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  1. heh. i wish i was near an awesome place like that. was lucky enough to see The Shining earlier this year, a lot of places showing it as a one-off to promote the sequel. maybe there'll be a resurgence of classic film screenings in 2020? maybe even some good new films...
  2. i remember someone casually lending this to me on DVD around 2012 when i was getting serious about films from acclaimed directors. to this day i am very, very glad i never bothered to watch it because it's the worst introduction to david lynch, who is one of the very best. the Twin Peaks pilot, Blue Velvet and Lost Highway are all spectacular entry points into his unique style. i have yet to get through more than 45mins or so of Dune but even the surreal puppetry/modelling of Eraserhead and its abstract approach to storytelling is somehow more likeable and natural than Dune. either lynch is out of his depth in this particular genre or there was just too much meddling and creative dissociation for any solid conception to come through, and it comes across as a cavalcade of sci fi tropes rather than something lynch wanted to make. anyway if you've seen it before and you enjoy it, i hope you have a great time. i don't watch much sci fi tbh.
  3. this is more relevant than ever, getting worse every single day. original creators on youtube and especially animators are the most important and most screwed-over people in the game right now.
  4. coke fresh from restaurant drink dispensers, never bottled or canned. every time. actually any drink as long as it's mixed in one of those machines. diet drinks are universally shit tho
  5. Dragon

    Go Corbyn

    this is the worrying thing. it's happened three times in a row - in 2015 you had old women in the street on the news who said they would never vote for ed milliband because "he's a wimp". labour have a serious problem with leadership and presentation. they've now had two, solid opportunities to clean themselves up and they have thoroughly fucked themselves each a piece. fucking state of labour. three quid well spent my arse.
  6. Dragon

    Go Corbyn

    pretty strong runner for worst decision in human history.
  8. it is, hands down, the best autechre track ever released. no-one will ever make a track like YJY UX again, not even the bro boothers.
  9. Dragon

    isopropophlex sample

    so glad this thing still works!! it never gets old 😂
  10. dunno why but i always thought of Bogdan Raczynski as the IDM/braindance Beck. doing for cheesy techno trash about relationships and japanese vocal samples what Beck did for country western stereotypes, both of them sticking it to the commercialization of MTV and the Ibiza scene.
  11. apparently it's normal for tour guides to be called "führers", since it's just a generic word for leader.
  12. this is a complete misunderstanding of this thread and most of the watmm forums. having a meaningful experience with a piece of music and then telling someone about it is not "narcissism". seriously i don't even know where to begin.
  13. Dragon


    i think it is actually trying to imitate the track vi scose poise... this is the best thing ever 🤯🤕😝
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