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  2. it is, hands down, the best autechre track ever released. no-one will ever make a track like YJY UX again, not even the bro boothers.
  3. Dragon

    isopropophlex sample

    so glad this thing still works!! it never gets old 😂
  4. dunno why but i always thought of Bogdan Raczynski as the IDM/braindance Beck. doing for cheesy techno trash about relationships and japanese vocal samples what Beck did for country western stereotypes, both of them sticking it to the commercialization of MTV and the Ibiza scene.
  5. apparently it's normal for tour guides to be called "führers", since it's just a generic word for leader.
  6. this is a complete misunderstanding of this thread and most of the watmm forums. having a meaningful experience with a piece of music and then telling someone about it is not "narcissism". seriously i don't even know where to begin.
  7. Dragon


    i think it is actually trying to imitate the track vi scose poise... this is the best thing ever 🤯🤕😝
  8. Dragon

    Your Favourite track

    i'm totally cool with people bumping threads from the good old days when the aphex forum was ALIVE. keep on truckin'. also asthma1, 24 triple d and the whole of smojphace are superior to throatie. we have a john cage subforum for ironic content, it doesn't exist.
  9. Dragon

    Your Favourite track

    it's so weird seeing my 13 y/o self's faves... nice to see .0180871 get a mention. i was such a nerd 😎 still can't choose... but half of ICBYD has to be up there, including the bonus tracks. i could choose a hundred favourites.
  10. Dragon

    omg cipater

    it's so incredibly visual! i'm one of those listeners who gets full-blown movies playing in thier heads. i could rant about the huge machines going on in Cipater but the depth, the 3D movement, the tactile textures... everything about this particular track is an LSD trip. when it goes into triplets at around 2:00, organic tentacles raping an entire factory... i can't even draw that shit 😦
  11. plz do a 4K unboxing video!!!
  12. they sound like DAT glitches...
  13. i knew i should've bought this album in 2011 when it was on my wantlist... >.<
  14. something actually worth posting: http://autechre.wikifoundry.com (track titles wiki)
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