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  1. Nightmail 1 would have been in the top 40 if it was released as a single in the early 90's. That being said, I can't really tell when it seems to have been made.
  2. Was it ever confirmed what the imminent shit was? I seem to recall Joyrex saying it wasn't the soundcloud stuff? Or am I completely wrong?
  3. You've said this about 6 times. How much is too much? also change that fucking avatar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIP7iXB1CAs propa sound rkid
  4. 100 russian AFX fans are desperately googling "personality 2.0" as i type this
  5. Don't Chrysalis technically own all his output?
  6. Autumn Travels is everything I love about that light, fun side of RDJ's stuff all rolled into one little track
  7. he MAY have found an alternative to soundcloud, he's been complaining about how shite it is (it really is if you want to upload in bulk), but that's just blue sky thinking probably
  8. I'd honestly be surprised if someone from Warp didn't say something to Rich recently
  9. Cornish Spreek5b is one of those tracks I seriously don't understand wasn't released in some way. It's far better than anything on AB4 (apart from maybe cuckoo)
  10. I got scared then and thought he'd deleted every last one
  11. I have a confession; I've been using the WATTM logo as a reference for rolling my roach while waiting here and lurking for more info
  12. I hope Kanye one day goes for a full-on Zoolander. I genuinely like the guy, he seemed to have a sense of humour about himself last night.
  13. I watched the whole thing up until this announcement, it was consistently awful, you've got to feel sorry for the artists who are there thinking it's their big break. You should have seen the pastor who was nominated for, and won, best gospel song or something, ho announced the winners for classical recordings, and admitted outright that he didn't know how to pronounce the names. Then the guy winning best latin album who couldn't speak English. It was a behemoth of cringe. Speaking of "real" grmmys, I just heard the lead single of the AOTY nominee Edward Sheeran, it seems he's become a one-man Flight of the Conchords without any of the redeeming qualities.
  14. I'm sure Dance/Electronica album's been in the main ceremony the past few years... Not to menton Rich winning is one of the top headlines surrounding the whole thing. It's nice that Beck won, Morning Phase is pretty bland by his standards IMO, but he definitely seems to have put a great deal of work into it, especially when you consider it against the other nominees. Now where's that more experimental album he promised us? I was hoping Annie Clark wouldn't win, since it'll probably influence her to become an even more pretentious artiste.
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