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  1. this doc is basically about the real life derek vinyard except this guy is genuinely clueless. there's an interesting scene where a young girl goes to visit her crush (who's a skinhead) and he spends most of the time asking her whether she'd ever date a man from a different race, and what she thinks of jewish people and her thoughts on adolf hitler. she shakes her head at all three answers then finally asks "are you drunk after all that beer?" that's pretty much the crux of what's happening here
  2. officer fanone shares voice mail he got whilst testifying from disgruntled law-abiding citizen who clearly doesn't believe that blue lives matter
  3. ^^ him issuing the "that's right. they thought they were cool" observation was the intro to his rap. he even offers to kick a few bars to show them how "uncool" they are which could technically warrant as a diss off the dome speaking of uncool:
  4. white dog is based on the historical fact of dogs bred specifically to "control" black people in the (not at all racist) united states while raising the question, can such a dog ever rehabilitated. likewise, can the united states ever become the place the currently espouses it is. approved
  5. sheriff grady judd spits a quick 16 bars during a press conference. facts
  6. this guy makes the compelling case that it's not actually covid 19 that kills people, it's the name and psychological idea of covid that will do you in.
  7. this was an incredibly silly film with a plot that had so much potential. jason patric(from the lost boys) could have gone on to be a matt damon (type actor), but this euro-trip tv movie didn't do much for his career. what (imo) convinced him to even attempt this role was a very elaborate sequence where he attempts to forge a rembrandt. unfortunately everything else (including the set pieces) are painfully uninspired and the whole thing is rushed to an incredibly clumsy conclusion
  8. if you want to dine @ this restaurant, please DO NOT have a mask, don't be vaccinated against freedom and don't follow communist guidelines. https://ktla.com/news/local-news/huntington-beach-restaurant-known-for-ignoring-covid-precautions-now-calls-for-only-unvaccinated-diners/
  9. this was fascinating. it's like every cliche of being in a cult wrapped into one long story. there is one particularly interesting part where the leader (big tony himself) tells his acolytes to slap the bejesus out of this kid, and each member, afraid that he would mention this transgression to God, decided to put in extra effort in the slap. by the time the third person was getting his slap in, the kids entire head was numb, she had a ringing in her ear and was completely disorientated. it was supposed to go down about 12 or so times, but barely got to the 6th guy
  10. big T always thinking about advancing trans lives in sports
  11. the first time i became aware of these TFL guys was when i read george sodini's diary & manifesto. unlike the other (two) loners, this guy was in his late 40s, yet seemed to have a very juvenile mentality- spending most days trying to guess how often his neighbors and fellow gym members were getting laid, and especially getting so pissed off when he saw "hotties" visiting another neighbors' son and realizing that guy was "getting more action" than he had in his entire life.
  12. https://bleep.com/release/238459-the-universal-veil-helioshind https://www.normanrecords.com/records/188337-the-universal-veil-helioshind
  13. ever wanted to have part ownership of the copyright to jay z's reasonable doubt record? dame dash doesn't want it anymore and since he only owns ⅓ of roc-a-fella, he's "auctioning his ⅓ interest in Roc-A-Fella Inc. which owns Reasonable Doubt, Jay-Z’s first album" and he accepts nothing less than $10m https://www.dashnftgallery.io/ https://www.instagram.com/p/CRiNiF_JomP/ https://etherscan.io/address/0x96e58447ad1746B5B157B4777C234FE501eAe739
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