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  1. salute to the new owners of OUATIS also, just realized the only CD player i have is a bluray player that's never used
  2. one of the greatest to ever do it r.i.p. to the hawk
  3. i've been watching quite a few of these nikkatsu films and most are wild, but this one really tips the scales. it's almost like takashi miike, david cronenberg and john waters all collaborated on a film. clearly it has a comic book inspired story- but this one took things to the very extreme left.
  4. couldn't make it past 5 minutes into this. i don't get the fascination with this guy and the guy that made midsommar. i can't even find redeeming qualities in their films while everyone else seems to fawn over them like they're unsung auteurs this was so amazing i feel like it transcends filmmaking and becomes something new. the mindset required to "go" with the story, really challenges the viewer in what they are willing to accept- and somehow it works. or doesn't.
  5. documentary on tony fauci's career drawing parallels to his aids research in the early 80s with his present day manufacturing of the china virus (ahem). lots of conservatives rushed to see this film as reflected in the overwhelming "disappointment" in the portrayal of a true amerikan pariot (?) rating
  6. i loved it too. this was classic. a group of hell raising low life bikers called the satan's bring hell to a (very small) community on the outskirts of los angeles. low budget, low brow and trashy cinema happening right around the same time charlie manson is settling into spahn ranch (and film there too) and starring dr jacoby as the sadists leader.
  7. the long arm of the law catches up with "thugs" in the wrong part of town
  8. coming nov 26th. no word on that pneumatic tubes record
  9. classic slice of 80s mexiploitation about a group of "free spirited" dames that escape from prison in search of a hidden treasure somewhere on the coast. one problem: there's a bunch of dodgy dudes who just happen to be camping at that exact spot. there's a lot of time wisely spent with the dames as the frolic on the beach without their kit, then things take a very sharp turn towards the beach territory. so much so in fact, it's almost like alex garland just did a complete re-write for his book.
  10. this was fantastic. i'm a big friedkin fan but this was one of his his i'd always slept on. might have to track down the original film it's based on considering the disaster this famously became for everyone involved
  11. this was a pretty intriguing - and very reminiscent of this film with the exception that nikkatsu went all; which, depending on your sensibilities, is either for better or worse.
  12. sign outside uncle eddie's in jupiter florida socialist government funded health inspectors have been giving eddie's a rough time
  13. this was a pretty uncomfortable watch. basically, the worst case of munchausen syndrome by proxy gone south. i really wish the documentary was structured differently as it has a very 'unusual suspects' reveal - downplayed here for a more emotional angle.
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