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  1. is this an exclusive thing? just ordered the limit pink one from Bleep. also, what's happening with these? shouldn't a 400 limited release be selling out in a few hour or something?
  2. i'd love to hear how this goes!! just recently got geogaddi on vinyl. hope it's magic 🙂
  3. they can carry it. you can get COVID from someone symptomless.
  4. so someone starts a thread about discovering (or re-discovering) SAW85-92 - one of the greatest albums of all time - and all you people can do is argue about whether the album is "underrated"? some of us have been here for over ten years - don't forget this when you see people enjoying SAW85-92 without being familiar with it their entire lives. you act as if it's ridiculous to be surprised in any way that it's a great album - how else are people supposed to discover it? would you rather this forum grows a layer of dust because us wizards have said everything there is to say about it? god i remember when Fred Mcgriff started a thread, out of the blue, about Ventolin (Probus Mix) just because he liked the track. when did we stop doing things like that?
  5. ^^the other night i found Drane followed by M62 was a good combo on a night journey home.
  6. "i cannot see how such a civilized nation as Sweden could produce something so vile". mostly funny and awkward but it's amazing how xenophobic a short Telegraph youtube video manages to be. there must be a hundred funnier and more entertaining ways to talk about these stinky fish, without dragging an entire nationality through that stink.
  7. i would like to take this opportunity to recommend some of my favourite occult/satanic films: Haxan (1922) Rosemary's Baby (1968) The Wicker Man (1973) 1001 Arabian Nights (1974) Ghostwatch (1992) And a shout-out to The Exorcist (1973), which is mandatory for these lists.
  8. this is how i feel about 9/11 (@0:41) i heard the news when i was nine years old. as an outsider with no stake in the geo-political landscape at large and no information other than what trickles through our news media between commercials and cartoons, i've never been able to reconcile my own, immature view of 9/11 with the level of urgency and sanctity that is so forcefully presented to the western world, however little one understands. edit - if it's blocked click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZoupEbGQtU&t=41s
  9. Dragon

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    holy shit i need to get out there and describe some Ae tracks on youtube
  10. +1 for this. sound design is incredible too, maybe underrated. only had one problem with it, i guess it's a spoiler
  11. i just phoned a lumber yard i found on google street view and simply asked "have you got wood?" can't embed the tumbleweed gif for some reason, but apparently all my uploads on watmm going back to 2006 are on here! here's a scary wav file i made when i was 14. it's an mp3. drugs.mp3
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