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  1. truly a Jessica Cortes ahead of his time~™
  2. ok so the we.tl links don't actually work anymore. anyone who could lend a hand, get in touch. i've got invites and stuff.
  3. that Heliosphan cover is amazing! reminds me of when i first listened to SAW1...
  4. thanks for the bump, it's a miracle i managed to find this in time. can't believe i keep missing out on Actress goodies, i rate him as high as BoC and yet i'm so out of touch...
  5. he cut out a part of the track because it sounds better that way, the fuck are you on about? he did it with Ventolin way back in 1995, and you could still listen to the full version because he made both edits available, like he did with this. i mean, do you realize that musicians sometimes edit their compositions?
  6. really appreciate the bump, i have to see this. it's been five years!
  7. a new Adam Curtis film? thanks for the heads up!
  8. how often on the internet do you see an obscure link from a 14 year old thread thoroughly brought back to life? this is why i love you guys ♥️ by the way, a while ago i found on here a big folder of tracker files by Bogdan Raczynski - could this be related? i created FLAC and mp3 copies, maybe we could include it in the Downloads section.
  9. +1 for the Qatsi trilogy (Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, Naqoyqatsi) particularly the first two. also check out Baraka and Samsara with cinematographer Ron Fricke directing. they are beautiful, very easy films to watch.
  10. not sure what you're referring to, but he was definitely building robots for the CCAI2ep sessions. he said on soundcloud that one of his kick drum bots put a hole through the drum during the first take.
  11. i'm getting a crazy audio glitch on my phone and it sounds like hypnotoad has been set on fire 😨
  12. it's locked in the tank and the keys are still stuck in Madonna's vagina. that's what the beeping noise is.
  13. did you guys know about this? gf destroyed a laptop and posted shit on xltronic? i had no idea about any of this and i was on here before tuss! Mt St Michael seems so different to me now. maybe he was already using her voice in the tracks that got lost, and he composed this track to deliberately say "goodbye", to the relationship and to the music that sampled her. (obvs this is personal stuff and i don't want to go crazy with the speculation but i'm getting a sense of that vibe now that i know about the story).
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