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  1. https://www.mass.gov/news/massachusetts-public-health-officials-confirm-case-of-monkeypox#:~:text=Monkeypox is a rare but,2-to-4 weeks. great. now we're all going to die of monkeypox
  2. he hook back up with his homie peter thiel and merge twitter with rumble to create a stronger right wing platform
  3. sounds like her son is just turning into a teen but i could be wrong
  4. full congressional hearing video
  5. this was great- and conveniently set during the great blizzard of 1899, but unfortunately, the brutality is almost palpable especially when considering the themes of corruption and greed betwix loco and the sheriff. also seems to have been a great "influence" for tarantino's the hateful eight
  6. https://www.elisestefanik2022.com/ for context: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/05/15/stefanik-buffalo-replacement/
  7. this story has been adapted before in this film, but this is an attempt to give the legend it's own independent (and more realistic / less fantastical) film treatment which, unfortunately, doesn't add much despite the snow queen- who looks incredibly menacing and haunting.
  8. eat the rich is currently in full effect in sri lanka as a "real food crisis" hit, plus the country cannot replenish it's near empty gas petrol reserves meanwhile philippines needs to hold the line because the adobo rice is about to hit the jollee walls
  9. no doubt. the british get their "great replacement" theory filtered through the very long-winded tirades of mark collett's PA
  10. correct, but the modern resurgence of it in right wing circles is mainly rooted in (commander) george lincoln rockwell's definition of the theory. in fact, his record label's name is still used today during most far right rally's (though never acknowledging the genesis origin)
  11. german translation: Do you want total war? Now, people, rise up and let the storm break loose
  12. not sure i'd say it's great, but it's an improvement. for one, i don't know if i like the captain and even more, importantly, that i see the dynamic betwix captain and crew with such a glaring age difference. also, did he say "hit it" when they went into warp? whatever he said felt off. as long as it's not discovery and nowhere near as bad as picard i guess that's a good thing but it's basically the orville tier star trek
  13. mediocre in every sense. first of all- there are too many ritualistic scenes and almost every time they happened they had this awkward design and execution about them. there's also not much to the story and it doesn't help that it feels like they're filming it a few miles from the country bed & breakfast everyone is staying at. add to that anyone who's even remotely close to being an actor is wasted (everyone except alexander skarsgård who's only line of direction was to walk around with his shoulders as high as they would go) 0/5
  14. abbott's gonna need to come harder than this considering how his neck is on the chopping block this november
  15. this was a very mixed bag for me. i loved some songs (united in grief, worldwide steppers and rich (interlude) were my favorites. the rest is meh and is too theatrical for my taste. almost like a record you'd get if you attended some kind of experimental college hiphop play. the structure and arrangement are so studied it robs the entire project of any levity which (for me) made it an incredible bore.
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