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  1. Aphex Twin also returns this summer with the Dimensit EP Aphex Twin - Dimensit EP Warp 1. 42DIMENSIT3 e3 2. MT1T1 bedroom microtune 3. T18A pole1 4. T03 delta t 5. em2500 M253X 6. T23 441 7. 42DIMENSIT10 8. T20A ede 441 9. MT1T2 olpedroom 10. T47 smodge 11. sk8 littletune HS-PC202 12. T13 Quadraverbia N+3 13. T17 Phase out +3 14. T63 neotek 2h949 +3 [bonus beats] 15. T165 MADMA with nastya+52 16. T08 dx1+5 17. T69T07 stasspa+3 <010101101001news≤≤<>
  2. R&S Records may have finally given back the rights to Richard for Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92...
  3. Maybe this http://blog.iso50.com/32580/aphex-twin-posters-by-richard-robinson/ "rework" of Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92 appear with some extra traxs. Richard talked about it on the soundclown. (The website url thingy has the Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92 logo theme attached to it)
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaGkHQHApsQ
  5. He claims to use Sony MDR-7510 and some type of Audeze Headphones with the price tag of 999999.99GBP
  6. This guy literally filming Richard on his face playing live. https://archive.org/details/AphexTwin20020505UKEnglandLondon
  7. YES! Ae albums reissue confirmed to be in 2048!
  8. Has to be the russian pirate company: http://www.discogs.com/label/177733-Unreal-Records-Canada-Inc
  9. Play him "Alberto Balsam" and "Analogue Bubblebath" by Aphex.
  10. By the way how many tracks from Joyrex's "MD of 14 unreleased tracks" made it to the soundcloud dump?
  11. "Squalitude Acid" sounds very AB6 to me? ...it has the same trippy theme/sound as the rest of ab6?? Maybe "Squalitude Acid" is track 1?? Probably not.
  12. Should i avoid wasting votes on tracks from the SOSW2 playlist? If they get released anyway?
  13. Afx went to squarepusher for drum lessons...then later luke vibert came in and said -just use a sampler like me.
  14. Was reading some old interviews for a second time and found this quite funny to read after all thats going on right now. You’ve been previously thinking of putting out a DAT with four hours of your music for free, with no copyright on the recordings. Have you changed your mind? "(laughing) Yeah, it’s a bit of a contradiction, I think. But if you gonna bother to release some things you may as well rinse it to the maximum. It depends on the tracks I reckon because with other things I don’t care what happens to them. When I said that I was gonna release a DAT of four hours on it I meant older tracks that I wouldn’t ever really release on an album. In that situation I wouldn’t have really cared whereas the ones I lost were all new ones, none of them were more than two years old" and...this! Why is the album coming out now, five years after your last album „Richard D. James“? "(laughing) The reason I release this actually is that I lost one of those mp3 players and I had 282 unreleased tracks of mine on it and 80 unreleased Squarepusher tracks and I left it on a plane. I was with Grant (Wilson-Claridge, Rephlex owner) on a flight to Scotland to do a gig about four months ago. I’ve had the mp3s for like six months and he was laughing at me saying „Are you going to lose that?“ and I was like „I’m never going to lose this!“. And then five minutes later I left it on the plane." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 282 tunes! 30 made it to drukqs release...252 unheard of tunes left. http://www.groove.de/2014/08/21/aphex-twin-groove-interview-2001-english/
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