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  1. Welp, it's that time of year again. But TBH it looks to be the best lineup for games since 2015...particularly with Metro Exodus, Doom Eternal, Fallout 76, Rage 2, and CP2077.


    Any upcoming games you're stoked for? Feel free to post vids, thoughts, whatev.


    supposedly this is a free event and happening at the palladium near my work. does anyone know whether they're also showing old school consoles like nes mini classic or the neo geo mini etc? i've only been hearing about stuff for nintendo switch

  2. A South Daytona man is accused of setting his neighbor’s car on fire after making disparaging racial comments but police said Monday there is not enough evidence to charge him with a hate crime.

    Joseph Minor, 56, was charged with arson causing damage to a structure and criminal mischief and damage to property of $1,000 or more. He was being held without bail on Monday.

    Sweet told police that after an argument with Minor, he and his girlfriend Cecilia Jones went indoors. About 10 minutes later, Sweet said he heard a “boom” and when he looked out of the window, he saw Minor walking away from his vehicle that had its front end on fire.

    Jones also reported hearing Minor make the racial slurs and a threat to blow up Sweet’s car, police said.

    “I hate you N*****,” Minor said to Sweet, who is black, according to the report.

    The car, a silver 2002 Mercury, sustained $5,000 in damages, investigators said.

    Another resident, Charles Corey, said he went outside to move his vehicle away from Sweet’s burning car and saw Minor walking away from Sweet’s car holding a bag that he threw in a dumpster behind the apartment complex, investigators said.

    After he was arrested, Minor told police that he was there to protect his father and that he was not doing anything that was out of the confines of the law, police said.

    When asked what he meant, Minor responded, “That as long as nobody witnesses it, you won’t get in to trouble for it,” officers wrote in their report.

    The State Fire Marshal was called to investigate the fire but initially, it appears Minor used an accelerant to burn the car, police said.

    In Minor’s pocket police found miscellaneous lists written on paper, a scrap of wood, a napkin and a disposable lighter, the report detailed.


  3. finger.PNG_web_20180530141356.jpg


    A Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy suspended in 2014 for inappropriate postings on social media is being investigated again after racist and other offensive posts were allegedly found on his Facebook and Twitter accounts.


    Jason Van Dusen, a PBSO deputy since September 1998, was suspended with pay March 1 after the agency’s internal affairs unit began an investigation.


    Among the controversial posts that led to Van Dusen’s latest suspension is one from his Twitter account -- @angrytrashdude – published June 15, 2015, that displays a photo of Michelle Obama next to one depicting a “Planet of the Apes” character. In another Twitter post from December 2, 2015 – the day 14 people were shot to death in San Bernardino, Calif. – Van Dusen allegedly wrote, “I’d say we have more of a Muslim problem that a gun problem.”



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