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  1. Cool Runnings A Clockwork Orange The Thin Blue Line Candyman Dances With Wolves The Color Purple Naked Lunch Singin' In The Rain
  2. they put out the occasional remix every so often. surely they should have the freedom to do that? it's like saying "no youre not allowed to release anything at all because it's easier for us fans not to expect anything". i would not put such a restriction on myself, and i haven't put out any albums. i like to think one of my audacity glitches will turn up on a SKAM ep some day.
  3. i've been saying josh rogan's name wrong deliberately for weeks now and people seem really on board with it. also i fancy me an indian takeaway.
  4. 65 bids, eh? why don't these people just buy a Yamaha GX1, crap out some complex and sophisticated solos with it in about four days, get super famous for owning such a mammoth piece of kit and then sell the GX1? with some poetry or whatever carved into it of course.
  5. inside and out of the year and I will be in the year and I will be in the year and I will be in the year and I will be in the year and I will be in the year and I will be in the year and I will be in the year and I will be in the year it just loops like that guys i think google has me trapped in 2020
  6. i don't use social media often, but i've been looking around today to see if people are talking about International Men's Day and overall it's disappointing. can i just say you are an absolute legend and this has made my day, to see such a thoroughly approving and thoroughly WATMM message is just what i needed ❤️
  7. much appreciated bump. here's a few of the dead links in the OP: 515eb7595c3e3c2f93000c30.format-webp.width-2880_5gM0XcFGXkw4kBWO.webp (last one saved as an annoying .webp file but it's viewable) and there are more comics here (possibly NSFW): https://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/beautifully-crude-rude-and-lewd-comics-from-joan-cornella https://m.fmkorea.com/49454978
  8. Nikocado Avocado is a guy who makes videos (and money) of himself eating his favourite type of noodles. that's all he does - he even lost his partner this way.
  9. the Buckie High video is... amazing. right in the feels. i don't know how the hell you managed to cram so much childhood into one five minute video but don't ever stop ♥️
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