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  1. never thought about it but entirely possible too.
  2. break starts around the 3:13ish mark... he used this on Bummy
  3. its just speculation on my part but I think its a little bit of everything, some of the noises sound like samples of Ratchet and other stuff you might find in a garage etc.
  4. At last, took forever for youtube to process this but they ended up muting Aphex's Abundance track... several other artists claimed the video (but i'm not posting it for $$) enjoy https://youtu.be/VemrJl6uN7M
  5. sorry this took so long, hope everyone's well with everything going on
  6. Full audio rip of the show... I hope I can get the video up on youtube eventually. Full show on soundcloud
  7. I know, I’m so happy her uploaded those unreleased tracks too... did you meet up with the group at the bar before the show?
  8. My phone, I opted out of buying an expensive zoom recorder thought they might make me leave it outside the venue Can I just share a private link of it?
  9. Hey, due to the quarantine I’ve had a lot of time to be at home. I uploaded the entire show to YouTube which took a whole day thanks to an update bumping me up an OS which has crippled my machine. I kept the video private and it’s already got 6 copyright claims. I was going to make it public today but I guess that’s not in the cards unless there’s a way around this? I’m a YouTube noob so any advice would be great. In the meantime I’m going to attempt to separate the audio and upload somewhere else
  10. wow, sorry everyone, I recovered the media then my laptop shit the bed on me... threw my hands up at that point in frustration. I have a temporary machine I have to migrate everything to and will upload that when I can, def not sitting on it just been busy w/ summer stuff and work... whats the preferred platform for the audio? soundcloud mixcloud? I really wish I caught the entire Soundmurderer set, the bit I did was fantastic. I was shocked by the number of people who left when he was up destroying the place.
  11. I'm going to upload the show ASAP, i had some issues recovering the media.
  12. i'll be headed to the city tomorrow if anyone going wants to meet up pm me.
  13. Haven't posted in awhile, got my ticket for the show yesterday :) anyone meeting up there?
  14. if you click the skull it redirects to his bandcamp page
  15. http://venetiansnares.com/ I'm not sure if someone else has control of this site but the header says 'coming soon' and the title 'who are you even?'
  16. I saw them earlier in June, great show @ a brewery in upstate NY (Ommegang)
  17. Sorry if this has been posted/mentioned before but i'm cracking up listening to the fan in the background... "got those aphex pads... got those lush ambient pads... come on daddy lets go" https://youtu.be/bgoksLQWyHw?t=3m27s
  18. So then, since we're basically snowed in here - time for some top secret project revealing: My oldest son, Kaito, and I will be opening a small new store here in Ypsilanti called "Technical Equipment Supply". Clothing, decks (Palace), music - lots of 7" and cassette, but other vinyl as well - the majority is modern funk/boogie & Detroit-related hiphop. And since we're doing all of that, why not use this opportunity to make a super-label featuring a bunch of my buddies? So, there is also a new label happening alongside the store - TECH.EQPT.SPLY. 1st release (TECH-002) Soundmurderer/Atlas 7" 2nd release (TECH-004) Aphex Twin 10" 3rd release (TECH-006) Madlib 7" and more releases coming from Bogdan Raczynski, Flying Lotus, Wisp, Zinc, etc Label releases are only sold in-store (no digital, no online) - 7" & 10". A few other unique items in the pipeline but that's enough news for now. Probably* open this Wednesday, Dec 14 onward. Probably* hours will be 2-8pm or 3-9pm, something like that. https://www.facebook.com/technicalequipmentsupply/ http://www.technicalequipmentsupply.com/
  19. its best to try the device out in person, I know I'm excited for it... I was lucky enough to find a minilogue while in NYC and bought it without trying it. luckily I like it. but it does have some issues and the updates pop up randomly. There are still a few things that need tweaking which I hope they'll do but there's hardly any communication between korg and users unless someone can point me to a forum or something. It would be amazing if some of these new features could be given to the minilogue like the automation lanes on screen, micro-tuning etc. anyway, I hope sonicstate will do a presentation on one. I'm hearing these won't be available until January 2017 which sucks. A Korg product specialist named Nick Kwas is very active on r/synthesizers (Reddit) I spoke with Nick and thankfully they say they're still working on updates for the minilogue. thanks for the heads up on this!
  20. looks like richard has made some comments on his soundcloud account:
  21. korg just posted this recently members of survive: product demo: (try with captions)
  22. and also releasing tiny 30 second facebook video snippits of super lush, beautiful music made on modular gear but never releasing proper recordings of it.. I really wish he'd release the full version of this track he posted to vine: luckily he did post this one which i like as well:
  23. funny you mention that. I know Richard Devine was involved w/ the minilogue initially but there were a few official korg videos w/ him and the unit that were made private for some reason yet his Akai Rhythm Wolf stuff is still out there... either way, i hope he (RDJ) spends more time on tracks than working on equipment (but i'm not opposed if he decides to) I could be wrong but it seems like Richard Devine does more sound design & product endorsements than releasing tracks now.
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