy anime, spielberg-like direction and chimebox music that actually reassures you when things get crazy intense.
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