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  1. additional embeds for you crackheads to open at once:
  2. omen 2 is the best exorcism/possession film. best death scenes out of anything ever.
  3. well i just got two mentions in one day. you're really oscillating my dopamine bro
  4. most of what i know about Facebook comes from cross-posts or things quoted on other message boards. sometimes i really cannot imagine what goes on in peoples' heads. case in point: a mother posting something like this (spoilered). if something like this happens and it involves a young child, why on earth would you post it on FB and why would you go into so much detail? sorry for including the quotes, but i think it's essential to illustrate how bad the problem is. we're reaching a kind of medieval era where everyone is so neurotic that we fixate on things like witches or qanon or r
  5. i have trouble keeping up with VSnares. She began to cry is up there with my copy of the I-Ching as something i'll get around to reading at some point. anyway, welcome to wattemmz. that over-generalisation of electronic genres is something a lot of assholes do elsewhere, which we're lucky enough to avoid because we can see past that bullshit. it's not even about categories as much as appreciating something you might never have heard before ♥️
  6. Dragon

    Second Peng

    best thing about a hike is going into the last mile with a red bull and a track like peng, key nell 3 or nuane going at full blast.
  7. how do you play all the zoomer fans at once?
  8. he looks just like this bloke. was wondering what it was.
  9. holy shit i have pubes now
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