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  1. he's one of my favorite directors. I'd recommend the draughtman's contract, the belly of an architect then the falls (which is my bible). I also really love the tulse luper suitcases but I'm incredibly biased but still recommend it Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  2. women should look more like the perfect trophy wife aka melania trump. can i get an amen?
  3. "the room that stars antonio banderas" was directed by robert rodriguez. tarantino's room is the last room titled 'the man from hollywood' and is a remake of 'the man from the south' from roald dahl's tales of the unexpected
  4. it's an understatement to say how big this guy was. i basically grew up hearing how everyone considered him "the greatest football player" and that included people that had no clue how to play football. what i was unaware of was the political and personal side of pele's life- and this touches on that, but in the end, it's interesting how even the greatest of people, are, just ordinary people.
  5. 100% factual news article from "experienced professions" who do not omit facts "ignored by the mainstream media mainly because these facts inconveniently do not fit into the memes these outlets routinely promote." don't believe communist twitter announcements claiming killary will be @ at this international women's day event.
  6. damn this was bad. there is a part where everyone is in the loyal dining hall- and the mc calls out en vogue and salt & pepper to perform. at that point, i knew this film had become not just a cliche of itself, but a caricature of what it was attempting to be.
  7. might check it tonight but didn't see many favorable reviews. also, tracy morgan and leslie jones is guaranteed to bring the score down by default.
  8. tried to watch this but couldn't stand it. it's basically peterson bitching that he doesn't want to call transgendered people by their preferred pronouns interspersed with footage of him doing public talks to reaffirm this stance.
  9. Nebraska


  10. grimes just made $6 million from an album released as an NFT https://niftygateway.com/collections/warnymphvolume1open also. related to the article linked [email protected] "A percentage of proceeds from the sales will be donated to environmental NGO Carbon 180, presumably in an attempt to offset the electricity and carbon dioxide consumed by using blockchain technology. As climate activist Joanie Lemercier previously estimated, however, a prior auction for just two pieces of art on Nifty Gateway burned the equivalent of 49 years of electricity consumption and 103,129 Kg of CO2 emissions." Sent fr
  11. ^^ interview with the 3rd kid (with the spectacular hair), 29 years later (interviewer is N/A and minus awesome hair)
  12. in television, the showrunner and producer have more control of the show than the director, especially due to name recognition. this can apply with film as well (eg. anything tom cruise is in).
  13. ^^ what did you except from m night shamalamado? is it just me or do we have way too many docs about retro gaming nowadays? this one is all about nintendo and about 4hrs of people saying how great they are
  14. this guy has a channel dedicated to the scriptures dictated to him by his parrots. in his own words: "3 budgies that started a religion for God"
  15. NASA's Perseverance Rover Gives High-Definition Panoramic View of Landing Site https://mars.nasa.gov/news/8873/nasas-perseverance-rover-gives-high-definition-panoramic-view-of-landing-site/
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